Thursday, October 25, 2007

Why EDGE versus 3G matters less than you think - MWN 3

Havn't read the prequel to this sequel?? Read it ->here<-..

We've all read articles about why the iPhone won't sell because it doesn't boast the latest and greatest 3G technology, which can transmit data at 1.8, 3.6, 7.2, and in some places, 14.4 megabits per second. Instead, Apple chose to go with the more ubiquitous EDGE system, which tops out at 0.2 mbits per second here in the US, and presumably will do the same in the UK and Germany when the iPhone launches there next month.

But the question left unasked as been, "Does 3G really improve the user experience dramatically?" Most pundits would reply, "Well, of course Internet experiences improve with higher bandwidth. That's why the world went broadband." And if the pundit is having a bad day, they'll add "Duh.." Funny thing though. They're wrong. Bandwidth doesn't affect the mobile phone experience nearly as much as most people think. And in some cases, high bandwidth Internet is actually worse for the user than a low-bandwidth one.Guess there are disadvantages on surfing from a mobile phone! How can this be? Read on here to find out..

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Results of the Polls are here..

We had a poll last week focussing on which phones you guys saw in the better perspective - n95, n93i or the 3310..

The results are a bit strange though. This being a blog most visited by N95 users, I had expected the N95 to win hands on,and that happened too, but what was unexpected was the draw between the N93i and the 3310!! Imagine that!!!

The scores are
N95 68%
N93i 16%
3310 16%

Strange is the way the world moves..

P.S: Vote in da new poll guys!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

iGo Sierra - i luv it!!

Superb setup, excellent feel, slick designing
albeit a finger-print magnet for a cover, but more importantly - it takes care of
the N95 typing bug! :)
And finally I have received the Stowaway Sierra Keyboard from the guys at iGo - the same guys who brought out the iGo Juice 70 and other cool stuff.

At first glance, the gleaming body itself lets you justify spending your hard-earned bucks on this great device. The external casing comes in a smooth fluid metallic silver that gives it a really slick look(although it turns out to be quite a magnet for finger prints, but hey! who's perfect??)

Press the button at the middle and it opens up like a book and unfolds into all it's glory..This star performer of ours turns out to be quite different wonder they said never to judge a book by it's cover! ;)

The gleaming metal outside gives way to a black matte finish inside while opening up to a 100% full size keyboard, complete with a 5 row keyboard including dedicated numerical keys - all this while managing to weigh a mere 6 oz!! ( i bet all u models out there envy this :D)

The drivers for the Sierra are available over the air, made availableby iGo. But it sems they haven't updated the their site with the n95drivers - as yet(hope it does come soon).

The range for this device is very good even though we wouldn't need it... how far away would it be possible for you to sit and read from your tiny mobile screen!

Of course it is possible to connect the N95 to a TV screen, which when used along with the Sierra would give you a real neat computing experience - whether it's for gaming or surfin' the net or blogging!

Just make sure you've got a spare AAA battery in case the charge dies out while you're shooting up people in GTA or driving thru in NFS or ..[bated breath]..busy blogging!!

One of the problems that I've found on the design side of the keyboard is that after some use the "Insert key" on the keyboard which also hot links to the Web Application tends to bend a little to the left side.

Upon closer inspection, I've put this down to the pressure exerted by the key coming opposite to it when the keyboard is closed - namely the "M" Key. Unlike the other keys, this particular key only comes in contact with half of the Insert/Web button thus possibly deforming the pad on which it rests.

This problem is in no way to be considered a major one, as it isn't seen easily even if you look for it. Nothing to worry about as the keyboard is still as fantastic as it used to be.. :)

iGo Stowaway unboxing video here:

Friday, October 19, 2007

Sierra UnboKSing!

This here is the unboxing ceremony of the Sierra Bluetooth Keyboard sent to me by iGo - the makers of the original Stowaway portable keyboard.

I jus love that gleaming mettalic body work, don't you?!

