Saturday, August 27, 2011


It's called the MountMe Freedom iPad 2 Mount which basically allows you to mount your iPad 2 more or less anywhere!  To do this it uses 4 suction cups and a bracket - the bracket attaches to the back of your iPad as a sort of case and the suction cups attaches to the bracket -so you can use it with or without them.  The bracket allows you to use your iPad 2 at more or less any angle and doubles up as a kickstand for if you're just using your iPad at your desk.  With the suction cups though, you could take a leaf out of the Fridgepad books and stick it on the fridge or there's always glass and windows (car windows?) but if the suction cups just won't cut it then you also get a strap so you can tie it up instead opening up so many new possibilities!  The MountMe costs just under £55. Funny name too lol

Blackberry 9900

Seems like Blackberry is making a come back. The Blackberry 9900, is their latest device to hit the market. It also comes with sort of a premium price tag. I think this handset is going to be full of win for Blackberry; it's fast, fluid and combines both the iconic QWERTY keyboard and a capacitive touchscreen - so everyone's happy.  It still has all the traditional features you expect from RIM, a great emailing service which is protective and BBM but this handset is the thinnest yet measuring only 10.5mm!  The news is we have the SIM Free Blackberry 9900 stock today costing £514.95.29777.jpg

Will Nokia become a penny stock?

In the United States penny stocks refers to stocks of companies that sell for a dollar or less. So now you know why they're called penny stocks. In some places they are known as cent stocks too. Check out thepenny stock wikipedia link to learn more.

Why I brought this up here is that going by the route which Nokias stocks (NOK) have taken they might soon end up an yet another penny stock. If you check out the yahoo graph depicting Nokia share value over the years you'll find that they are selling at a tenth of the value that they were 3 years ago. In fact pretty soon we might find Timothy Sykes eyeing Nokia stocks to have a place in his stock picks. In fact I think I might have to check out his stock plans to keep ahead of the issue.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Nokia 701: Nokias brightest smartphone yet

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Nokia 600: Nokias loudest smartphone!

This device is not only the loudest Symbian Nokia device available it also features Symbian Belle.

Droid Bionic Teaser: Rule all Machines

Crappy video if you ask me. But do check out the Droid Bionic boot sequence over at Shaasthra.

Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo V: is beautifull

Xperia Neo_V_Front40_White_2 (Large)
Sony has today announced the Sony Ericsson Xperia neo V and a new update to their Android software Android 2.3.4 for the 2011 Xperia range. Listed below are the key changes.

Sony Ericsson 2.3.4 update (available from October 2011 in selected markets):
  • 3D sweep panorama to capture images to view on a 3D TV
  • Facebook Inside Xperia V2 key features: discover and share apps via Facebook, like music from FM radio, ‘new from friends’ gallery
  • Use USB peripherals by connecting to Sony Ericsson LiveDock
  • Swipe text imput
  • Screenshot capture
Xperia Neo_V_Back40V_White (Large)
Xperia™ neo V (available Q4 2011 in selected markets):
  • Android 2.3.4 powered by a 1Ghz Snapdragon MSM8255 processor
  • 5MP AF camera with 720p HD video recording and 16X digital zoom
  • Front facing camera for video chat
  • 3.7″ TFT Reality Display with Mobile BRAVIA® Engine
  • HDMI support
Xperia Neo_V_Back_H_White (Large)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Whole New XBox itles on Gamescom '11

A whole range of new Xbox titles await you on Gamescom '11. Check out the video for a peek into what's in store for all you gamers out there.

