Thursday, August 20, 2009

Nokia n97: Expenses and Phone Wallet are fully compatible with Series 60 v5!

Symbian Guru has been working hard to get it's apps up running for the s60 v5 and have announced compatibility of 2 more apps - Expenses and Phone Wallet.These apps are compatible with the Nokia N97 and Nokia 5800 XM.

Just in case you didn't know, Expenses for Series 60 v3 & s60 v5 is a mobile finance software that helps you to track your private and business expenses on your hand-held device.

And Phone Wallet secures your personal and confidential information using pretty strong data encryption algorithms. You may enter any information you need to keep secure, as your credit card numbers, online banking access, PC access, your insurance data and your confidential contact information.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Arrived: The Nokia Cityman ATD

Guess what showed up on my door step yesterday? It's a replica of the legendary Nokia Cityman, the World's first truly mobile Handset. Weighing 800 gms, and standing pretty tall it sure looks like the undisputed heavyweight champion of mobile phones.But the reason WOM World sent it here is what hold more interest at the moment.
WOM-World about the Nokia n97 and the Citymans true function.
The device is getting a lot of attention for its looks and is becoming very desirable. To ensure the safety of your handset and to make sure it gets back to WOMWorld headquarters we have sent you a very special Limited Edition Antitheft device. Look for it in your mail in a few days.

So this one of a kind Anti-Theft device should take care of the N97 and keep it snug and safe while the handset makes it's return trip to WOM-World in UK from my mailbox in a little town in Kerala. While with me, i put in another app that gives the cityman a real neat dialer =)

Pretty neat phone ain't it ?!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Need another anti-virus now..

I'd blogged some time before about the adverse effects that anti-virus apps have on our systems whether it be the OS of a smartphone or your desktop. What's more these days it is not enough that you have secured your smartphone, you may still get attacked from your computer(remember folder.exe ?). After being the victim of yet another attack recently, i decided to scour the net for a different solution using newer anti-virus apps.

The first one i came across is VIPRE from Sunbelt software. It uses a spyware+antivirus engine that makes a combined effect to keep your operating system clean. It's Advantages are:
  • High-performance threat protection with low impact on system resources
  • Scans email for malware threats
  • Cutting-edge Proactive Protection guards you 24/7
  • Advanced anti-rootkit technologies
  • Small, regular definition updates greatly reduce update downloading time
  • VIPRE has three extra bonus tools: a history cleaner, a secure file eraser, and the PC Explorer for advanced users.
This might be just another Antivirus Software, or it could be something better. Let's wait and see. Or you could go the DIY wasy and get your own VIPRE ware on your system using the free 15 day trial that Sunbelt Software offers.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

An Eco-friendly post..

As said by Alex Witte on SocialMediaMom:

Green is the new buzz word for business innovation, from power companies, automobiles to airlines and mobile manufactures, all moving towards technologies that are environmentally friendly. So I decided to search for software that promotes green technologies on mobile devices.

I found a company based in New Delhi, India called MobiMonster ( that has designed software called GreenPhone for Series 60 (Symbian) mobile devices. This software helps you reduce your carbon footprint by managing several features of a series 60 device such as Backlight, Charger, WLAN and Bluetooth. I decided to download a trial version and see for myself. The application did kick into action and switched off my backlight, when I was not using it, alerted me to remove my charger when the battery of my phone was full, and when Bluetooth and WLAN were switched on but not being used for data transfer.

I think this application does help in reducing carbon footprint, but I was unable to find any such data on their website.

I contacted MobiMonster on why they don’t have such data on their website, and they responded back by saying the following:

“We are currently in the process of evaluating the numbers of several devices and will list an average of all tested devices on the site shortly.”

They also went on to give me some stats of findings so far:
“If the user does follow the ideal scenario, where backlight is auto switched off in 1 second, and charger, Bluetooth and WLAN are switched off on the first alert, this could results in savings of USD 10 per year in electricity charges, and a reduction in carbon emissions.”

I am not sure how they came up with this number, but this seems to be the average number that they are talking about putting on their website.

The innovation of this application seems to stem out from Nokia’s competition, CallingAllInnovators (, Eco-friendly category. Nokia itself is pushing hard for Green Technologies and is also aligning itself towards eco-friendly solutions including recycling of used phones.

I see this application as a fit with Nokia devices, but would like to have some more features in the Green Phone which would shut down unwanted services, instead of notifying me. I do understand the benefits of notifications, instead of bluntly shutting down unwanted services, so I would still hail this as a first step in mobile software that aims to convert mobile devices into eco-friendly mobile devices.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Download your native language onto your Mobile Phone Easy !

One of the primary problems if using a Mobile phone in third world countries is the language barrier. It's difficult for people here to break the language barrier and English seems to be tougher than the rest (Won't it make them lose their wits writing groats and saying grits! ). Nokia in India has understood this problema and has made Hindi language phones commercially available at cheaper rates.

UK based KeyPoint Technologies has launched a mobile language portal which makes it easy for mobile phone users to download languages that are not available on their device. Currently, if a user’s native language or 2nd language does not ship with the mobile handset, it is difficult to locate and install additional languages through the mobile software as they usually have to be installed in packages. KPT’s portal makes it easy for the user to find and install any language (see attached Press Release for more information).

The availability of diverse languages on the Adaptxt mobile portal means millions of multilingual Windows Mobile and Nokia N/E series users can benefit immediately. Currently KPT are working with a number of handset manufacturers to support even more mobile phones.

The thing with Adaptxt is that it learns a user's writing style in realtime and consistently suggests words in advance so the user selects words instead of typing letters. The benefit is prediction is personal to the user and genuinely saves keystrokes on a mobile phone, something existing "predictive" systems rarely do. It shoul come up to the performance of K9 dictionaries currently in use.

Another positive point is the option to move your bought language packs from one phone to another if you're switching phones. This allows seamless tranfer of langages and software from your old phone to the new one.

Incoming Nokia: The CityMan

Guess what is winging it's way in from WOM-World , it's an ultra modern revolutionary mobile phone that has made headlines everyhwhere on the globe. Keep a watch out on this blog to keep up with updates.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Finale email : Nokia N97

All Nokia N97 owners will know that the ‘out of the box’ experience is just the beginning - the beauty of the device is making it personal to you. As this is the last email alert from the Nokia N97 Members Club, we thought we would leave you with news of a personal Nokia service which will continuously keep you and your mobile working as well together as you can.

Be it through homescreen widgets, RSS news feeds, keeping up to date with the latest gossip on Facebook or using it as an extension of your PC or laptop, there are almost limitless functionalities to what the Nokia N97 can do.

But to explore the full potential of your Nokia and stay continuously abreast of new applications and software updates, register for free with ‘My Nokia’ and receive personalized communications from the experts directly to your phone or email.

Whether it’s handy tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your handset, great offers, competitions and more, the free service will give you three to five communications per month to maximize your mobile potential.

Some tricks may be familiar, such as “add numbers to your text message the easy way by simply holding down the key with the number you need for one second”, and others we’re sure will surprise you. So activate My Nokia communications from the My Nokia application on the device, or by going to and start discovering more about your handset today.

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