Sunday, July 29, 2007

Another Battery Solution,eco-friendly too..

You are on your way through the forest on a self-designed route using your n95 when you suddenly get lost. Immediately you pick up your N95 and the GPS locks in on you, and you continue on your way when to your horror the battery runs dry. That is when it hits you that you'd left it's music-player running in the background.

And that's when the Solar energy charger comes to the rescue! Using the built in lithium ion battery it stores power for your use, and you can connect your n95 to it when you need to draw juice for ur hungry lil' phone. Being extremely small and portable, this is exactly what every n95 user needs.
The solar kit also includes 4 adapters for all 4 major companies(nokia,SE,Samsung and motorola) as well as a AC wire and a car charger wire for added customisability.

I'm so happy that i dont need to buy that pregnant looking battery from
Yoobao! :)

Thursday, July 26, 2007

How's dis eh?

it looks kinda pregnant..mayb i shuld start a whodunnit thread somewhere...;)

Y'all hav been crying for a better battery for the n95 rite? well i've got one 4 ya!
Chek out dis Monster Battery from Yoobao(who dat??) packing in a whopping 1400Mah of power. This baby'l provide u with enough juice for making most of whatever u want ur n95 to do..and more.

As you can see from the picture the battery has been made specefically for the nokia N95, but i do have my doubts as to it's reliability because you never know if it has any power fluctuations cuz in case of any damage we have to take it to a NSC, and if they see ur phone they'l dump it like a shocked parent seeing their unmarried pregnant daughter! for sure !!

I think it's sumtin lik 2xBL-5F in size->40.00x46.38x10.20

Do tell me if you're planning to get it k?

This is my recommendation for the N95 problem, the Solar Charger from brando.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

nGage style GameS ! (i luv dat word) PiLeUP!!

As From time immemorial onwards humans have been playng games to pass time, there used to be all kinds of games and other recreational activites of which one of the most popular one is chess. Chess is a motivational and.... haha... don't worry i ain't gonna bore ya wid all dat dumb stuff.. we'l move on to the topic :)

The Top Games list at the Symbia! Specialz has been updated so u better chek 'em out. Lots of Ngage games too. If you don't like them, click on any of the links above.

Click here:
GamE ON !

P.S: AND don't worry - it's not the Ngage game chess :P

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

PoWeR UP !

PoWeR UP! your NSeries. Nokia says that it's not one thing but many, in-order to make the most of that clause you'll have to do some serious tuning in the battery pack so as to make the most of your N95. And don't worry because the problems can be sorted with these tips..

Extending your Battery Life

First switch of your WLAN,you can always scan manually if needed, but it saves your battery life if you manually scan.

Next turn the connection mode from dual mode to GSM as we don't have any 3G cells in India. Searching for 3G consumes a great amount of power than you can imagine and switching it off will give a noticeable difference in battery life. To do this, go into 'Tools | Settings | Phone | Network' and change 'Network mode' to 'GSM' this will stop the N95 hunting for 3G signals.

Watch what applications you leave running in the background - some games and Java applications are especially processor hungry, even when in the background.
When using the N95 as a navigator, with display and GPS both active, do yourself a favor and buy a Rs.420 12V charger, so that instead of draining the battery at light speed you'll be gaining extra charge.

Animated Screen savers, i don't see much point in having them running when your not there anyway, and u can save a bit of battery just selecting Date and time, To do this Tools / Settings / general / Personalization / Themes / Power saver and select "Date and Time".
Reduce screen display times, To do this Tools / Settings / General / Personalization / Display / Power saver time set to 1 minute (minimum)
Reduce Light time out To do this Tools / Settings / General / Personalisation / Display / light time out, Set to your preference.

And if that's not enough:

I- Alternate Charging.

II-Alternate BAttery.(only for N95)

III-More ideas!(NeW!)

Pump it Up people 'cuz u deserve it.

Monday, July 23, 2007

I thought they'd banned cloning !

This phone is the E-PDA V16 from China. It has a 3-inch QVGA LCD touch screen, a 3 Megapixel camera, and Bluetooth connectivity. It supports also hand-writing recognition, and dual sim cards. No, don’t expect the device to have WiFi as N95 do. The E-PDA V16 does support microSD memory cards. As the other "PDA phones" from China, the V16 supports music and video playback too.But that's almost a defacto standard for any phone these days.

