Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Android: Some games that blew the charts

Google has never been great at games other than their Google Doodle games, but their Android platform continues to attract some of the best game developers around town. This article brings up two of the most popular droid games in the Play Store.

Temple Run is a game which has taken one of the most cliche scenes in mystery adventure movies, where the hero who just found the treasure, has to sprint, run and leap all the way out of the fortress where the treasure was hidden, if he wants to make it out alive. The game begins with a "Run for your Life!" as you are chased by monsters who look like cyclops' torso. This is an extremely thrilling game that requires a lot of handset shaking -- so make sure you have a good case for it.

Angry Birds Space, and it's further developed Angry Birds Star Wars Parody is perhaps the most top grossing game in Android history. The Space version of Angry Birds series features extra physics in the form of gravitational pull of planets. This means that, while playing the game, you can make your bird to curve it's path while in flight. It's pretty fun, and even essential to win some of the levels. There are also golden eggsteroids that allow you to enter a wormhole and enter a whole new secret level!

The next set of games that hope to make it big at the Android platform are augmented reality android games -- these have a chance to give you some much needed exercise.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Android Casinos

Android has become one of the top mobile phone operating systems. Designed by Google, Android can be used by any mobile phone manufacturer which accounts for some of its versatility. Given the large number of Android users, it’s only natural that online casinos would want to tailor their platforms to be able to be functional on these devices. Many casinos exist that provide gaming for Android phones. As more and more online casinos delve into the mobile market Android will definitely be accommodated.

Everyday more and more online casinos provide an Android version of their site that goes online. This makes it possible for Android users to enjoy mobile gaming wherever they go. Android devices all come equipped with touchscreens that make mobile gaming even simpler than what was available for PC users at online casinos. This makes it much easier to place wagers on a game as well as simply play the game. Also, many Android phones provide large displays which make it easier to see what you’re doing.

In order to promote their online gaming these casinos do offer some special bonuses and promotions – check out http://www.gamingclub.com/mobile-casino

for a good show of this. Mobile users should take advantage of these perks as this is one of the many benefits to opt for virtual gaming rather than land based gaming. Android phone users will also find that they have more control over their gaming experience. They can choose how long their session will last, can also decide when they wish to play and where, and given this convenience mobile gaming is definitely the future of gaming.
The availability of certain casino games is increasing with each passing day. Despite this growing availability of games it seems that slot machines seem to be the most popular games accessed by Android phone users. Technology has made so many improvements that these can now be applied to provide a better online gaming experience.

Thursday, November 22, 2012


Hurray! We have just got a 1000+ likes on our Facebook page :D

Thanks a lot everybuddy!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

IPhone General Usage Tips

This article aims to give you a set of tips for your iPhone, that you can put to good use every day.

How to: Fix a Stuck or Hung Program

If you need to force a program to shut down because it’s unresponsive, you can hold down the Home button for six seconds. This should stop the program and force your phone back to the Home screen. If this doesn’t work, hold down the On/Off and Home buttons together until the phone turns off and the Apple logo shows up again. Let go, and when the phone finishes booting, you should be back to normal.

How to: Sync with Multiple Computers
If you regularly use more than one computer, you may have your music on one machine and your contacts on another; or you may have work contacts on your work computer and personal contacts on your personal computer. The solution to keeping all these things on your iPhone is simple. All you have to do is dock your iPhone with each computer, then check the sections (music, contacts) that you want to sync. You can choose music on one machine and contacts on another. Or, if you choose contacts on two or more machines, they will all be mixed together on your iPhone.

How to: Use Email with Your Computer and Your iPhone Simultaneously

If you’re checking email on both your iPhone and your desktop mail client, sometimes a message may show up only on your iPhone and not your desktop, or vice versa. To avoid this problem, you want to make sure your iPhone always leaves a copy of the email on the server when it’s accessed. Here’s what you do in the screen shown on Figure 14-2:

1. Open up the Settings application from the Home screen.
2. Tap Email.
3. Choose an email account.
4. Scroll down to the bottom and tap Advanced.
5. Tap the Delete from server option at the bottom and make sure it says Never.

