Sunday, May 31, 2009

Nokia N97 User Guide

nokia n97 user guide 300x273 Download Nokia N97 User Guide NowNokia N97
And so the N97 Users Manual is out, that's the first phase of confirming that the N97 will be out on it's intended date without any delays. If you're a prospective future N97 user you might want to check out the pages of wisdom listed in this manual.

View N97 User Manual Here

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Free Themes Bumper Post : Nokia N Series

Download Nothing can change theme here !
Superman theme:Download Superman theme for Nseries here !

The White theme : Download White theme.

Home plans and your symbian phone

When you look for the house of your dreams, it can be a very discouraging task. Building your own home could be the experience of a lifetime. To invest your life savings in it and every brick that is laid with cement and mortar, you might have the luck to see your dream home taking shape before your eyes. To make your home a pleasure to look and live, you need good house plans that considers not only the way your house looks, but also addresses the practical needs. You may need a balcony for drying clothes. Or you may have a space to park two wheels. The right plan will cover all special needs and help build the best home in your budget. And in today's techy world, carrying around all those blue prints can be a very..uhm.. out of style way to carry them. But with the popularity of the symbian smart phones that have made their way to everyones hearts and pockets, the problem of carrying around the blueprint has just vanished. For example you could use any of the various CAD viewer apps available to carry your blueprints in your pocket. With zooming, paning and all other features available things have just gotten a whole lot easier, smarter and stylish. Like when you use the n97 for instance =) Depending on your style you could order your engineer to build you luxury house plans or more cosy cottage house plans. Whatever you do, don't forget to invite me in !

Friday, May 29, 2009

Notch up the resoloution of your Java games

I love gaming on my phone, great way to kill time and some bad guys. Java games are easily installable on every kind of phones and so I keep a couple of them on my microSD, but one drawback they have is the resolution problem. So I rummaged around the www and ended up with this neat little trick to get higher resoloution java games for free.

And Here it is, follow the steps below:
  1. Open a *.jar file in WinRar and than open file "" from folder "META-INF".
  2. Than write the code in the following steps.
  3. Nokia-MIDlet-Original-Display-Size: 176,208
  4. Nokia-MIDlet-Target-Display-Size: 352,416
  5. First line indicates Original resolution.
  6. Second one is your phone resolution.
  7. Save and run it. Works fine for all devices.
  8. By doing this trick you can play games with any resolution on your mobile.
Have fun fellas !

Note: Use this at your own risk!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Transformer Phone Video

The video of yesterdays transformer:

I saw this video, now you gotta see it as well:

Sprint is going green!

Yea, Sprint is going green with their new Sprint cell phone accessories. These accessories include two new cell-phone carrying cases made from 100 % recycled plastic water bottles and the Solio Mono Hybrid charger.

This Sprint charger lets it's user save energy from either the sun or electrical socket, offering to recharge their handset wherever you are. A huge amount of post-consumer recycled paperboard packaging is used to make these cell phone accessories. The Solio charger is accessorized with a large rechargeable Lithium –ion battery. This can be charged using the bundled USB cable and AC Travel Charger as well by solar energy.

The Sprint cell phone accessories are made from 100% recycled plastic water bottles. They are available in two colours and sizes namely large in saga green and small in rust.

Ralph Reid, vice president of Corporate Social Responsibility for Sprint commented:
“Sprint customers will continue to see more eco-friendly options, whether through our products and services or our business practices. Sprint’s eco-friendly products will help consumers conserve natural resources and reduce their carbon footprint. In addition, our new green-themed website offers more tips on how consumers can help the environment with easy steps, such as recycling old phones.”

Sprint Nextel to Offer Palm Pre Nationwide on June 6
Sprint Nextel today announced pricing and nationwide availability for the highly anticipated Palm® PreTM phone, offered exclusively from Sprint. Palm Pre will be available nationwide on June 6 in Sprint stores, Best Buy, Radio Shack, select Wal-Mart stores and online at for $199.99 with a two-year service agreement and after a $100 mail-in rebate.
View the News Release

Search for the N : Clue 1

In the search for the N, Clue number one seems to be. .. ... .... drums rolling .. : s60 5th edition .