It looks very much like the N95 but it ain't a slider so it's not worth comparing to n95s dual slide.The E-PDA V16 is bigger in size while the screen size is also bigger. But it is nowhere near the build quality of the n95 screen which mysteriously seems to be scratch proof too.

Though the price of E-PDA V16 is 1/3 of N95’s price, it’s functions and features are acceptable,atleast for the normal users.

I'd like to make something clear, the kinda people who buy a n95 aren't the normal folk who buy a smartphone just to flaunt it, or 2 do the most boring thing which it's designed for (read as talking). The dudes and dudetes who buy an N95 are people who have a passion for things that rock ur world, things that are at the edge of technology, things like the N95.
If you think otherwise feel free to drop in a message.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Vaja Leather Casing !

Pamper your N95 with the new leather cases going to be announced by vaja. Known as the Ivolution Holster these cases are way cool and are practically the next best thing to naked ;)
They are sure to give you some serious bragging rights(as if havin a n95 wasn't enuf :D).

Chek 'em out guys and you'l know why i'm so happy, i always likes my phones to be as close to the real thing as possible and not like people in jackets looking like eskimos with all that thick covering. If you don't get what i mean scroll down a bit more and you'l see what i mean.Or you could go here.Check out the post, especially the pic that is shown there - it looks like a burger with the n95 as the fillet!

Well, fear no more with these chic casings from VaJa. They've just saved the day, and my N95!

Now updated with the latest review for this particular Vaja case here.

Casing your N95 in Style!

There are a lot of leather cases out there in the market these days and since most of them are kind of like free size you can use them for any phone. But it really takes the elegance out of a phone and makes it looks plump and stupid. It may offer protection but i think the crystal cases offer enough protection as it is. What i'd really recommend would be the cases shown below. These cases hug along the curves(& edges) of the phone and still offer considerable protection.

But ofcourse there amybe folks out there who couldn't do without a leather cover, for them i'd say that the leather cover that the N95 comes with is good enough.

It matches the colour of your phone and is really firm enough to withstand pressure-somwthing that is really needed when you try to insert your n95 into the pockets of a tight jeans.

the case showed here looks like a hamburger to me..


These are the style-up covers for the Nokia N95 from
They have replacement front and back covers for your phone. These housings are perfect if you like using your phone in all it's naked beauty and they offer a variety of colours to choose from too.
Why, you could use a different color for each day or use to match your clothes! Unlimited possibilites!
I'l send u a personal review when
Brando sends one to me as they said they will.
You can see it's review here, and you can buy them here.

Nokia N95 Silicone Case

This is a silicone case for Nokia which is made using an innovative silicone material of high durability as well as incorporating an organic anti-dust technology. These cases are available in colours like ice, pink, blue & black. Really looks ultra-modern!

Crystal Case for N95

The crystal case for the N95 made by Brando is made of high quality clear and hard plastic to protect as well as provide maximum visibility. It perfectly fits the shape of our N95 and offers spaces for the keypad and other buttons. At 8$ it offers great bang for buck and is available through Brando.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

FirmWare Update for the Nokia N95

The Next Major Update for the nokia N95 is here(though a bit late for india) and it seems that it's a very huge one with lots of goodies in the bag such as A-GPS and an indiactor for 3.5G.The firmware code is 12.0.013 up from 11.0.016.
I've got here a link to the change log for the new firmware which has been posted by good 'ol SymbianFreak. The camera has also got some good improvements with it because of the enhanced camsoftware, and the photo's really look better in the photo comparison section of sybian freak. Improvements have also been made for the Gallery,Messaging,Browser,media player,telephony,navigation and VoIP.
Changes/improvements made from MCU SW 11.0.026 to 12.0.013 (SB-041/18.07.07):

New features :
* HSDPA indicator(3.5G)

