Friday, May 30, 2008

The whole New complete Nokia Pop Theme

Check out this really cool theme music from Nokia based on a Pop rhythm rather than the old blings&dings..really nice with a Chinese finish.

Nokia 6630 turns camera? or the other way around..

Seen here is a screen shot of a Nokia webpage. And as all of you might have seen by now, it seems to ba a Nokia full fledged imaging phone! Or probably a camera with built-in phoning capability? Which is it? Do let me know what you think!

It seems the so-called Nokia 6639 comes with a huge tele-photo lens as well! Do let me know! More pics below..thanks to my friend Dinu.

Friday, May 23, 2008

E66 is almost here!

According to Mobile-Review, we will see two new Eseries device soon. The E71 should be the successor to the Nokia E61/E62/E61i. So, will we see a QWERTY keyboard? However, it will have a 3.2 megapixel camera, GPS, WiFi, HSDPA. More over it will weigh “only”120 gram and be 57 x 112 x 10 mm. The second device is the E66, the successor of the E65. It will also have a 3.2 megapixel camera, GPS, WiFi and HSDPA. Unfortunately no pictures leaked.

If the rumors are true, we could see the devices on CES or later on 3GSM where Nokia has announced the E90, E65 and E61i one year ago.

It seems the E66 is almost here!


Nokia N78 Reviews Coming In

The Nokia N78 was announced earlier this year at the 2008 Mobile World Congress, rocking the candybar form factor that Nokia rocks at, and an innovative FM transmitter. The N78 will be available in 2 versions, both with quad-band GSM (850/900/1800/1900MHz) and WCDMA in either 850/1900MHz or 2100MHz, meaning that one version will support AT&T’s high-speed HSDPA 3G network here in the States.
A 3.15 MPs, 2048x1536 pixels, autofocus, Carl Zeiss optics, video(VGA 15fps), flash, secondary CIF videocall camera, microSD card slot, and the S60v3 Feature Pack 2 round out this fun smartphone, as well. Neil’s got his first impressions, also noting that when you order the handset from Nokia’s online shop, you’ll apparently get the MD-4 portable speakers in the box, which look pretty nice.

Helping you in finding the right handset

Recently while I was surfin' the web I came across this site which let's you research into a product that you want to buy. It isn't much different from the other E-shops out there, but what made me notice is the simplistic design which ensures that you don't get strained from doing a lot of window shopping. Moreover, when you search for a product you also get a lot of details about the product presented in a neat way. Like for example I did a search for (obviously)Nokia handsets and it listed different devices with different pay options like monthly etc. as well the store name and it's rating. There is also a total price option which, of course, shows the total price of the product shown excluding it's shipping charges. Sites such as these help you in finding the right mobile you want if your searching with a budget in mind.Another good thing about the site is that they offer detailed review on most of the products that have for sale, so you won't have to bother about looking for them elsewhere. They also have computer reviews available. Really neat, place I like it!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

NFS : Pro Street on ur N95

Need for Speed: ProStreet will take the Need for Speed series in a new direction of gameplay. Instead of an arcade style of gameplay which has dominated the series, ProStreet will focus much more on realism and move closer to, but not into, racing simulation, and still with options to use driving assistants to make driving easier and more arcade-like. Unlike its predecessors, all racing in ProStreet will take place on closed tracks, thus making it the first game in the series not animating illegal racing behaviour since Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed, hence there will not be any police in the game. Performance tuning will take up a large part of gameplay in a way that even a small adjustment of the shape of a car's body will impact its performance.
That was what wikipedia had to say about the NFS : Pro Street on your PC. The mobile version on the other hand has great graphics for a phone game and includes performance tuning too but to a limited extent. But all in all it's a great game to kill time on your morning commute or while on the subway.. just make sure you show-up for whatever you were travelling for instead staying hooked up onto the phone ;) The game features both a Quick race for gettin' the feel and a full-fledged Career mode in which you start with an old fashioned Toyota Corolla(1987 model i 'zink) and then you can earn money and upgrade to even a Nissan CT-R Prototype car or the good lookin' BMW M3 E92!!