Could small mobile screens damage the eye ?

I've been using cell phones for suite some time now especially since I'm in the hostel and there's no other way for some entertainment. And recently and i had to get my eyes tested after they started watering bug time. I ended up with a prescription for presbyopia. I'm not cent percent sure, but i think the small nokia screens of the past did their part as well. Now i hate having to walk around with glasses, it makes me look nerdy - my face doesn't go along well with specs, not to mention the problems if i have a game of football. So i decided to get my self a pair of contact lenses. I googled it and came with a whole variety of them all kinds of builds, % water content, special technologies etc. I in no way want to risk my eyes so i decided to go for a reputable company and most of the content i read led me to Bausch & Lomb. They offer a product called PureVision lenses which are soft contact lenses made of balafilcon A, a silicone hydrogel material that contains 36% water. Now i know where all our frshwater is going to. This lens material provides oxygen to your eyes and is supposed to be surface treated to wet with your tears. My presbyopia recquires me to wear multifocal contact lenses. They provide a free trial pair of lenses so I've submitted the application form at their site. But i don't think I'll still be able to ignore my precious phone, small screen and all.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Transformer Phone (not n93i)

Nokia released the n93i with transformer themed marketing, but look whose here - an autobot?

So now you can have these cool cellbots ! Yea that's what i'll call them. A cell phone that could transform into a robot. Compact, small, and lightweight at only 100 g. Micro USB port is available as well. The features on this phone aren't great or even noteworthy but the way it can be transformed makes it an engineering marvel. A definite collective for the Transformer fan. There's a video of this coming up tomorrow.

Another one is the previous rokr below from Motorola.


More photos of this Motorola ROKR E6 Transformers phone at Gear Fuse.

Hats-of to Motorola for the design !

Get your free Screen Saver Symbian s60

If you feel the Need for Speed or the itch for illegal street car racing, then this screen saver will make your day ! Of course you gotta make sure that you have a Symbian s60 device at home.

Download the selected item from this location.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ubiquitous Wi-Fi

Ubiquitous Wi-Fi: Imagine a future in which wireless connectivity is everywhere. Wi-Fi using applications and gadgets in which information processing has been thoroughly integrated into everyday objects and activities. In the course of ordinary activities, someone "using" ubiquitous computing engages many computational devices and systems simultaneously, and may not necessarily even be aware that they are doing so.

Wi-Fi connects your computers, printers, refrigerators, home entertainment systems, burglar alarms, and more. But it's not quite here yet: We do have the Nseries range of phones with built-in Wi-Fi but some of these applications are still the province of bleeding-edge people for whom technology is a hobby. These people want the latest and greatest, which is why we have n96 owners flocking to the Nokia Flagship store when the n97s get released. They want to have it first, and are willing to go to great lengths to be the first on their block with the new technology toys.
Bearing today's reality in mind, i found an article that takes a look at the Wi-Fi home of tomorrow from two perspectives:

  • What Wi-Fi applications can you use and enjoy today?
  • A little further out on the curve, how is Wi-Fi likely to shape our lives tomorrow?
  • Wi-Fi and home entertainment systems
  • Wi-Fi in the kitchen
All these questions and more are answered here with a good explanation on wifi gadgets.

Nokias advertising

Nokia's marketing/public realtions strategy, WOM world uses a whole blog-cum-site idea to improve marketing of their multimedia-phones and communication services by word of mouth, hence the name WOM. There's another marketing strategy that is kind of popular right now - using blog posts to review the products that the company has to sell. PayingPost for instance allows the company to advertise on blogs. You can add your blogs at the My Blogs page and then move on to take the opportunities. By using these techniques, Nokia could, for instance, cover up any mistakes or bad publicity that they might have got by using their network of bloggers to provide a postitive image to the company. Like in the Information Security crisis sceanrio for instance.