By doing this, you can make sure that reading your email on the iPhone won’t affect your desktop email. You have to do the same thing on your desktop as well. Find your account information on your email client there and then set the option to either never delete messages from the server or delete messages when they’re moved from your Inbox. The second way ensures that you can still have two clients (your desktop and your iPhone) receive messages, but won’t have to redownload old messages when you’ve already removed them from the desktop.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Sync Contacts between Your iPhone and Your Computer

We had previously covered the basics of syncing, but this time we will dive into the intricate details of managing your contacts on your computer and then getting them onto your iPhone.

Setting Up Sync Options
Before you perform your first sync, you will have to set up when and how you’re going to do this on your iPhone and your computer.

Set Up Automatic/Manual Sync Options 
  1. To make iTunes automatically sync your iPhone whenever it’s connected to your computer, connect your iPhone, open iTunes, and go to the Summary tab. 
  2. Then check the option that says Automatically Sync When this iPhone is connected. 
  3. To prevent iTunes from automatically syncing, make sure this option shown in Figure 3-2, is unchecked. 
  4. If you want to ensure that no iphone are automatically synced to this computer, open up iTunes preferences and go to the iPhone tab. 
  5. Then, check the option that says Disable Automatic Syncing for All iPhone. 
  6. Since you need to now manually sync your iPhone, you will need to go to one of the tabs in iTunes that belongs to your iPhone (such as Summary, Info, Music, Photos, and so on) and click Sync when you want to sync.

Sync Contacts from Address Book on the Mac
For those of you not familiar with it, Address Book is the default contact management software for all Macs, and it comes pre-installed with every copy of OS X. If you want tight contact integration with other applications in OS X, this is the application you should use. Here’s an example of what we mean by tight integration. If you create a contact for your Mom and ad her picture to her contact picture section, whenever you receive an email from Mom, you’ll see the same picture of her in the top right corner of the message. Also, if you’re using iChat to talk to your mom, her icon will show up there as well. Naturally, your Mom’s picture will also appear on your iPhone whenever she calls you!

Create a New Contact 
Click File in the menu bar, and then click New Card. Or you can click the + button underneath the list of contacts. A new empty card will appear, as you see in Figure 3-3, and you can enter in details like their name, phone numbers, email address, postal address, job title, and the company they belong to. You can even customize the type of fields that show up in each contact card, so if you have no need to enter in information on people’s assistant’s names or the phonetic pronunciation of their names, you can remove those altogether. The good thing is that all the contact fields present in Address Book are supported in your iPhone. So everything you enter here will be visible in their contact entry on the iPhone as well. Once you’re finished entering in information, click the Edit button below your contact to finish editing. If you decide you want to add or change some details, click the Edit button again and resume editing.

N95 gets telescope add-on! and i get it too!!

I just posted the other day about a 6x lens for the n95 as part of my Snap iT! series..and I'd concluded by giving a hint about a personal review for that accessory. And Guess what?! The guys at Brando just sent me a brand new Generic Mobile Phone Telescope.
This Generic Mobile Phone Telescope with flexible adapter to mount 7x18 telescope. It can use on most of mobile phones or PDAs. With this telescope, you can zoom to focus distant objects clearly and to make a high quality photograph easily.
You'll notice that with the telescope fitted on the n95 it actually looks like something from a Hitman Game!

Unlike what I'd figured, setting up the phone was very easy. In minutes of receiving the phone I'd got it all set-up and ready to shoot! To give you all a good idea of how much Zoom we can squeeze out of this lens, I've put up a video over here. After all seeing is believing! Especially in this case!! (don't mind the clarity, it's due to the 3GP conversion)

The lens is of very good build and is excellent bang for buck - I mean at 22 bucks it really is a steal! And what's more, all products bought this season get free shipping as part of their annual offer. Zooming is really easy with the lens and focussing is just as simple - you needn't worry if the image isn't perfect, the in-built Auto-Focus of the phone will set it right.