Nokia C3-01 Gold Edition blinged out with gold-plated body

Since it's Made in Finland, it's got Nokia Messaging for email and IM, Nokia Communities for Facebook and Twitter, the new Nokia S40 browser and the Ovi Store. This ultimate feature phone is available primarily in Eastern Europe and the Middle East for a price of €220 ($320) -- but is there really a price on looking fresh?
Press release:
ESPOO, Finland - Recently, we launched the new Nokia C3-01 Gold Edition. Designed exclusively for Eastern European and Middle Eastern markets, it brings together the popular Nokia C3-01 Touch and Type with a luxury 18-carat gold plating, ceramic-feel keymat and a matching theme.
We introduced the original Series 40 based Nokia C3-01 Touch and Type last year, and its combination of simplicity and classic phone design has made it something of a hit among people who are less into megapixels and gigahertz and more interested in "making a phone call".
That's not to say that the Nokia C3-01 Gold Edition doesn't have the technology bases covered. Offering a quadband radio and up to HSDPA data speeds alongside WiFi and Bluetooth, you won't have any problems getting connected. The hardware's been updated with a 1GHz processor in this model, too, so it's no slouch when it comes to performance. The screen is a 2.4-inch QVGA touchscreen. On the back, there's a 5-megapixel camera with flash. There's also a MicroSD card slot for up to 32GB of extra storage space.
On board, you'll find Nokia Messaging for email and IM functionality and Nokia Communities for checking into Facebook and Twitter. And of course, there's Ovi Store for downloading extra apps and games. New to this device is the Nokia Series 40 browser, for fast web access without high data use charges.
It measures 111 x 47.5 x 11mm and weighs 100g. The battery is rated as offering up to 5.5 hours talk-time and up to 18 days on standby.
The Nokia C3-01 Gold Edition has already started shipping in selected markets, and will extend to more in coming weeks, and, without local taxes or operator subsidies, will cost around €220. More information on the product page here.

Thermapak cooling Solution for Laptops

ThermaPAK’s HeatShift Notebook Cooling pad is an excellent to control laptop warmth. In a contemporary CNET review the HeatShift Laptop computer Cooler was confirmed to reduced laptop temperature by far more than ten degrees Fahrenheit and substantially outperformed USB cooling solutions. It also acts as an insulating layer between the laptop and your thighs.

Unlike the fanatic merchandise that blow grime and dust at your notebook the grooved channels on the HeatShift notebook cooler enhances airflow. Not only does the self cooling HeatShift dissipate warmth more quickly and considerably more efficiently than other products, it uses no electrical power (extends battery lifestyle), wires, or refrigeration – producing it the most modern, and eco-nice laptop computer laptop or computer cooler you can purchase. What's more, you can easily store it in your laptop case when you're travelling.

Zombie World for Android

In Zombie World there's only one Rule: Run for your life!

It is a third person arcade game. There are 2 modes of play: Arcade and Blitz. The game theme is running away through a road. There will be tombstones on the road which you have to dodge to keep your life. There are also power-ups such as getting a rocket to strap onto yourself with which you can crash through tombstone. Since you're a Zombie you won't feel any pain which makes it easier to crash through those tombstone. The environment of the game is random so you won't feel bored easily.

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Walkman phone: Sony Ericsson Live

Video: Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman
Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman is the second Walkman branded Android phone from the manufacturer. It features a 3.2″ touch screen, 5MP camera with HD recording capabilities, Wi-Fi, GPS and microSDHC card slot. It is said to bring a “Deep Facebook integration” which allows users to instantly access Facebook through the most used areas of the phone such as the picture gallery, music player, phonebook and calendar.

Free Nokia Drop get it at Nokia Beta Labs

Really impressive app that allows you to 'drop' media onto your phone from your PC using the magic of the internet. Nokia Drop is a simple and easy way to push content from your desktop browser to your phone. With it you can change your phone's wallpaper, send image as a file to your phone, and send web links to your phone.

Galaxy W, M Pro, Y and Y Pro handsets announced

Yes, that's exactly how they're named. The new Samsung Galaxy handsets have undergone a name revamp though design wise they're still same old.

The Galaxy W features a 3.7-inch WVGA touchscreen, a 1.4GHz CPU and 14.4Mbps HDSPA connectivity. It is meant to imply wonder - meaning the handset has a balance of style and performance. Galaxy M stands for magical while the Galaxy Y stands for Youth. The Youth devices are also meant to be the budget devices.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

How to eliminate laptop heating without using fans

Over at Shaasthra is a very useful post on how to eliminate all your laptop heating issues by using a wonderful new tool. What's so wonderful about it you ask?

Well, not only does it not have any fans but it doesn't need any power either. This means that you have a tangle-free device since there aren't any wires whatsoever. Moreover the tool can be folded up and placed in you laptop bag for mobility making it the perfect companion to your laptop.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Symbian Anna Changelog

And at last it is here, the Symbian Anna software update. Released specifically targeting Nokia latest smartphones, Symbian Anna has a host of improvements and new features, making Symbian better than ever. But is it good enough to stand up against Android and iOS?