The good news is that PayingPost allows us bloggers to make some money out of blogging - turning blogging into something like a paid hobby. It's very nice isn't it ? But only so long as you stick to your topic and stop spamming or posting on totally unrelated topics. Doing any such thing could take you onto Google's penalty pages.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Get your free Theme : s60 v5 or n97

That's right we've got a theme hear for the s60 v5 phones - such as the Nokia n97. It's a beautiful theme showing the ripples floating over the seas.. dreamy ...
Creator of this theme : Sauromatum

Get the theme here : Free Download !

Bookmark us for more free themes !

Console games are gonna be massacred ! and that includes you nGage

If someone launches virtual reality games will consoles die off ?

Steven Spielberg think so.

He tells the Guardian in this podcast that the 3-D revolution will soon do for gaming what it's doing for film - transform an industry. "I really think virtual reality, which experimentally came and went in the eighties, is going to be redeveloped, just like 3D is being redeveloped today," he says, "and that's going to be the new platform for our gaming future." He must think so. He's the guy who moved to direct Games instead of films and is now working at EA on Project LMNO.

Of course, many of us remember how bad the VR games from the 80s and 90s turned out (Dactyl Nightmare, anyone?). And there were plenty of people back then who thought VR would be the next big thing. It wasn't. Why? Because the games sucked. The risk here is the breathless embrace of a new technology. VR is meaningless without a compelling game to drive it. It's still so far away from adoption that we'd be better off focused on improving, say, iPhone games in the meantime. Or perhaps building PayPal support into nGage.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Symbian S60 v3 : Little known ways to make the most of it

Guess there's more to a Series 60 V3 phone than meets the eye.
Only recently did I come to know about the great alarm feature
and a way to disconnect GPRS instantly on our Nokia N95, the N95 8 Gb and the n95 NAM.

The Alarm Feature

You can put up numerous alarms on the phone simultaneously, each of
which can be scheduled to ring-up on working days, week days, or only on certain days of the week - practically whenever you feel like it. The previous Symbian versions
required certain 3rd party apps for these functions to be used,
really sad considering that we're talking about smart phones here. The S60 3rd Edition phone also has another feature worth noting: The alarm will wake you up even if the phone's been
switched off!
What's more, it will even ask you whether it can switch
itself on now that you are awake so that it can continue to help you
around..such a helpful dude huh? :) Of course with the v31 firmware we have some alarm bugs, but it's still notable nevertheless.

Fast Disconnect

The GPRS connection can be hung up just as you disconnect regular
voice calls by pressing the Hang-Up button for 2 secs. Upon doing this
it will ask for a confirmation - it comes in handy when you're
entering areas wherein the data charges are sky high, or for any other
reason that you can think of.

If you guys have uncovered something else that you'd like other people
to know feel free to comment about
it here.
Don't forget to check out the Xploit TiPs Here!

If these are not enough for the nerd in you then go ahead and hack into your smartphone.

Have fun !!!

Get a free Theme : Symbian s60 v3

A theme of a gift for our visitors, it's an Aiswarya Rai theme this time. These themes are for the Symbian s60 v3 phones like the Nokia N95 etc.

Download the selected item from this location.

Nokia 5800 test drive - comes with music

A test drive on the 5800 - it came with music.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Infecting a mobile - is it tougher?

Why haven't smartphones like the Nokia N97 or N95 been overrun by a avalanche of worms and viruses like PCs have ? According to researchers at NorthEastern University, in Boston, these phones have been safe because no single cell phone operating system has achieved a big enough market share for a major virus outbreak to occur.

But with the way Symbian S60 smartphones fly of the shelves that could change pretty soon. Anonymous call data from 6.2 million mobile phone subscribers have been used to simulate the epidemiology of a virus outbreak. Like flu and SARS, bluetooth viruses spread slowly, through close physical proximity(bluetooth range). On the other hand, viruses embedded in multimedia messages such as tantalizing picture messages spread much more rapidly but are usually confined to groups of connected people(colleagues, friends) who share the same kind of phone. Problem is, with Bluetooth 3.0 coming about, things could get mighty messy.

how about the caribbean ?