Another thing that needs to be pointed out is that when under image mode you'll see a dark shadow touching the corners, but that is easily cropped using the phones editor. The video doesn't have this problem though as shown in this video.

The second video featured is how to set-up the lens onto the N95, a simple little job as it is.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Top 7 action games for your Android Mobile

From children to adults, everyone loves games. While some adore outdoor games, others are ardent fans of online/offline video games or mobile phone games. Offering creativity, interaction and fun on your android phone, take a closer look at the top 7 android games that will kill boredom and develop your practical skills. If you thought your android could only dial phone numbers… think again!

  1. Puzzle
Bonzai Blast – Similar to the famous Zuma game, the Bonzai Blast has a similar gun that shoots balls into the stream. Make a group of three with same colors to clear the level, and stop the balls from reaching the yin yang symbol, or else its game over!

  1. Strategy
Robo Defense – If you have played tower defense games, then you will enjoy this one. You have to build defenses and protect your tower from being attacked by the notorious robots. With different maps and levels of difficulties, you can choose your own defense style.

  1. Card
Solitaire Ace – A card game has its influence from different cultures and has been a part of history. Due to its long lasting popularity, several card games like Solitaire, Poker, Hearts, Freecell, etc., have been developed. The brain teasing Solitaire Ace has been a well-noted people’s choice.

  1. War
War games are perfect stress busters, and one of the most downloaded android war game is the “Great Little War Game” or GLWG in short. You can pick your army and place them or move them to attack enemies and collect gold on the way. It’s a cool 3-D game that involves lots of strategy.

  1. Sport
Sport lovers should try out the huge number of android games offered in the market with breath-taking visuals and intricate details with clever levels. From snowboarding to skydiving to surfing, there are awesome options for everyone. Try free games like the Basketball shoot, 3D bowling, or Crazy Bike Racing Moto, and others for wholesome entertainment.

  1. Social
People who love to play and challenge others online would love a social game that allows interaction while you play. One of the simplest yet engaging games is the Sketch Online which has similar rules to charade’s but with a different concept. Using touch screen, you participate along with other players in the online chat room and the one who guesses the picture correctly wins the game and becomes the sketcher.

  1. Word
The world of words never ends and with a word game, you are sure to sharpen your vocabulary. The frequently downloaded word game is “Word Game Pro”. It has bright visuals and appeals all word game enthusiasts from crossword solvers to scrabble players.

For more exciting game information, contact the customer service number or click the official website.
Eddie Adams a Content writer and his interests are Technology, Phones, and Eco living, insurance, and Travel. Catch him @thetechlegend on Twitter :-)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Symbian: Angry Birds Free Download

Rovio's Angry Birds is an extremely addictive game that you could play and play and still not get bored. The graphics are pretty and the sound track is nicely amusing. The game is designed in such a way that it appeals to gamers of all age. The game is already very popular on Apple devices and Maemo devices like the n900 and now Symbian users can enjoy this game on their mobiles.

The Java version of this game works with Symbian^3 and Symbian S605th touch screen mobiles such as Nokia N8, 5800 XpressMusic, N97, N97 Mini, X6, 5230, 5233, 5235, 5228 and 5530 XpressMusic. There are two game modes available: Campaign and Quick Play. The game supports multiple languages: English, Francais, Espanol, Italiano and Deutsch. Get the version 0.0.1 of this nice game now.

Game Angry Birds for Nokia 5800 XpressMusic and N97 (2.5 MB)

Have you ever wanted to be good at something? Well here's your chance to be good at angry birds - learn how to get 3 stars on all angry bird levels here !

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Nokia Maps Suite 2.0 Released

You can download the latest formal release of Maps Suite 2.0 by simply going into Software update on your phone. Please note that the installation is a big one, because of the sheer number of modules and possible system configurations supported.

You also need up to 40MB of free space on disk C: is needed, of which you'll get just over half of this back after installation. If you attempt to install Maps Suite 2.0 with less than 40MB free then you'll hit an error. 