 Look and feel have been widely transformed, with a stylish revamp including brand new icons and wallpapers. A new, faster web browser with improved performance and simpler controls. Typing and communication is now easier with the new onscreen portrait QWERTY keyboard with split-screen view. The mail app features an improved inbox display while calendar functions have also been enhanced. And the new Search App lets you find everything you need online and on your phone a whole lot faster. Now where else have we seen that function? Ah, yes.. Google's Android.

Review: Incase Neoprene Green Sleeve

The guys over at Shaasthra have reviewed the Incase Neoprene Green sleeve on a Macbook Pro 15". It seems to be a neat sleeve with just the right cushioning inside and a rugged skin outside.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Story of Abraham Singer

Amsterdam has a really long history of providing printed business products to customers from back in 1898. How it all started? Abraham Singer, a budding entrepreneur started his one-man print shop right at the rear of his Amsterdam apartment. 2 decades later Amsterdam Printing & Litho was producing ingenious bridge score pads, personalized with an advertiser's name on each page. Now that's a pretty good and creative idea - and to think he though it up back in the 1900s.

The business naturally evolved and the continuous innovation led to the creation of new business channels. Today Amsterdam is a leader in bringing innovative promotional products to the market. Their aim is to help businesses creatively promote their company and retain their clients.

Fast forward to the present – from personalized pads to customized pens and pocket calendars this company has changed in accordance with the times. You should really check out their custom sling bags - pretty inexpensive for such a neat product. Amsterdam Printing Company is a merchant member and currently DOES actively participate at ResellerRatings to monitor feedback and resolve any issues.

Watch this cool video on how they engrave their pens - it's pretty awesome.

Review: TurboTax Software

When discussing something as serious as your annual tax return, the accuracy of the information is pretty important. It's obvious that you'd want to keep something, because it's something you know, but what if something else performed better than your current solution? You must be unsure of TurboTax, so we'll cover the fundamental aspects of their software.

TurboTax is one of the easiest product we’ve reviewed on a ease-of-use scale. QuickTax is a do-it-yourself preparation of the same which has not only simplified the process but it has gone so much as to chang the amount of income tax information that is available to people and is actually consumed by them. Again and again more people file with TurboTax.

There are five different versions of the software available:

  •  The Basic Edition: For simple returns 
  •  The Deluxe edition: Maximize your deductions 
  •  The Premier Edition: For investors and property owners
  •  The Home and Business: the owners, business owners, LLC, business degrees

If you are someone who have used one of the above given editions of TurboTax during a previous year, and you make the wise decision of using them again, you will see that your information is stored and carried forward to the year of filing. The various editions of course apply to various situations of life and work. Depending on your marital status and number of children you may have, adopted children, other dependents, if you're self-employed or a number of other variables, you will need to use the right edition. You could use the services of turbotax to get the tax extension form 2010 before it's too late.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Is the Xperia Active truly waterproof?

Is the Xperia Active splash proof or water proof? Why don't you watch the video and find out for yourself..

Nokia N9 - Check it out!

Let's just hope the Nokia N9 is what Stephen Elop hopes it to be. And let's hope it doesn't die out as fast as the Nokia N900s.. 

Friday, August 5, 2011

How to revive your OS X Lion battery life

Most people who have upgraded to Apple's latest operating system of Mac OS X 10.7 must have been through the ugly uptimes of batteries running under it. Infact it brings us closer to Windows system uptimes. A lot of people have been on the prowl looking for solutions to it and it seems that finally we have a definite answer. Read on about how you can regain battery life after Lion upgrade

This fix uses the Graphics switching utility on Mac computers. Ideally the operating system should automatically switch between the discrete graphics card and the integrated solution seamlessly. But Lion seems unable to do so. You can read more about how to run the fix at Shaasthra.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

How to revive your iPhone battery life

Tom from the Shaasthra blog has written a easy to understand How To on reviving your iPhone battery life. If you own an iPhone then this is a sure fire method to get back at least some of the initial battery life that you've enjoyed.

Android and Symbian users out there - many of the tips given by Tom can be used to improve battery life for your devices too - so check it out.

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