Earn money either by winning race purses or by awesome drifting - which is easy provided u get the drift (pun intended ;) )

The tracks in the game are aplenty, and with all the Slipstreaming, "good lane" and drifting techniques to be learnt it'll keep you busy for a long time..just keep to the center of the drift bar or you could end up as road kill !

One of the good things i noted about the game is that unlike it's PC version the mobile version doesn't hog the system resources of the phone, a boon for N95 users. In fact it only takes about 7MB of RAM !

Here are some pics of the game:
The car..
The race..
The drift..


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

PanoMan 3.0

PanoMan 3.0 comes in landscape mode with a preview area on the screen displaying the panoramic image captured so far as well as a small info area showing the frame resolution and the number of frames captured/available.

Due to the improvements made in heap consumption, you can capture up to 12 frames within one session, creating eye-popping up to 360° images with up to 32 Megapixel (on e.g. N95 8GB; maximum resolution on other devices might be actually lower).


UIQ 3.3

UIQ 3.3 is the latest release of UIQ and enables the creation of mobile phones in multiple form factors and multiple price bands. UIQ 3.3 is operator compliant for major operator requirements, making it possible for larger volumes and shortens Time To Market.
A web experience beyond the desktop with Opera Mobile 9.5 Direct access to internet;content through widgets Operator & Java MSA Compliance Improved messaging capabilities.
UIQ DashboardUIQ 3.3 is prepared for mobile widgets and features a dashboard, accessible system wide by pushing the widget button.
Designed to allow maximum freedom and flexibility when producing new phones, the UIQ platform is continuously evolving to fulfill the latest mobile phone manufacturer, network operator and developer requirements. Flexibility and user friendliness are two of the platform's numerous advantages.
UIQ based mobile phones are designed for high performance everyday use, wherever you are and whatever you are doing. UIQ based phones offer more fun and functionality than ordinary phones.


Monday, May 19, 2008

eBAy: They have N95 black housings for 20$ !

eBay seems to have some real neat accessories these days in their line-up. Just last week i found a high quality housing for the Nokia N95 smartphone, complete with body,cover,keypad - everything! And it sells for just under 18$. If you go for a genuine cover it'll probably set you back by at least 60$ if not more - and you don't get any of the variety colors either. They usually have all sorts of things for Nokia accessories, things that you'll find hard to get in the real markets. Virtual shopping has indeed got a lot easier and more fun these days.

If you plan to sell anything from eBay I'd really recommend getting yourself to iSold It. They'll sell your merchandise for you so that you don't have to go through any of the hassles. Things get really easy from here.

  • Step 1: Drop it Off.
  • Stop by any iSold It store with an item you'd like to sell. During the check-in process they'll help you with your eBay listing. Once you're checked in, they'll place the item in their inventory and hand you a receipt.
  • Step 2: Watch the Action.
  • Once they've listed your item on eBay, they'll send you an email with a link to the auction, so that you can watch all the action as it occurs which sure is fun!
  • Step 3: Collect Your Check.
  • After the item sells, they collect payment and professionally ship your item to the winning bidder. Once the transaction is complete, they'll send the money to wherever you want it to end up!
Once that's done you can find yourself the nest thing that you want to sell and do it all over again! ;)

Sponsored by iSold It!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Symbian Application: cClock Screensaver

cClock is a screen saver that run on Nokia phone S60 3rd edition. It also drains less battery than the largetime screensaver

More details related to installation of this application on your cell is available in the below given site.


Symbian Application: Smaper v1.51 - Mobile ICQ Messenger

Smaper is the best alternative ICQ client for multimedia phone today. Through Smaper you can communicate with your friends, wherever you are.