Along the same lines, note that it may help to manually remove all the components of previous Maps Suite installations in Settings>Installations etc.

Note also that this formal release does away with the myriad components in this dialog - in fact, Maps Suite 2.0 doesn't even appear in the main Installations dialog - it's effectively considered to be an update to the Maps subsystem that's part of the Symbian OS. 

 Screenshot Screenshot
Much of the functionality will be familiar from our previous coverage, but here's a representative screenshot selection - now that Maps Suite 2.0 is formally available, it becomes an automatic recommended upgrade, so you can try it for yourself!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

How to: Slash those phone bills

Seen this months telephone bill? I bet your going into depression right now.

Well, unless you lived under a rock all these years you should know that there's a technology which will let you to cut those hefty call bills.

Since it first appeared a few decades ago, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) has been used by smart people to avoid pricey phone calls.

It does this by sending calls over the internet rather than traditional phone networks. Making use of the internet in this way means the cost of calls can be significantly below that charged by phone companies. In some cases, calls can even be free.

VoIP works in a relatively simple way. Each time you make a phone call your voice is converted into a stream of data. Then, rather than being sent over the phone network, this data stream travels over your broadband internet connection.

If the person you're calling is also using a VoIP service, your call will remain on the internet for its entire journey. However, if you're dialling a conventional phone, the call will be carried as far as possible over the internet before being handed back to the relevant phone network.

Most VoIP services like ITP also come with an allocated landline number which allows other people to call you. In these cases the call will be routed to the nearest handover point (called a POP or point of presence) and then travel over the internet to your VoIP phone or computer.

The Benefits
The biggest benefit of VoIP can be summed up in a single word: cost. VoIP service providers avoid carrier phone networks, so if you're calling someone who uses the same VoIP service, the call is likely to be free. You can check out this portal to get info on VoIP price comparison which should hopefully help you make an informed decision.

The Features
VoIP providers offer a free voice mail box that can send you an email alert each time a message is left. Other features on offer include caller ID, caller screening and call diversions to another number. Some service providers also offer three-way calling, where you can set up a mini-conference call.

What you get
The end result is a telephone service that can be far more flexible than a traditional offering, and is comparable to sophisticated business systems costing many thousands of dollars.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Pantech Breakout = One helluva affordable smartphone?

Verizon Launches 4G LTE Pantech Breakout

Verizon’s next 4G LTE phone Pantech Breakout is all set to be launched on 22 September. I t surely will not blow your mind away with its hardware but for anybody interested in affordable high data speed phone, this could be a better choice.
  • Processor- 1GHz Single Core
  • Cameras- 5MP Rear, VGA Front
  • Screen- 4”WVGA Display
  • DLNA support and Android 2.3
It’s high data speed and gingerbread could help it to become a good affordable successor to DROID Bionic.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Coming up: 3D Conferencing

What is 3D Conferencing?
A 3D videoconferencing allows seamless transmission of three-dimensional media across network, revolutionizing the traditional video conferencing through introduction of more reality using customized 3D technology.
The key advantage 3D video conferencing brings against traditional VoIP (Video over IP) solution is by providing superior visual aspect and vivid perception of facial and other body language thereby resulting in better involvement of users, and overall enhancing their communication experience.

What kind of a user experience will it deliver?
3D allows creating realistic visualization and higher communication experience by enabling eye contact and three dimensional, life-size sense of presence. The key experience highlights are:
Command Attention: Helping to capture the attention of audience whether it is one person or a thousands.
Look Them in the Eyes: Helping to achieve eye contact so that personal connection can be established.
Exert Your Presence: Unlike being a flat image in traditional video conferencing systems, appearing in person at life-size exerts better and more real presence.

Do 3D devices require any special type of processors?
Processor should support processing and scaling horse power as required for real-time 3D full HD transmission and receiving. The actual algorithm and technology which makes this possible is provided by software development done by eInfochips.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

MobileVOIP client for Symbian users is finally here

After earlier successful releases of a MobileVOIP client for Android and iPhone users, a fully functional Symbian version of MobileVOIP is now available for Symbian users.