So are you planning to go on a caribbean vacation? If you are, you might want to pay a visit to the portal as well as to the Carribean Mobile Providers page so that you can set-up your telephony while there in advance - i don't want you running about without your phone =) They seem to be a nice lot who'll help you setup your vacation in no-time. I'm really impressed by their all inclusive vacations because they really do give you a peace of mind - something you'll be looking forward to while holidaying. Breezes also have pretty all inclusive resorts and their site is elegantly designed so they do look like they know what they're doing.

And to get you in the mood I'm giving you a free Pirates Of The Caribbean theme for you Nokia phone. Happy Holidays !

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Nokia brushed some aluminium for the 6600i

After unveiling 3 new cheap phones for emerging markets yesterday , Nokia today announced the Nokia 6600i, am thinking it's the successor to the 600 Slide. Styling is cool, it's got a 5MP cam with flash, and brushed metal design as well. I love those. Especially in silver.

It's got this neat hidden external display with the outer face equipped with touch technology, enabling you to simply tap it to bring the external screen to life or snooze alerts and silence or reject incoming calls.

Standard Nokia goodies include 3G, FM Radio ,Stereo Headset, 1 GB Memory Card - can be upped to 16GB.

The phone will be available in two colors, silver and black. But I'll go for silver since there's a brushed finish.

The 5 megapixel cams design seems to understate it's power. No wonder they've written it beside.

The Great Apple iPhone 3.0 Preview - may not be so

On March 17, Apple presented the blueprint for iPhone OS 3.0, the next version of the world’s most advanced mobile platform. Apple Inc. states that "the Most Advanced Mobile OS" is "Now even More Advanced". They were obviously referring to the iPhones OS eh ? Most Advanced for an OS that didn't have:
  1. MMS.
  2. Bulk SMS sending.
  3. Open bluetooth sending.
  4. Phone Search option.
  5. Edit (the nokia pencil).
  6. No A2DP.
  7. No Adobe Flash.
No MMS on the multimedia phone ! And Steve calls that Advanced ? Crazy.
At the Apple site, they've even posted an "
Advance preview of 100 new features" with 5 special features highlighted. Guess what they are ?

  • Search your iPhone
  • Cut, copy, and paste
  • Send photos, contacts, audio files, and location via MMS
  • Read and compose email and text messages in landscape
those are updates for the Most Advanced OS. yea rite !!!

Apple Push Notification in iPhone 3.0

Apple this week enlisted the services of the Associated Press and called upon many of its iPhone developers to help stress test its new Push Notification service slated for delivery in iPhone 3.0.
The test application, which requires iPhone OS 3.0 beta 5, will be active over the next week and will then expire. During that time, "AP will be sending a high-volume of real news alerts" to give Apple an opportunity to monitor how well the system works and what optimizations can be made.Planned for last fall, Apple's Push Notification system was delayed after the company underestimated the demand third parties would make of the system. After realizing its original design would not adequately serve the needs of developers or users, Apple pulled the plug and returned to the proverbial drawing board to create a supportable system that was up to the task of serving alerts to the audience of tens of millions of iPhone and iPod touch users.

XMPP, pubsub and push notifications

Apple's new iPhone 3.0 push notification system is believed to use the same technology as its push notification system for MobileMe and that planned for Mac OS X Snow Leopard Server. In addition to powering basic Jabber instant messaging in products like GoogleTalk and Apple's iChat and iChat Server, the XMPP specification also supports pubsub (publish and subscribe), a feature that enables XMPP clients to post XML data to a Jabber server, and then allows other client systems to subscribe to the node and receive a notification whenever the data changes. This powerful feature enables all sorts of applications, and Apple's apparent use of it to power everything from application alerts on the iPhone to email, calendar, and contact changes in its MobileMe cloud services and its server product only hints at the future possibilities and potential of the technology.

Courtesy Apple Insider

Get rid of "No Satellite Found" once and for all !