  1. General improvements/changes :
    * Property watcher added to the screen saver
    * Improvements to WLAN sniffer
    * WLAN stability improvements
    * Screen saver timeout default value stays correct after MMC backup
    * Stability improvements to memory card formatting
    * Image editor stability improvements
    * Lifeblog input improvements
    * Colors of Java Midlet icons no longer scaled down
    * Localization corrections
    * Voice mail number now correctly read from SIM card
    * Download Manager stability improvements
    * Improvements to animations in Midlets
    * Multimedia menu stability improvements
    * BT stability improvements
    * Correction to WLAN interoperability problem with Netgear router
    * Correction for High Capacity memory cards
    * Correction to backlight blinking
    * Barcode reader no longer prevents deep sleep
    * Improvements to USB plugin handling
    * Better Out of Memory handling
    * Performance improvements
    * Improvements to RCPI based roaming(WLAN)
    * Improvements to cached PMKSA authentication with WPA2-PSK(WLAN)
    * Correction to secondary SSID handling(WLAN)
    * Improvements to registration in offline mode(WLAN)
    * Stability improvements to Quick Office
    * Correction to WLAN setup wizard
    * Multimedia Menu shown correctly also when Chinese image as a background image
    * Calendar stability improvements
  2. Browser :
    * Stability improvements to text box input in browser
    * HSDPA throughput improvements
    * Improvements to file upload
    * General stability improvements to Browser
    * Animated images shown correctly in Web pages
  3. Media Player:
    * Stability improvements for incoming call handling during music playback
    * Volume and time bar positions adjusted
    * Music store closed properly after use
    * Memory handling improvements in Music Player
    * Audio Handling improvements
    * Improvements to Find in music player
    * Improvements to reconnection to live stream
    * APN query shown correctly in Music Shop
  4. Gallery :
    * JPEG scaling no longer corrupts exif info
    * Image print stability improvements
    * Stability improvements in Gallery
    * Performance improvements to slide show
    * Improvements to UPnP picture copy from Media Server
    * UPnP stability improvements
    * Improvements to image rendering
    * Correct LSK shown after a call
    * Zoom&Pan hidden when TV-out is connected
    * RSK & LSK shown correctly after editing play list
    * Correction to image rendering after screen saver is activated
    * Music selection dialog shown also in landscape mode in slideshow settings
  5. Messaging:
    * Stability improvements in messaging application
    * Improvements to email handling
    * Improvements to email sync
    * Correction to MMS sending during VT call
  6. VOIP :
    * Improvements to SIP settings
    * Callback request call is made secured like the first call
    * Corrections to VoIP emergency call handling
  7. Camera:
    * Changing camera scene mode no longer changes Sharpness value
    * Phone goes now correctly to deep sleep after taking images
  8. Telephony:
    * CPHS corrections
    * Call forward icon now shown correctly also after reboot
    * MT video call shown correctly on UI
  9. Navigation :
    * Lots of maps improvements
    * Position Method now selected correctly
    * WLAN APN removed from AGPS positioning server settings
Dats 'ol Folks!!

Update Your Firmware Here..

Free mapping and navigation service,The amAze

And i must say that it has really amazed me. LocatioNet has really put all their expertise into this one with a very neat application here. And it seems that the company itself are veterans in the fiels with around 16 years of expertise in it. For instance it uses a technique similar to the A-GPS found in the new nokia firmware for speeding up calculations by sending data over to their servers for calculations. And it just gets better !! It even has voice-guided navigation if you’ve got yourself a bluetooth GPS ; or if you’ve got an N95 and a little bit of patience.Remeber that voice navigation in the Nokia Maps is a paid feature. All in all, the amAze is a really cool app that is definitely a must get for all you people out there.

amAze enables regular, Java-enabled mobile phone users to access with satellite images, clear maps, route-planning, weather forecasts and local search information from anywhere in the UK. An additional voice-guided navigation feature can be accessed using any external bluetooth GPS device or phones with a built-in GPS such as the n95. This is in comparison to the paid to use feature currently available for the N95 users.

amAze delivers the following easy to use features:

  • Easy to use visual and voice guidance to any destination
  • Ability to search any location by address
  • Highlight any required location on high quality map or Satellite imagery
  • Search and navigate to businesses listed in Yellow Pages directories
  • Calculate the fastest route between two locations
  • Save and manage personal favourites
  • View graphical weather forecasts displayed on maps

Get yourself a free copy of amAze at .

sniff..sniff..he's gone :(

After a month of happy sliding and rocking music and heavy-duty camcordering, my n95 has been taken sick ! !! And the docs at the NSC have said that....he's no more!
But the good news is they are replacing the set, with a brand new one too. So, it's a happy ending guess. Oh, i just love happy endings.

I'm Listing the Complaints over here just in case u wanna refer it:
  1. The Ear-piece has a sudden burst of static in the middle of certain(lovely)calls(jealous?). AND it's very irritating!
  2. The slider now clucks like a hen when i open or close it.
  3. There is some play to the right side of the slider.
  4. 5MP camera makes a kind of scratching sound when i open the camera app.Think it's got something to do with the autofocus.
  5. There are scratches on the slope above the keypad. Not made by me but by the slider it-self.
  6. It makes you real angry at times when you think of the money you payed for it and think of it's present state.
That's all folks.For now.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

ExPLoiT yOuR BandWidth ! DownLoad !!!