The MobileVOIP application enables it's users to save on mobile calls to both national and international destinations by more than 90%. The supported VOIP brands are often much cheaper than the tariffs other comparable services like Skype and Rebtel offer, often beating their tariffs by 75%.

MobileVOIP offers various ways to call: The regular VOIP call, a Call Back service and a Local Access option. So no matter how poor your internet connection is, you'll always be able to set up a MobileVOIP call and save on your monthly calling plans. MobileVOIP offers the option to send text messages to any contacts as well for a reduced tariff, as most supported VOIP brands offer SMS rates around 4 cents on average. Last, but not least, you can choose to set up your caller ID or use your registered VOIP username to call your contacts, it's your choice.

A quick glance shows three contactlist options: Favorites, VOIP contacts (the contacts you might have added from within the app or maybe through a desktop client from the brand you’ve registered with) and all contacts. Furthermore, the app offers a call history where you can review the calls you’ve made and the money you’ve spend with these calls. Quite convenient, as this clearly shows you how little you’d actually have to spend on your daily calls.

The MobileVOIP app is being used for over 1.5 million calls a month worldwide, and is growing at a fast pace. With more and more users spending most of their time using a smartphone in place of a laptop or desktop computer, Mobile VOIP is definitely where the future's at. With more and more countries rolling out reliable 3G and 4G networks, and public WiFi spots being made available for free on a larger scale, there’s no excuse to keep spending too much money on your daily habits, starting with cutting down your phone bills.

Right now, MobileVOIP applications are available for the following platforms: iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian and Windows Phone. You can even use the application on most tablet like the Xoom or iPad devices.

How it works:

2. Register with one of the supported VOIP brands.

3. Buy some credit. Some brands offer the first 90 days of calls to selected destinations for FREE upon buying 10 euro credit. A full list of brands is shown here.

4. Start saving money. 

For more information, visit http://www.mobilevoip.com/

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Backlinking services

Any blogger knows the importance of backlinks to make sure his blog stays alive. Originally these were used for improving navigation, but since then it has evolved to include search engine optimisation. Actually, 'include' would be an understatement since backlinks are now one of the primary means of improving SEO value for all kinds of portals and blogs.

There are a lot of backlinking services available - you could find some by googling it. Linkvehicle provides static HTML links to their advertisers. They aim to provide value and results (no pun intended) for their advertisers and generate revenue for their publishers. They have got a team of seasoned SEO experts who have been in this industry for many years.

There are a lot of ways to monitor the backlinks to your blog by using services like Alexa, or TrackBacks.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Outright Bookkeeping software

Bookkeeping software is an easy way to keep track of you income and expenses. This becomes especially useful if you have a huge number of projects and are getting frustrated with all the numbers. The bookkeeping software functions basically as a financial record keeping system with it's own particular design and features.

The software is essentially a set of tools that lets you streamline the work involved with running a small business. If you are a small entrepreneur you might already faced the hellish situations of running a new company. You have got to manage your income and expenditure and get the profit out of all the fund transactions, and then you have to pay a part of this profit back to the government as tax which you have to calculate yourself. Why go through all this pain, when you can get your own bookkeeping software here.

The company mentioned here was built by people who have felt the pain of financial bookkeeping themselves, and that is why this software is built for and by the end user in mind.

Distribution Software: Solutions

This article on the management software focuses on Distribution software.

Distribution software is what helps companies to manage internal and external resources. And it aspires to do this efficiently. So what a distribution software would contain is an application suite that offers solutions for everything like inventory management and order processing. The advanced versions also provide accounting tools, supply chain management, and customer relationship management.
ERP Software Solutions by TGI

TGI Ltd also offers some great distribution software. Their distribution software capabilities are being used by a lot of companies across the industry to get that edge over the competition.
Of course there are other companies that also provide distribution software, but read on to know why this particular company offers a much more competitive set of tools and ultimately allow them to deliver a complete sales order management solution.

