Sunday, May 3, 2009

Nokia N97 is gonna kill itself, if the iPhone doesn't do it first

Everyone says the Nokia N97 will kill the iPhone, i say that is impossible !
B'cuz, The N97 will kill itself first !!
- Nostradamus style Prediction by Dilin Anand

Lots of reasons for my above prediction besides the fact that i saw the omen. The omen came in the form of info that the N97 carries a Single CPU, 434 MHz ARM11 when the N95 I have has Dual 332 MHz Texas Instruments OMAP 2420. A weak brain on such a powerful phone makes it have more brawn than brain. And this is besides the fact that:
  • The n97 is way costlier than the iPhone.
  • The iPhone is way sexier than the N97.
  • The plethora of mechanical parts on the N97 makes it highly damage prone.
A tilt slider and qwerty keyboard is enough headache - why they couldn't even manage a good dual slider on the N95 !

Well, till is not multi touch, and till its the same Symbain S60, it's not killing the iPhone. [basically, till they get a capacitive touch screen, they can't come close to iPhone's experience]

iPhone users are a different bunch of people, iPhone is cool! and N97 doesn't seem to be that cool even in the demo videos.

Even if they had a faster processor, it'd just do what it does a bit quicker. That doesn't help it to take on the iphone's 'style'.

Functionally speaking? No good phone needs to kill the iPhone.
- as said by SLK at team-bhp forums

Face it; the N97 is going down !!!! Aaargh !! =>> Or will it ?? <<=

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Anonymous said...

how come nokia puts up newer models to beat the same old iPhone ?

Anonymous said...

Dude, seriously. Please tell me you were drunk when you wrote this utter nonsense!

Anonymous said...

There are many valid points in this post. The N97 should have been out around the holidays (winter). The next iPhone firmware will address some of bigger complains people have about the device. Add to this the Apple AppStore, which currently has no serious competition. If Apple does indeed release new hardware this summer with updated CPU/storage/camera/screen - it will be a big uh oh for many cell phone manufacturers out there. Granted, hardcore keyboard fanatics will stay away from the iPhone, so will fanboys of every other category. Who knows, we shall find out in July.

DiLin Anand said...

@anonymous 1: Nokia is putting up new models to compete against upgraded iphones.. the latest being the iPhone 3G.
@anonymous 2: Nope I wasn't drunk - i like to stay in control of my senses : )
Could you point out what you disagree with ?

DiLin Anand said...

@anonymous 3: Thanks for your comment buddy - you could have your left your name though i'd have loved to discuss this topic some more. Come July and we'll have a full blown discussion on this.
Cheers !

Dave said...

Hey Dilin
I too agree with most of your ideas N97 was just brought up to make the competition without taking some seriousness into their head..I see some salient points and the phone could be reviewed once its launched in July..Thanks Dilin...Would like you to continue to bring out the reviews and stuff...Speak out the truth !! Thanks

DiLin Anand said...

It really is a boost when someone shows appreciation. Thanks Dave.

As much as I'd like to review the n97 myself, I don't think Nokia's going to give it to me..haha !

..wish they would though...

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