See the review here:

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Mobility's iGo BlueTooth StowAway Keyboard

Guess what? It's finally been announced by Mobility Electronics! The company that produces the iGo line of portable chargers had released the iGo Stowaway Bluetooth Keyboard and in a few days they'll be sending it to me for a review.. This keyboard is a full sized keyboard that folds up into a form that will fit in a shirt pocket and yet duplicates a regular keyboard when opened. It is the same keyboard as the older USB model by ThinkOutside yet loses the cable in favor of Bluetooth. The keyboard is $129.99 and according to the iGo website is in stock and ready to unfold near you.

See the review here:

iGo Stowaway unboxing video here:

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Device Status of your phone

Nokia Device Status is a self-diagnosis tool that allows you to collect detailed system information both from your PC and your S60 device. Your current device configuration and phone settings are presented in a detailed summary, which you can use to determine the exact cause, if you run into problems.

With Nokia Device Status, you can save all the collected information to a file, and you can send the file to customer care services for closer inspection and analysis.

Collected data from your PC includes:

●Operating system
●Language of the operating system vs. that of Nokia PC Suite
●Version of Nokia PC Suite currently installed on your PC
●Drivers required to connect your phone to your PC
●Local time zone
●Log files created by Nokia PC Suite
●Regional and language settings

Collected data from your phone includes:

●Device model
●IMEI code of the phone
●Device memory and any available memory card
●Profiles and themes used on the phone
●Locations used to store data on the phone

After installation, you can access the application both from your phone and from your PC.

DownLoad it HeRe.

Courtesy DailyMobile.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Snap iT!

You just got yourself a new hi megapixel camera cell phone and now you can't get close enough to your subject to get a good pic..or worse you don't know how to use the camera to the mAX!!

Don't worry.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and gurls, dudes and dudettes, I present to you a page wherein you'll find a solution to almost every camera problem. Check it out! :)

Exploiting your Imaging camera cell Phone to the max!

Ever been in the dilemma when you think that the Excellent Camera Phone that you have is of no good in your hands?? When you thought that a good cam in the hands of an unprofessional is useless??? Fear not 'cuz Symbian Freaks Photography Expert Bigley Ling has some advise for you, and i for one vouch that it's excellent! Check out the pics in this blog especially of the n93 and the Vaja cases and you'll see what i mean ;)..So what are you waiting for?? Get over here and turn yourself into the photographer that your phone wants you to be!!

Read it Here!

The View Finder Grid
The view finder grid has been added to the N95 camera phone since the firmware update v20, and adds a 3x3 grid overlay on the live camera image while lining up a photo (when turned on)..but what is it actually for? There is a good reason for including it, which simple people like me never saw.The grid is used as a tool for framing your shots - In photography there's a Rule of Thirds for framing a picture before you click it, ie: positioning elements of the image in the photograph.
Basically, photographs look better if the subject is positioned a third or 2/3 of the way from the top and bottom of the shot rather than in the center - which always tends to have the look of a mug shot!

Maximum Zoo0OM!

Mobile phones with cameras are proving to be immensely useful for many purposes, mainly because they have the advantage of always being with you. If you feel that you need a phone that can make use of a zoom camera when you need it then you just have got to read this post!!

But if 6x zoom ain't enough for you..well then...check this one out - it's a mean gadget from Brando and is bound to turn your eyes(literally) 'cuz it ain't just a lens, it's a telescope!..see it here!

Read about 6x Here!
Read about 7x18 Here!!

Monday, October 8, 2007

N95-2 aka N95 8 GB Manual

What's the next alternate to getting an N95 8GB for test drive?? Checking out it's manual ofcourse!! And that's just what Phat Trance of DailyMobile has done.

He has got a manual giving in detail the many uses and naunces of the N95 8GB version..and being a very nice guy he's posted it over at his blog for everyone to share, it'll make do until we get a personal meeting with the N95-2.these code-names make me feel like i'm talking 'bout a spy!!

You can download the manual over from Phat's blog by clicking over ->here<-.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

N95 gets 6X LeNS !

Mobile phones with cameras are proving to be immensely useful for many purposes, mainly because they have the advantage of always being with you.