Yet another great place for putting your bandwidth to good use, download free Symbian Series 60 3rd Edition Software for your mobile phone from one of the largest free mobile download website.

==> HeRe I aM !!<==

Monday, July 9, 2007

S60 3rd Edition Themes! !!

Get your 3rd Edition themes here!! 3rd Edition means my n95's in it too, and i hav downloaded most of it too, some r very nice too !! :)
To get the best themes faster i would advice you to change the Order By tab from "Oldest To Newest" to "Most Favorites". Ofcourse it's entirely up to you.

(courtesy mobile9)

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Loose Talk

This ain't another app, i just wanted to pop a question to the ppl who com over here,.., i heard that the nokia n95 has embedded a graphics processor along with it's main processor..i wonder if this is tru, bcuz if it is then it would make for some serious gaming oomph !!!!!!!

Happy Blogging Everybody ! :)

GamE! (i luv dat word)

Step right uP! All the games you need, step right up gentlemen and ladies! Time to stop flaunting your super smart 3rd Edition phones and start downloading some awesome games. They have everything from our age old tetris to the latest and my personal favorite splinter cell: Double Agent. You should see the amount of detail that goes into these games. Can't wait no more?

Most Games are compatible with
N95, N82, N81, N96, N73, N78, N76, E50, E51, E60, E61, E61i, E62, E65, E70 and E90

Top Games:

SplinterCell Double Agent:
Be the master undercover agent in yet another of those famous games based on my fav author Tom Clancy's Novels. In this sequel of the hit game, the player has to go and work with the bad guys to undercover a secret plot. The plot is ...... , ......well u hav 2 play th game 2 find out ! :P

rince Of Persia- Two Thrones:

Continue the legacy of the prince of persia in yet another game that'l make you spell bound with the details, and the special moves. Lots of varying fight sequences,run along walls,kick up walls and lots of other great moves make this a great game with an excellent climax. I luv it .

Mafia Wars 3:
Being the adopted son of an oriental triad gand leader ain't no fun, but playing a game sure is. The plot deepens along with the game, as the tables get turned and you are plunged into the world of the triads whether u want it or not.

Brother in Arms 3D:

The game is great as u play the life of a soldier in a classic military game. Walk about with a choice of different weapons, or drive about in tanks, just make sure you finish your objectives. The graphics of this game are excellent when looked upon from a mobile phone' perspective. The only thing that it lagged is hat the screen doesn't fit in correcly on the N95 devices. But i finished it anyways ;)

Real FootBall 2006:

Havn't played this game yet, cuz i'm not intersted in sports games that much, but from what i've heard it's a really great game to play. Try it out anyways.. u'l probably love it.

TrueCrime-New York City:

Superb game going on the footsteps of the GTA games, you play a police officer who's going undercover to takeout the bad guys. Things get out of hand when the hero starts to enjoy being a gangster,but in the end...
ha..u won't get the climax from be buddy, start gaming nd find out for yourself!

Pirates Of the Carribean-Dead Man's Chest:

The game has a combination of 3rd person fighting and ship navigation, great game i must say. Giveit a go, because it certainly different from the other stories :)

Go Bananas!:

A cute little game for people tomonkey around on their mobiles when they feel like killing of some time.

EggStreme - Sizzler Supremacy:

Another game with a cute ittle name,but i havn't played it as yet. I would appreciate it if you could review the game for me and post it here. Thanks in advance! :)

African Rally Quad:

I liked this game really much,much more than the usual games of this genre. I'd got a demo version of this game for my 7610 nd had luved it then but only now did i come up to a full version.

Speed Addict Underground 2:

Ultimate game for racing freaks, this game has all that it takes to get ur adrenalin running, including the teasers(shown in pic ;) ).Vrom..Vrom..vroooooooooooM...

Block Breaker Deluxe:

HAven't played this one either guys, i'd like u to chek it out and tell me how u lik it. thnx..

Stones of Khufu:

An ancient style game of you know what.

Arcade Golf:

Golf is a real expensive game designed for only the rich people, but this arcade game here removes all such barriers and is suuitable for golfers out there ;) .

Global race:

A Very cool Game! Atleast trust ur eyes if u don't believe me.

And so u hav it folks, enuf games for y'all to keep you busy for a few weeks..atleast ...right? hope so! Wen u finish playing them tell me and i'l see if i can find any new ones.

