Monday, March 31, 2008

N95 Kaliedoscope

Nokia N95 is now available in 3 new colors, White, red and blue. But it seems that the new colors is only available in Japan by the provider “SoftBank” :( Lets hope that it doesn’t take to long before the new colors is available world wide :). Check out the covers over here too at another post from dailymobile.

More pictures available at DailyMobile.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Sony Ericsson Games

Available for the K700i/ v800/ W800 and any other cell phone supporting the 176x220 J2ME gaming platform.

Some of the games are:

* Minesweeper
* Bomberman 3D
* FIFA , Germany
* Lemmings
* Pixudoku
* Sonic the Hedgehog, part 1
* Sonic the Hedgehog, part 2
*Star Wars, Imperial Ace
* Townsmen 4
* Gun Fever
* Tetris Mania
* V-Rally 3D
* Vijay Singh, Pro Golf
* Virtua Tennis

Download Code:

Sony Ericsson Themes

The GR88 Pack(192 themes):
It Contains:

3D Skeleton
Blue Water
Buffy Green
Calvin Kelin
CloudStrife III
Elisha Cuthbert
FinalFantasy VII
Jackass The Movie
Jessica Alba
Liverpool FC
LongHorn UI Bliss
Matrix Lyn Dark Code
Owen England
Real Madrid
World of Warcraft
Worms 3D
Ying Yang
and much more ...

Download at

Pack 22:

Another pack of 22 supercool themes for you:

These are the other URLS to great themes for your sony ericsson!

If these aren't enough
you can make your phone look completely different from the rest. The “Themes Creator” is now official and supports all Sony Ericsson phones that support themes (except P900, of course).
Sony Ericsson Themes Creator is a software that helps you to personalize your mobile phone.
With a bit of work and creativity, you can make your phone look completely different from the rest, since you can change almost everything you see on the screen (except font face, some icons…).


Animated Sea Themes

Ancient egypt Themes

Compatible themes for Sony Ericsson K850i, W980 and all Kseries and walkman series phones.

Babi: Aurora theme

 The Babi Gallery

Facebook Theme for Symbian Phones

Themes Central




Quaking on an s60 v3

Quake II for symbian s60v3 is now available online, both software and hardware renderers in the same package. Also N95-1 users can only use the software renderer as the OpenGL renderer will need more memory than it has. N95-2/3/4 users are able to run it in hardware render. Needles to say, that you still need to update to firmware v20 in order to play even with the software renderer as v20 has much better free RAM at any given time.

Currently the keys are mapped as follows when ingame, in console you should be able to type by multitapping:
LSK = return / jump
RSK = esc
Joystick = forward, back, left, right, fire
* = look around (with joystick)
# = sidestep
c = change weapon
green answer key = center view
volume up/down = look around/sidestep

Everything is a hot key to shoot! Or you could just use a
bluetooth keyboard..


quake2_v100_armv6_fpu.sisx - Quake2 engine (requires floating point unit and ~25-30 megabytes of free RAM, includes builtin support for following mods: ctf, xatrix and rogue)
quake2_v100_src.7z - Source code for Quake II
q2_changelog.txt - Changes since previous versions

Friday, March 28, 2008

Currencies – mobile currency converter with real time exchange rates

Symbian Guru released the new software Currencies – mobile currencies converter with real time exchange rates from the Central Bank and your own currencies rates set manually.

Currencies gets real time exchange rates from European Central Bank directly to your mobile. You only have to activate the GPRS connection.There are two types of currencies: the predefined list of most used world currencies and list of your own currencies, which rates you can set manually. You can set the exchange rates of your currency to one of the main currencies and to save it.

There is an auto refresh option available: you can update all the rates instantly by pressing the menu Option – Update rates.

Currency conversion is made easily: you just set the initial and final currency as well as amount. There is unlimited amount of currencies that you may convert with Currencies application. The result you will receive immediately after entering the initial data.

Key Features:

• Real time exchange rates data

All data overview with one click on your mobile

• Ability to add your own currencies as well as their rates

• Ability to convert unlimited amount of currenciesMore info as well as pdf user manual for

Currencies can be found on

Thursday, March 27, 2008

16gb microSD - now that's mass storage!

John has hooked us up with live photos showing the N95, E51, Sony Ericcson, and E90, all rocking the upcoming 16GB microSDHC card from Sandisk. The card was announced earlier this year with much hype. The card should also work in the upcoming handsets as well as in our N95s and N82s - support could hopefully along with the next majr FW update.

