Friday, May 2, 2008

The N880 Unleashed!

Shown here is the N880 smartphone in all it's glory. Retailing for a 100$ in India, this must be the cheapest smartphone you can get, Check out the specs, it's really interesting - especially the one concerning the speakers..

  • 1.3 MegaPixel Webcam
  • 2.6" super TFT touch screen
  • Built in Flash MP4 and hi-fi mp3 player
  • Smart Hand text input
  • 5 speakers
  • external cars slot
  • USB disk function
  • 64 chord polyphonic ring tones
  • Video and audio recording
  • 3D games
I love the part about the 5 speakers :D Maybe this is what they mean by a speaker phone?~!

Please do try to live with the N95 video that dominates the latter half of the video.. i just couldn't control it! ;)

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Anonymous said...
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berto said...
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berto said...

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star_fire said...

It's just a knockoff, I've seen a similar model, it has nothing in common with the smartphones as we know them, the half of the functions described on the box are not present in the phone, it looses signal even it cities with 3G and so on.. Don't make the mistake to buy one. You won't get a similar smartphone for under 300$ so better be safe than sorry
A. Bozhkov

Anonymous said...

I have the first phone shown in the video a i want to know how to unlock it to at&t service.

DiLin Anand said...

I don't think it's still legal to own these so called "china phones". There's some duplicability about their IMEIs that have made it the scorn of law enforcement officials. You can still use it as a media player though..

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