AntiVirus - security vs performance

Ain'tVirus...i mean it's an Antivirus ;)

Trend Micro Mobile Security v3.0:
The integrated solution provides automatic, real-time scanning to protect wireless devices against malicious code and viruses on the Web or hidden inside files in combination with a packet-filtering firewall.

As the number of data-centric mobile devices grows, industry analysts such as Gartner and Meta Group expect them to become an attractive target for virus writers. Mobile Security provides protection against emerging threats via a compact yet sophisticated scan engine that helps detect and block malicious code.

This release of TMMS support for Symbian OS/S60 3rd Edition adds usability improvements as well as a firewall and intrusion detection to the previous releases of TMMS.

One of the drawbacks that i see from getting your hands on one of these is that they seriously slow down your phone, and in the case of the already tight strapped RAM of the n95 - it'll be Hell for the user !

Moreover there aren't many viruses around for the s60 v3 phones as yet, so you can just keep the sisx file on your phone incase of an emergency.

But the firewall and intusion detection are certainly things that we can't live without - especially in today's world of digital espionage and theft...cyber theives can ruin your life with touch of a button !! Scary isn't it?

Others to check out are:
NetQin Anti-Virus Pro v2.2.40
Jiangmin Antivirus [beta]

Or read about the
Folder.exe virus that seems to be affecting symbian phones!

LifeStyles !

Select your choice add-ons from these themes and skins or try one of the housings or panels for size...

I. Themes/Skins.
II. Covers/Panels/Housings.
III. Vaja Ivolution Holster.
IV. Customising MasterPlan - MusicEdition.

have a gr8 time surfin' thru this collection...i'l be back with more of 'em !

Do check out my other reviews here..

Reviews Galore!

Reviews done personally are listed here..

Style iT!

Vaja N95 Ivolution Holster.
Brando N95 Housings.


1. iGo Sierra StowAway Bluetooth Keyboard. => (review)/(video)
Brando Generic Mobile Phone Telescope.
iGo PowerXtender.
4. Koss P9 - SideFiring Headset.
5. iGo EveryWhere
6. Nokia MD 4 Speakers.
7. Nokia BH 703 bluetooth headset.


1. Nokia N93i

2. Nokia N800

3. Nokia N78

Device Locker

WebGate Advanced Device Locks v1.01:
Advanced Device Locks is a Symbian OS application for locking the phone or selected applications only, such as Messages, Pictures, Contacts, Video or any other. With Advanced Device Locks you can secure your phone by locking it up with a secret code up to 7 characters long.

Advanced Device Locks allows you to lock your phone automatically by choosing one of the following options:

Always - each time the phone is turned on, it asks for the unlock code.

When SIM Changed - the locks are on if the SIM card of the phone is changed.

Automatic lock - an automatic lock is switched on after a specified period of inactivity in minutes.

Protected applications - this option turns on the device locks if someone tries to access the protected application.


SMS Spam Manager

WebGate SMS Spam Manager v1.01:No more unwanted messages and SMS Spam!


SMS Spam Manager blocks the unwanted SMS messages without producing any sound or light indication.


With SMS Spam Manager you can effectively filter all your incoming SMS messages.

There are 6 different types of filters to block unwanted SMS. You have the freedom to choose whether to reject all incoming messages or to accept messages only from people listed in your phonebook. You can also choose to block incoming SMS messages from a defined phone number, from a defined prefix number and even messages that contain a defined phrase.

With SMS Spam Manager you can tune your phone with 4 different modes and choose among 6 different filters to block junk and unwanted SMS messages:

Accept all (inactive) - the phone will accept all incoming SMS messages.
Block all - the phone will block all incoming SMS messages.
Accept phonebook only - the phone will accept incoming SMS messages only from people listed in your phonebook.
Block from black list rules - the phone will block the incoming SMS messages, which meet at least one of the rules listed below.
Block from black list rules option allows you to filter and block incoming SMS messages in three different ways, choosing one of the three black list rules:

Telephone number - all messages coming from a defined phone number will be blocked.
Prefix number - all messages coming from a defined prefix number will be blocked.
Text match - all messages that contain a defined phrase will be blocked.
You can check all blocked messages anytime, as they are kept in "Blocked SMS log" and restore them into your SMS Inbox if needed. You can also easily check the number of messages rejected and accepted since SMS Spam Manager has been started.

Saturday, July 7, 2007


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