Saturday, September 26, 2009

Crappy customer care recordings

The other day i was using Vodafones computerised customer care to
enquire about some new offers that i'd heard about. But since i'd been
relaxing to music until then, instead of using the usual nokia
headphones, I had plugged in a pair of hifi neodymium equipped phones.
And i was able to notice the difference in sensitivity and sound
reproduction in a different kinda way.

As soon as the recorded voice started playing I was not only able to
hear sales pitch but in the background there were a whole lot of guys
talking. Turning up the volume i was even able to hear a guy shouting
at another guy in hindi and another person giving the "welcome to
customer care" dialogue. =)
It's like a Kinder Egg. You can hear different sound bites for each
offer. I wonder if i'll be able to find something interesting in

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