Sadly, the companies sell u phones with a 3.MPcam now and put-of the 7 MPfor next year, eventhough they could bring it out now if they wanted to. Accordingly, cameras with high quality optics are still rare and optical zoom lenses on cameras are even rarer.The N95 has a hi-res 5MP cam-but with no optical power while the n93i has the optical lens but powered by just a paltry 3.2MP sensor.

So if you’re one of those people who would like to have a 6X optical zoom on your mobile and would gladly pay big bucks for it, here’s one that will do the job for just US$19(excl. of shipping). It has a manual zoom and focus but as you can see from the images , it works very well, particularly at that price.

Shown here, is the kit and a N95 with the lens installed. For ordering you could visit their site HeRe. More personal reviews will be posted if i get to review the product.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Exploiting your Imaging Phone to the max!

Ever been in the dilema when you think that the Excellent Camera Phone that you have is of no good in your hands?? When you thought that a good cam in the hands of an unproffesional is useless???

Fear not 'cuz Symbian Freaks Photography Expert Bigley Ling has some advise for you, and i for one vouch that it's excellent! Check out the pics in this blog especially of the n93 and the Vaja cases and you'll see what i mean ;)..

So what are you waiting for?? Get over here and turn yourself into the photographer that your phone wants you to be!!

Read it Here!

Courtesy Symbian-Freak.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

95 vs 93i - The NSeries ShowDown!

N93i is a N-Gage 2 enabled and is great for gaming because of it's ergonomics (I mean the button orientation and build). As it is we know that the N93i is capable to run the major games like "Creatures of the Deep" and especially "One Who's Next", but we also know that One Who's Next require to use the both hands and it runs in landscape mode. So the N93i is the great multimedia comp for the N-gage 2 platform.

But unlike the N95, the N93i doesn't have:

1) Built in GPS Navigator
2) HSDPA support
3) 5 Megapixel camera

4) 3,5 mm jack
5) and a load of small features that the N95 has, like the FP1 for instance.

On the other hand we have the N95 which is a great multimedia computer as well. In terms of technology the N95 is way better and much more functional and smarter that N93/N93i, but the major problem with this device is its ergonomics. I mean the button orientation which makes it's difficult to play on. But it does have GPS and HSDPA and lots of other things.Personally if I think for myself I would buy the N95 hoping it will support the N-Gage 2 experience in full, by that I mean if it will run the One Who's Next game and other great upcoming games for N-gage 2 service in the Landscape mode. But I can't yet imagine how to play this games on N95, no actually I can but it will be hard with the number pad closed when I activate the landscape mode. Maybe I'll have to use a keyboard to play these games after connecting the phone to the TV. Then it'll be like a gaming console..Cool!! And guess what guys, i just got a message from Mobility Intl. that they'll be sending in one of their iGo Blueooth StowAway Keyboards for a test drive!! YeaH!!!

and did i tell you that the
N95 is based on the great OMAP 2420 chipset with PowerVR enavbled and it's capable to run 3D games just like that?? learn more about it here.
Right now I'm happy blending these two into my life using the best of both.. :D in the poll on the left will ya?

Nokia Spices up the Nokia Video Center

Hye, it's more good news for us guys as Nokia teams up a host of companies such as Cnn,IBN,Jamba, Sony Pictures, Roof top comedy,ROK and others..givin us access to videos on the Go! Provided you have a 3G connection ;)

This new feature will give us access to a load of videos from these companies with the single press of a button making life simpler for all of us. Now you'll be able to while away time just like that..but make sure yuor in range of a good 3g network k..!

Read the rest here.

Courtesy DailyMobile.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Nokia’s BH-604 Bluetooth stereo ‘phones are two months from hitting the market, but CrunchGear was lucky enough to receive a pair of sample models. I’m a firm believer that Bluetooth headsets/earbuds are the most ridiculous looking gadget anyone can wear around, but Nokia’s DJ-like headphones have me painting a different picture after the week I’ve spent with them. Was I impressed? Yes. Was I disappointed? Yes. Huh? It was a good disappointment, so keep your pants on.. and so goes the review...

Read it in full over here.

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