The set of tools includes available-to-promise and capable-to-promise alerts and processes during order entry to improve order line item fill rates and  reduce on-hand inventory carrying costs while increasing overall customer service and satisfaction. Moreover, they have a fully-integrated warehouse management system that is completely RF and barcode-enabled.This means you get insanely better throughput from your inventory management, and it rules out human error caused by conventional methods.

All this allows you to get a better bottom line, now that can't be a bad thing now can it?

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Games and fun for your Nokia C6-00

A facebook fan, Dev Suthar, commented today looking for a game for his Nokia C6-00. And that's when I realised that I haven't featured an article on fun stuff for the Nokia C6-00 for some time. So here goes:

Ovi Maps Racing
This is by far the most intuitive and interactive game that I have seen for a long time. Unlike normal racing games where you race through pre-determined tracks, this game allows you to race through any track on your Map! Race in your home town even!! Damn, I wish I had a C6-00 right now..

Puppy Talk
Puppy Talk is yet another free Symbian app for the Nokia C6-00. This app is not about cuddling up and flirting with your girlfriend, it's a remake on the popular Talking Tom Cat app. I always preferred dogs to cats..

Scary Camera!
Now this one might let you cuddle up with your girl if you manage to scare her enough. What does this app do? Well why don't you find out for yourself.. stay alive!
Get scared!

Game Review: Civilization V for Mac Lion

The Pundit Report has reviewed a variant of the Civilization V game sub titled the Campaign Edition. This is a PC game that has been ported over to Macintosh and is now available as a Mac OS X Lion Game.

The review starts with the discrepancies at the Mac App Store where the system requirements for the game are quite low. However, upon testing it was found that the game actually loaded the machine even at the lowest settings. The consensus is that this is a really poor port of the game from PC to Mac.

If you have a Mac, you might want to check for any refund policies with Aspyr before you go ahead and get this game. Please note that this game also does not support Steam.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

3PL, and the software that runs it

Third-party logistics or 3PL uses special logistics companies to do stuff that have traditionally been performed in-house. According to Wiki definition, third-party logistics includes any form of outsourcing of logistics that were previously performed within the company itself. If a company with its own warehousing facilities decides to employ external transportation, this would be an example of third-party logistics. 

Logistics is an emerging business area in many countries and so there are a lot of companies that provide these services. In today's computer age, automation is everywhere. Just like industrial automation, logistics is also highly automated to improve the throughput and efficiency of it's services. There are a lot of firms that provide software for logistics companies. But for an already high tensed process, the software has to be extremely smooth and problem free if you are to truly make your system efficient. The software should also be free of bugs and other problems that usually crop up in bad coding. 3PL Central provides great third party logistics software. Just like companies that specialize in logistics, this software is from a company that specializes in logistics software. So you can understand the kind of focus that they might have given it.

The 3PL Central software also allows you to view the whole inventory online so that you don't have to multiple spreadsheets at a time - and we all know how irritating spreadsheets can be.

And you should also note that among the large number of partners that 3PL has, they also partner with Motorola and Rackspace.

If you are really more interested in 3PL rather than the software company, you could check out some of these good 3PL resources at their website. They have got webinars, white papers, case studies and then some.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Chrome Case for HTC

This flashy chrome case for the HTC Sensation is as bling as it gets. Called the Case-Mate Barely There, this case for the unlocked HTC Sensation has the slimmest profile to get you as close to your smartphone as possible. In no way does this mean any sacrifice to protection - a layer of hard plastic and polish protect your device from the rigors of daily use. Precision engineering has made sure that the case hugs the form of the Sensation/ Sensation XE at each and every point such that there is very little change in the profile of the device.

Now if you, like me, are turned of by all things blingy then you just have to check their Black Barely There case for the HTC Sensation. This case makes you device look slimmer than it actually is because of the unique matt black finish while still providing adequate protection from nicks and scratches due to the hard-to-break plastic shell.

If your searching for a case for your girl friends Sensation XE, then the Pink Barely There case for HTC Sensation XE might be just the one you're looking for.

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