Monday, November 30, 2009

Nokia X6 Review: TechRadar

 Techradar has published a neat review about the Nokia X6. Now the X6 is Nokia's latest Music flagship phone heading the new X-Series line of handsets. It also has the title of only being available as Comes With Music. And it sports a capacitive touchscreen, a first for the Finnish Manufacturer.

Read More from TechRadar.

Image from TechRadar.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Symbian Guru: PhoneGuard Updated

The software is now fully compatible with Symbian Series 60.5
Phone Guardian locks the phone automatically, after SIM change and on
receiving of the lock SMS. Phone unlock is possible only knowing the right
application password.
Phone Guardian is a great mobile anti-theft and phone tracking software.
Phone Guardian allows phone and thief tracking. All information about the
phone position is sent via Info SMS with useful information. The Info-SMS
contains always the current SIM card and phone number, as well as Cell ID
and GPS coordinates which allows territorial tracking of the mobile. For
battery saving the network based GPS is available.

Blogging ..

Recession is here and someone has to make some money. The internet is currently the best goldmine out here, and with all the new mobile internet devices available the internet is the marketing medium everyone needs. The only problem is that it's hard work rounding up bloggers. That's when i found this way to advertise on blogs. It's cheap, effective and might help me get my hands on a Nokia X6 or a Motorola Droid sometime soon. I just hope Google's Android gets some good blogging app - it would be a killer to a get a qwerty keyboard and a blogging app in the same open source OSd phone. Of course sponsored blogging isn't as easy at it seems.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

E-Motiv System

There's a new headset on the loose that can detect:
  • Conscious thoughts (Cognitiv suite)
  • Emotions (Affectiv suite)
  • Facial expressions (Expressiv suite)
  • Head rotation (angular velocity)
Set this up with new mobile technology and we could have better User interface systems than the plain old touch that we're using now.

To read more, check out the post on Emotiv System at Xtremelectronix. There's an E-Motiv video here as well.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Symbian Guru Competition! Get 3 free Apps !!

Hey all ! Symbian Guru is organising a competition and winners get a full version of their latest app, SpeedDial+ absolutely free !

To enter the competition, you just have to send in your views about the new Nokia N900. The winning posts will be published here with credit to the original writer.

So send in your posts guys, and let's see who wins ! You can add them in as comments in the form below.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Samsung Bada Phone in the making?

Got this pic of a prospective Samsung Bada phone from James' post over at Reghardware. In my honest opinion, it has too much of concept written all over it. By the time it comes out it might look like just another touch-screen. Let's see..

Friday, November 13, 2009

Samsungs Bada platform - an overview

Samsung bada is a new open platform that enables a richer user experience in applications on Samsung mobile devices. This is their answer to Google's Android, Symbian and Maemo. But will it live up to give a fight ?

 Samsung bada includes a next generation UI framework with feature sets and design elements that facilitate leading-edge user interfaces for every bada application. It seems that Bada is different from smartphones as they said that they were aiming to bring "exclusive smartphone experiences available to everyone".
Consumer demand for service-based applications is growing. Samsung bada includes integrated support for service-oriented features to enable the development of connected applications. Samsung bada developers can implement various service features in applications without the high learning curve required by previous platforms. This would be a definite boon for new programmers.
Samsung bada encourages the integration of common experiences and functions across application. Extensible core functions include a dialer, messaging, and address book, which applications can freely use.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Symbian Software: SpeedDial+

SpeedDial+ is a Software that allows to program different keypad number button combinations to perform different actions on the mobile. Version 1.0 SpeedDial+ is compatible with Series 60 v3 Symbian smartphones, Symbian OS 9.1, 9.2, 9.3.

SpeedDial+ application allows creating number button combinations with the
help of which you can easily open apps, make phone calls or
send SMS to a desired recipient using a single key combination. You may
create as many combinations as your phone allows. The number of these
combinations is virtually unlimited. Ofcourse you have to remember them all =)

Download the software here!

Keypoint Technologies Free Dictionary Release

KeyPoint Technologies (UK) Ltd (KPT) has released a Beta Version of Adaptxt predictive text software for Nokia S60 Smartphones that includes a SEE2009 professional dictionary.  The SEE2009 dictionary gives visitors to the show predictive text with Symbian related predictions: mobile IT and telecoms acronyms, industry terminology, location information and Symbian show related words are stored in the Adaptxt Personal Dictionary enabling predictions that are highly relevant for users sending messages at the show.