Sadly the 16GB MicroSDHC card from Sandisk is not expected to be commercially available until later this year, though you can already pick up an 8GB for under $80. Sadly for the N95 8GB user they won't be able to make use of any improements in the microSD technology since they don't have support for it, but Nokia has given the Nokia N96 best of both worlds - 16Gb onboard memory as well as an expandable microSD slot. WHat more could you ask for?1!

N95 gets yet another FW update!

After much waiting it seems Nokia has at last given the Nokia N95 its Flash Lite 3/Web runtime firmware update. Ofcourse we alrady got the utility wares for seeing youtube videos through alternate updates, atleast it's Betterlate than never. It's nowhere near as huge an update as the v20 which introduced demand paging and transformed the performance of the device turning the lowly N95 into as powerfull a machine as the N95 8GB especially with the 16 GB microSD that has since been released. The v21.0.016 is still a major firmware and well worth installing, but i wouldn't recommend it if you are fed up of the Backup&Restore formality.

What's new for v21.0.016 (over and above v20 firmware):

  • Flash Lite 3 is included, so Flash video sites will work, including YouTube (just as on the N95 8GB v15 firmware from a couple of months ago)
  • The Web runtime is included, meaning that standalone widgets are now possible
  • Greater Bluetooth headset compatibility
  • Better handling of entering lots of text into web page dialogs
  • Speedier Gallery in every way
  • Faster Java runtime, so Java apps start faster
  • plus the usual miscellaneous bug fixes and tweaks, no doubt!

Ofcourse they still haven't included the full app of the NGage service, so I guess we ain't going to see it in the near future(even though release had been slated for X'mas '07).

More details and screens at

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Ghoulish views on an N95

Get a load of this!
It seems some of the ghouls over at
Tech from the Deep have a taken a fancy to theN95 processing power of late and they seem to have had a great time blogging about it too!

It’s not everyday that you get to see techy things and gadget stuff from a ghouls perspective. Makes for a nice read, being that it’s given from a different perspective - if you know what I mean

As they say:

Darkest tech/gadget news as well as deadliest computer stuff - overclocking,tweaking,etc brought to you by our very own ghouls...[evil laugh]

Go here to read about Nokia’s Multi-Headed Computer

S60 3rd Edition FP2?!!

The s60 3rd Feature Pack 2 seems to be the next best OS available for SmartPhones of the like of the Nokia NSeries - that is phones that are packed with multiple processors, stand alone graphic processors and huge amounts of RAM (128 in the case of the N95-2). With Feature Pack 2 you get features in your phone that were until recently available only through expensive 3rd Party software. Moreover it increases the User Interface of the phone making it more efficient and usable.

First of all, with FP2, the MultiTasking ability of the phone has been more concentrated upon which I believe will make it more competitive against other mobile OS and also bridging the gap between SmartPhone and Computer(which Nokia seems to love doing..remember "This is what Computers have become!"). From FP2 onwards the Multi Tasking Menu can be activated from the options menu as well. Before, this was possible only by an extended press on the menu button.

More intuitive UI has been another priority ofS60 3rd Edition Feature Pack with the addition of a labeled middle softkey, for more work with less clicks. Another UI update is the Active Idle Toolbar, which now also has a option for being Vertically placed. This results in better screen space utilization for the active app.

The Messaging application is much more smarter than before. You just select create a message and bearer
(SMS,MMS,Email) is selected automatically. If the final message has only text, it's SMS. If there are other media components included to message, such as pictures or video, message type is MMS. Small, but it's nice.

Functions that until now were available only through 3rd Party Software which have been built-in into the OS now are as follows:

  1. There is RSS/Atom feed support so selected news feed can scroll on the bottom of the idle screen. This is similar to the Nokia Gallery's scroller.
  2. FSCaller's full screen caller image has now been included as a built-in feature. This makes caller identification easier. Besides it looks cooler!
  3. Personal pictures can be used to personalize your theme. There is a neat slideshow screensaver.,which allows you to select your favorite pics from the gallery. Also the wallpaper has similar slideshow functionality. I don't remember the name of the app that used to support this.
  4. Users of S60 are very aware of BestProfiles in which you can set time limits and alarms for your profiles to change. This also has been embedded into FP2, you can set a timer for profiles, so the phone for silent for one hour and then it goes back to general profile automatically. Very use full.
  5. Web Browsers are the most used application in S60, as browsing is extremely popular and everyone loves to download media files. Currently if you download a music or video file, you have to wait until file is completely downloaded and only then can you open and play it. FP2 supports progressive downloading from browser which allows for instant playback during downloading. Sort of like streaming links. I've never seen these features, especially the streaming download, in a SmartPhone app before! It's more like it was brought from the DAP software for Windows!!
  6. As if that wasn't enough Downloading function has also other improvements. When for example a mp3 is downloaded, you'll get a "Save as" option so it's easy to set it as ringing tone. And if it's a picture download you can set it as wallpaper straight away. Cool eH? :)
All these features make for a great mobile computing experience, I only hope they bundle in a high capacity battery along as well - high power apps such as these will have little mileage when it comes to battery consumption!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Nokia sets up design studio in Brazil