* Work with multiple profiles of users simultaneously.
* Anti-spam filter.
* Smileys.
* Sorting contacts.
* Manage contacts between groups.
* The ability to change skins and smileys.
* The possibility of changing the font size in the chat window.
* Storage of communications history.
* Search ICQ contacts.
* Check for program updates.

Changelog v1.51:
[added] - Allocation of links in the chat box.
[added] - Ability vygruzzhat sent links in service “My Bookmarks.” This service is available to all users Smape c May 16. You must enter your login and password by in (Settings-Profile).
[added] - “Masked” under other ICQ-client (5 pre-ids) with the possibility of preserving identifiers other clients (Settings-Profile).
[added] - Support for Nokia 5500 Sport.
[added] - Staying option allows the group when starting the program.
[added] - Display T9 dictionary in the chat box.
[added] - Indicators network, state of GPRS-connection charge bateri (only for S60 v3).
[added] - skin “Zenit Spb” with the standard honour of victory “Zenita” in the UEFA Cup (including the Nokia E90).
[added] - the new status icons.
[corrected] - work with files larger stories.

Attention! When installing new versions of the program is necessary to remove the old version!
Download smaper

Symbian Application: Weatherbug Widget For S60v3

WeatherBug announced the WeatherBug S60 widget today for select nokia devices. WeatherBug’s S60 widget will utilize Nokia’s latest Web Runtime Technology (WRT) to bring local weather info to your phone.The WeatherBug S60 widget includes live, local weather information for more than 50,000 locations worldwide and is local language supported for all regions.
Yet another move that’s sure to upset all the N95-3 owners out there, the first official S60 Widget is now available for regular consumption. The WeatherBug widget, announced a few weeks ago (before they had an actual download available, silly meteorologists!) is now available to download, and should be popping up in the S60 Download! app soon, as well.
The widget is only compatible with handsets that have Web RunTime support, which currently includes the N82, N95-1, -2, and -4.

Anyways, the widget allows you to check the weather around the world for free, though it is ad supported, so you’ll see a few logos here and there. WorldMate Live offers more options in a prettier package, and works on more handsets.

Download Weatherbug


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

After CallAfterCall for Series 60-3 released: convenient call list with quick access to needed actions

AfterCall Splash Released: 30.04.2008
Version: 1.0
File Size: 227 Kb
For Symbian OS Buy Full Version ($9.99)Download TrialEnglish User Manual

General information

AfterCall application performs various actions after call ends. You can quickly send SMS, MMS or E-mail messages right after your call. Without unnecessary movements you can make a new note, calendar meeting or task.

If you get a call from a new number, you can add this number to your contact list or update existing contact info right after the conversation, without entering the call list once again.

Right after the call you will view the call information: the exact call duration, the exact number from which the conversation was made, and the time of calling.

Application main window consists of the calls list. Unlike the Nokia native callers list, here all calls are displayed, even if they were made from the same number. So you can see exactly how many times and when somebody called you and from which exactly number the incoming/outgoing call was made. This is very convenient for the case if a contact entry consists of many numbers.

Key Features:

  • Quick access to most used actions after a conversation ends
  • Exact call info with the callers number always displayed
  • Possibility to call back or send a message right after call end
  • Possibility to create a calendar entry after the call
  • Activation on selected types of calls: Incoming, Outgoing, Missed, Rejected, Busy calls
  • Activation only on unknown (not listed in the contacts) numbers possible.
SymbianGuru released new software for Series 60-3: a mobile call manager that gives quick access to most used actions after the conversation ends.

With AfterCall for Series 60.3 user is able to add new numbers to the contact list or to assign a meeting, to send the SMS/MMS message to the number
which was just calling right after the call.

After conversation ends, AfterCall shows a special window with quick access to calendar, messaging and contacts database. Furthermore, all call
information is shown right after the call.

Main application screen shows calls list, but in a bit different way then the native Nokia call list: all events are shown in the order they
have occurred. Exact number of the event is always shown. This allows easier call and number management.

