Saturday, January 23, 2010

S60v5: TouchCalc Lite

TouchCalc is developed specially for touchscreen devices. Large keys make
entering computations easy, and various input assistance features make
accessing the wide library of supported functions easier. Nokia N97/N97
mini users also can use a keyboard optimised view.

Formulas and terms can be entered into the program as they are written
in the real world – for TouchCalc, 5+5*5 is 30 and not 50.

Five memory banks allow you to store and retrieve results of
calculations with but two clicks. Of course, their values are persisted
even on power-off.

Finally, TouchCalc Lite contains a high-performance graphing engine
which can plot each and every function supported by TouchCalc in blazing
speed and amazing clarity. Ever wondered how a sine looks? TouchCalc

TouchCalc Lite can be purchased for 3 Euros via the Ovi Store
(; a version for Sony Ericsson‘s
phones will be made available in the near future.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Nokia N900: Handmade Leather protection

Note: click on the image to view hi-res

The latest case to arrive in time for being reviewed with the n900 is the PDair hand made leather case. Coming in back with pretty white stitching it sure seems to be the preppiest looking case in town. The leather is extra soft and oh soo soft to the touch. From the pic at the right you can see how the light bounces of the contours of the case.

Compared with the Noreve Rouge Red case that i checked out and posted here earlier, the PDair case has a more cosy and softer feel for the leather. But the plastic sheet covering the keyboard really did turn me off. But a lot of people have said that they don't really mind the plastic. You can view the leather quality from the 2 pics above by opening them in hi-res.
All in all, a really good case. Only if i didn't have to deal with that tacky plastic covered keyboard..
add Leather Case for Nokia N900 - Flip Type (Black) to cart

Sunday, January 17, 2010

How to solve the N900 USB problem

To get rid of the problem where removing the usb charger also tears out the usb port from the nokia n900.

If you see the microUSB patent page you'll notice that the latches have been designed to induce high extraction forces. This is what causes the usb port on the n900 to tear of it's hinges.

Equipment Required:
Fine File.
Your micro USB cable - both the charger and the data cable versions should be taken care of.

The method is simple. 
  1. Just take the file and place it on the latches over the micro USB cable.
  2. Make sure that the file is horizontally placed.
  3.  Then you can start filing slowly and surely.
  4. After filing away those latches you should be able to pull out the microUSB from it's slot on the n900 with relative ease.

Have fun !!!!

Nokia n900: Leather Protection

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Nokia n900: Beginners (Noob) Checklist

Once a noob gets his hands on a n900 he's gonna get stumped for a short while. Once that feeling moves over you can check out the list given below to start exploring your device.

  • So you managed to boot your device into Maemo. First thing is to make sure you have enough juice left in your battery. Ideally try to keep it above 22%.
  • When you plug in your charger be real careful! Or you could end up like this. Scary isn't it?
  • If you're from India, you might want to change your network to 3G from 2G to save on battery life.
  • If you're using 2G you also might want to be carefull when you browse so that you son't go over the data plan limits. I learnt it the hard way. There is an app in Maemo select that helps you with managing data transfer.
  • Go get a hard case for your n900 lest you drop it.
  • You can change themes from settings and you can cchange wallpapers for all 4 screens by tapping once on the homescreen and then tapping the round sprocket button that pops up on the top right corner. Then tap on Change Background from the options available.
  • Learn basic scripting on debian. You could start with this tutorial.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Nokia e72: Bugged

The Nokia e72 sure isn't bug free. The latest one to cross horns with
me being with the Themes inbuilt into the phone. If you put a
slideshow for the wallpaper all goes until you change the mode from
Business mode to Personal or vice versa. A change in mode removes the
current wallpaper and we have to wait for the cycle to restart. Not

Another bug that I encountered recently is with the email app. I
didn't get this bug to show up on my device but some users have said
that they find the email account registration to work in personal mode
even though it failed in business mode. Fluke?

Oh and Nokia Messaging, it still isn't responding to my login. Bummer.

Lets just hope the next firmware update takes care of these minor
albeit frustrating problems out of the phone. If they don't i'll just
chuck this handset into a river.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Nokia x6: Opinions collection

From browsing through numerous forums I've collected the following opinions along the way:

  • 32 GB Mass Memory
  • Scratch Proof Front screen
  • Capacitive screen
  • 5800 upgrade ->therefore it has to be good
  • Great looking front
  • access to free music
  • good desktop syncing software
  • takes decent photos.

  • 500 pounds is too costly (overpriced garbage)
  • Capacitive screen (again) lacks handwriting recognition?
  • Back end styling is below par
  • Sluggish at times
  • not the most user-friendly phone
  • Ovi Store still needs improvement
  • tinny call quality;average sound quality.

Tasting a piece of windows 7

Best way to test and experiment Windows 7 is to install it as virtual machine which frees Dual Boot as well as you can instantly switch between 2 OSs or simultaneously operate Windows 7 (Guest) and Windows XP (Host). After successfully installing Windows 7 on windows XP using Vmware Player.
Since most the people are installing Windows 7 in a real hardware, a DVD should be burned from the downloaded ISO image. You will need a DVD Burner, a DVD burning software and a blank DVD-R or DVD-RW to prepare the installation disk. I used a Sony single layer DVD-R as media and used Nero 8 as the DVD burning software. But for those who don't have Nero installed, CDBurnerXP is a free Alternative. You can read a more detailed tutorial about setting up windows 7 here.

Before you think about installing and playing around with Windows 7 it would be a nice idea to check if your systems supports it. You can view the system recq. here at Windows 7 System Requirements and instalation.

N900: Gaming

Now this is something nice:

So what is SEO

Search engines are the key to finding specific information on the vast expanse of our World Wide Web(WWW). Without sophisticated search engines like google, it would be virtually impossible to locate anything on the Web without knowing a specific URL. But do you know how search engines work? Any idea?

When people use the term search engine in relation to the Web, they are usually referring to the google search engine. But technically it refers to the actual search forms that searches through databases of HTML documents, initially gathered by a spider.
There are basically 3 types of search engines:
  • Those that are powered by robots (called crawlers; ants or spiders)
  • Those that are powered by human submissions
  • Those that are a hybrid of the two.
The most respected of these are human submissions such as those found on business web directory

 Some funny stuff attributed to page rank and Google bombing:

1. Worst Band in the World search results bring up the Christian rock band Creed. This is attributed to the common SEO tactic “GoogleBombing” in which lots of incoming links are marked with the specific keyphrase in the anchor text. While I find it to be funny (and oh so very true), it isn’t a “mistake” at all. Check the Wikipedia entry for more GoogleBombs.
2. The Answer to Life The Universe and Everything brings up the Google Calculator answer as 42. This is an intentional reference to “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.” Read more in the Wikipedia entry. Those Google folk sure do have a quirky sense of humor.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Game: Cricket T20

This one is for all the iPhones out there, have fun y'all !!

The game enables the players to slash and slide across the screen and play the favorite cricket shots. It also offers real life player animation with the game based in Durban. Using your fingers, you can play the favorite cricket shots with gesture controls.

Cricket t20 fever Lite
Cricket t20 Fever Full version

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy new year

Happy new year to all readers of symbianoasis.. Woaaaaaaaaa!

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