Nokia it seems,has opened a satellite design studio in Rio de Janeiro reflecting the increasing impact Latin American style and culture is expected to have on the future design of mobile devices and services. Based at the Design School of UniverCidade, it will bring together Nokia designers, students and established local designers to explore new trends and ideas that will influence products for the Latin American and global markets.

Nokia's Chief Designer,Alastair Curtis, said,
"Brazil is an incredibly vibrant and diverse place and one that is constantly transforming and developing itself in new ways. This makes it a perfect place to inspire designers. It also has a wealth of emerging new design talent that will play a key role in shaping many of the global design trends we will see in the next few years. Combining the experience of our global design team with the local creativity and perspective of the students is a very exciting and creative way to explore new ideas in this important market for Nokia."
This could maybe lead to a whole new design element coming to Nokia's wardrobe - we could perhaps expect some radical designs such as those seen one the 7610 and it' kind...


Saturday, March 15, 2008

Paid Upgrade to S60 v3 fp 2 ?

Do you think they should have a paid Upgrade to S60 v3 fp 2 ? The Nokia N95 Blog investigates balancing the need for Nokia to turn up huge profits on one hand and giving better customer satisfaction. Personally I think they need to take care of customer satisfaction a bit more than their current ways. But of course I've heard that most of their huge profits are re-invested back into the fight to get out the best handset yet, and with recent times the fight has grown, with the new slew of phones from SonyEricson and Motorola.
Read the whole article here at

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

N95 gets a better slider upgrade

As I've posted over here before, I have been a victim of the dumb N95 slider from the time I'd bought it, and even though I'd sent it in to Nokia numerous times, they still couldn't find a cure for it. But last week after I'd sent it in, they were finally able to set it right and now i have an almost perfect rock-solid slider. And as shown above the slider mechanism sure is new! If they'd done this earlier there would lots more happy N95ers out here..
Photo from SymbianWorld.

N78 User Manual

It seems that the User Manual for the N78 has already arrived ahead of the phone's release. Incase any of you would be N78ers wanna check out the manual and get a sneak peek of the experience that the N78 packs download the manual now - it's in English!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Mining for lost SMS messages?

If you by chance happened to delete your messages, and feel like reading them again, then here's what Kishore from says you gotta do:

To do this you need to have FExplorer on your Nokia Phone. (or click on the link)

  1. Open FExplorer.
  2. Select drive C: or D: depending on the memory in which the SMS messages have been saved.
  3. In my case I selected C: , Then open "system" folder. Then in the "system" folder open "mail" folder. Then in this folder u will see different folders (eg 0010001_s) and certain files (eg 00100000). These files are the actually messages.
  4. Browse through each folder and chack for the file till u get the one that you are looking for.( a very tiring process..Zzzzzzzzzz)
  5. For opening the files don't choose options>file>open as it will show format not supported rather choose options>file>hex/text viewer. By selecting the "Hex/ text viewer" you ll be able to open and read the deleted SMS message.
Have a great time mining though your collections! ;)

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

BT Guard v.2.0 for Series 60.3 released: secures your phone from unauthorized access

Symbian Guru released the update version of BT Guard software– the security software which helps to protect the phone from unauthorized access viaBluetooth. Now the application has Active Connection Guard build in, so you will not be bothered when using a BT Headset, but the app will turn your BTOff when you stop using it.BT Guard changes your Bluetooth status automatically, making your phone invulnerable and saves your battery life. BT Guard changes Bluetooth statusautomatically according to your settings. When it is time to change your Bluetooth status the application can ask you for confirmation to turn it invisible or off.Also if you are receiving or sending some data you can set the software in that way that it will not bother you.More info as well as pdf user manual for BT Guard can be found on

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