AfterCall can be activated on different types of calls and its setup is very easy.

The trial version is limited for 10 days. A license code based on IMEI is provided upon purchase.


AfterCall software is available in English, German, Russian and Ukrainian languages


We will be glad to support you at support(at) if you have any questions or concerns. We are always glad to hear from you!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Opera is out , in full !

Opera mini 4.1 is now out of beta and gone final! Download it from here.

Take also a look at: New Opera 4.1 Beta: How to get rid of all the network & data prompts in Opera Mini


There are no big differences from the beta, but there are a lot of things that have happened behind the surface:

  1. We have fixed a lot of bugs
  2. Minor changes to saving pages
  3. Several adjustments to auto-complete address input and upload/download
  4. BlackBerry devices with old firmware now get Opera Mini 4.1 without JSR-75.

iBackup - now backing up the iPhone as well

IBackup, a provider of backup services, provides you the flexibility of accessing data stored on your IBackup account with handheld devices such as iPhone, Blackberry, PocketPC and Treo, while on the move. I wonder when they will be adding thses services for the likes of the Nokia and the Sony Ericsson phones as well. As of now, only Nokia owned Vertu has these features - but that comes with a premium!

IBackup is faster than other services, according to a test conducted by Computer Power User. Users can schedule incremental, differential and full backups. Data is encrypted to and from your computer, as well as once it is loaded on the IBackup servers. Separate versions of IBackup work with Windows and Mac systems. IBackup allows designated parties to view your files. To access the data, login to your IBackup account by clicking the link Online Backup

Once you are logged in, you can view files/folders, browse through the contents and save them to a local device. You can even share this data with your associates, using any of the devices mentioned above. Some of the cool features that are available are:
  • Easy navigation between folders
  • Provision to share your files/folders with associates
  • Provision for your associates to view the shared files/folders on their iPhone/handheld devices.
All in all, they seem to be a real good option if there's confidential data on your phone that you don't want to loose incase you fall prey to theft. Loosing your gadget is one thing, but confidential data lying in the hands of a stranger is much worse!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Nokia 5610 - is it worth it?

What lies behind the 5610..

There have been a lot of complaints going on around the Nokia 5610 - so much that it makes me think whether it's worth the purchase. Besides having an extremely dumb battery(if u listen to 2hours of music per day, you have to charge every evening) and a camera that sucks - this eXpressMusic phone even has it's speakers being sworn at. Bad speakers on a music phone? What was Nokia thinking??

On a personal note, I'd say that the N73 ME is a much better phone to go for in terms of value. The n73 me has double the features of the 5610 besides having a superior operating system.

Here's a complaint list for this phone:

Camera Cons: it's only dual led that's why the "Noise" is really noticeable in low light condition, not Carl Zeiss.
Other cons: Navg Poor, Always can't read memory card, Hardware Error, Hangs often, Average battery life, Slider keys not as responsive, average music playback.
but it sure looks cool!

Leaked pictures of sony ericsson P5 (Paris)

To be honest, in the beginning I had some doubts about its reality. I thought that it was yet another fake (There were too many P5 fakes :) ) But more and more pictures of "Paris" are coming from various sources, so I guess I was wrong.

This smartphone from Sony Ericsson - Sony Ericsson P5 runs recently announced Symbian UIQ 3.3.The form-factor of this device is "Slider" and it's made from metal and mirror-like front panel. Handset is equipped with a full QWERTY keyboard and features W-LAN 802.11b/g, built-in GPS (With preinstalled Google Maps) and 5MP digital camera with auto focus.Phone also supports 3G networks, Bluetooth and USB 2.0 cable connectivity...its obviously touchscreen.




Now what do you this 1 real or fake????

If you still think this one is fake check the below listed sites for more details...

"Courtesy mobireviews"

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Symbian UIQ 3.3 User Interface

Here we got some pictures of the upcoming Symbian UIQ 3.3 user interface...

liked it???

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