About Adaptxt® 

Adaptxt® is intelligent language software which is embedded into smartphones.  Adaptxt software components include a Language Engine which learns the unique writing style of the user, a dynamic Personal Dictionary which stores the user’s personal words and context the Adaptxt Think Ahead™ UI which suggests apposite words in advance so the user can select entire words (as opposed to typing them) to maximise keystrokes reduction.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Was it a hoax ?

Was the "n900 shipping started" a hoax ? Seems so when you look at
TomH s post at WOM World..
"Along with news that the N900 has started shipping today (as reported
by almost everyone on twitter and assorted pages)..."
Don't you sense something emanating from those lines that tells you
"it's just a rumour guys" ..

Sorry about the unclickable link, but technical reasons keep me from
using the rich text editor here.

Nokia N900: In a week ?

The Nokia n900 has been confirmed to start shipping pretty soon - most
probably in a week. As usual the Indian subcontinent has been left out
of the initial release. Bummer.
The N900 it seems is Nokia answer to the iPhone - with a keyboard
tucked in for good measure. This device is more of a portable computer
than a mobile phone and it takes the nSeries line further in it's
array of phones featuring cutting edge technology.
1GB of RAM and an uber cool ARM Cortex A8 processor takes on any
number crunching that comes it's way. The DSP is clocked at 430 Mhz..
And add to that the OPEN Gl 2.0 graphics. This phone has got serious
Wow factor dudes!
Oh and did i tell that it ships with my favorite browser preinstalled,
the Mozilla kind =)

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Opera Mobile 10 beta: Verdict

First Glance:
This is just opera mini 5 beta with a different name and packing 10
times the size. Mini had been somewhere around 400kB in size but the
Opera mobile 10 comes in at around 4MB. Most of the transition need
have been refined. But sadly i still haven't been able to fine the
synchronise button.
Upon trying to load orkut on my Nokia N95 i was bombarded with alerts
of Low memory even though the Opera browser was the only active app.
And orkut didn't load either. Later i tried it in the turbo mode with
images off and things seemed better until the 3rd page when i started
to run out of memory again.
Compared to the mini, data transfer rates are huge even with the Turbo
feature on. And in my experience, this has resulted in a sharp fall in
Final verdict: It sucks. Doesn't even come near in providing a good
web experience.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Ovi is now Nokias favorite kid

With the ringing of the death bells for Nokias failed nGage platform
it seems all concentration has focussed upon Nokia's Ovi store. Most
of the nGage functions will also be seen on the Ovi store including
possible new games probably showing up there.
Another new feature announced is the option to redownload premium
content that you had already bought earlier. This makes restoring apps
onto the phone easier in case your backup ceased to exist.
Wonder if the Ovi store accepts PayPal ..

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Vodafone India offers reduced call rate

"Hello! Recharge with 96 and enjoy all Local & National Calls and SMS
at 50p flat for 365 days. For details call Vodafone Customer care at
I think this is a better offer than the paisa billing offer of 1p per second.
Dial 123 (TollFree) to find out all about Value Added Services. Get
info on Callertunes, SMS BonusCards, Alerts and lots more. You can
also subscribe to any Value added services from there.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Free App: Opera Mobile 10 beta

Opera Mobile 10 beta has been released for all, for Free! This is the
first time that Opera Mobile has been released for free, it's probably
due to the beta tag which means some bugs are still waiting to jump on
you from within the browser.
Download it free from here:
There are some pretty new features in this version of the Opera
browser. The best is the upgrade of Operas servers a new months back
coupled with the new rendering engine on the new Opera providing a
performance increase of almost 50%. The interface has also got a
revamp and is much smarter now. Check it out for yourself !

Ngage dies out yet again

Just like last time, Ngage one of the most widely hyped service from
Nokia is gonna be terminated just like it's predecessor the nGage
gaming cell phone. Both were highly hyped products that just lost all
their appeal upon arriving at the market. Guess just having a cool
name doesn't mean the products gonna win, does it ?

Vodafone India offers Second billing

Recharge for Rs.64 Today. Enjoy Unlimited Vodafone Calls (Local & STD)
@ 1 Paise / Sec + ALL Other Calls (Local & STD) @ 1.2 Paise / Sec for
1 Year.Call 121.
That would be the first Vodafone swipe against DoCoMo. But i like
Vodafone's 50p per minute offer far better than this.. It's much more
profitable for longer calls of 5 mins or longer.

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