And yet again the N95s GPS gave up on me. Damn it. But it did make me find this cool article, so i guess all's well. I should remind you that mods will nullify the Guarantee of your phone, ha, who cares?! This mod will effectively let you increase the rang of your GPS reciever even to the extend of making it usable with the slide closed. How it's done is explained below.

Note: For Dismantling instructions check the previous post.

I was slightly concerned when I first thought about it but as soon as I get the idea of taking something apart to see how it works or maybe doing some sort of mod, the item becomes like Pandora's Box. At best it's only a matter of days before I go ahead and do it, in this case, it took me about 4 minutes before I got the screwdrivers out

If you do take it apart, one tip I'd give is that make sure the PCB is aligned properly when you put it back together and you sufficiently tighten the top 2 silver screws. I didn't tighten them enough and the board moved slightly, which gave me terrible phone reception. Wiggled the board, tightened the screws and it was fine again.

I also soldered a 9 inch piece of copper wire to the main PCB (onto that gold isolated junction near the bottom left) and routed it around the case avoiding any metal bits. The GPS reception is definitely better, no noticeable effect on battery life, and the original case fits back on almost perfectly (the wire I used was a touch on the thick side.)

That's how I routed the wire around. No need to have the keypad on display anymore to get a good GPS signal either. The side that the copper wire runs up, there is a tiny tiny bulge in that side of the case. Not noticeable unless you know to look for it so a slightly thinner wire might be preferred.

Say bye to those annoying "No Satellite Found" !

Courtesy Akira181

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Lazy guys way to dismantle an N95 8GB

I'm lazy and this is how i dismantled my phone. And hence this is the Lazy guys way to dismantle the N95 8GB. Any questions ?

Removing the black Fascia:
To remove it, take out the battery and slide the screen up so the keypad is exposed. On the side that has the camera and volume buttons, just pry the case off from that edge. No tools are required and it should come off fairly easily. Don't slide it too much though, because there are some sticky spots on the inner lining case of the case and if they lose they're stickiness you'll end up with a creaky body.

Bisecting the Phone
Next remove the 4 silver screws with a T7 screwdriver and the phone should come in half, as shown below.

Gently remove the screen ribbon connecting the two halves together. May take a little bit of force. The number pad is lift able, revealing 2 black screws. Those can be removed with a T7 screwdriver as well.

If you want to remove the PCB board as well, it will be easier to remove the brown ribbon cable and lift the camera unit out, shown below.

Same parts again but turned over.

Now that you have dismantled your Nokia N95 8GB, wait for the next post to enhance your GPS reception.

Don't forget to subscribe ! It's on the right bar =>

Courtesy NoeMan.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

n97s touch experience is .. sad

One thing I noticed from the video is how bad the touch experience of the N97 is. You might have noticed how Julien had to repeatedly repeat his gestures at different points. What this does is that it reinforces what I'd said before, the weak processor is really starting to show in those transition effects. Know what, I've never seen a finished Nokia product that gives you a great experience - something that the iPhone is laden with. If you've used an iPhone, you'll notice how smooth everything is -the transition, response, everything. That is what gives good user experience. It's gotta be felt.

Of course Nokia could not afford to perfect every phone they release, unlike Apple which does 1 phone a year Nokia releases a load full of them. It's like the blogger who works on one quality post a week vs the guy who publishes post after post of news articles or picture posts hoping to hit on linkbait. But perfecting a flagship phone could not be that mundane a task can it ? We'll know what Nokia's upto when they finally do release it in June.

I still wouldn't mind getting the Nokia N97 though..

I heard that Nokia India is giving exclusive previews ‘before launch’ till the June 21st. So that means launch is after June 21st eh. Nokia ?

All Nokia 5800 come with defects?!

Mobile-Reivew have been looking into the situation around the faulty earpiece on the Nokia 5800 and analyzing feedback from the users since early December. For me this work was exciting from several perspectives – for one, I was able to find a connection between warranty claims and certain usage patterns, as well as put together a thorough picture of various types of defects (both hardware and software) present in this phone. We are not going to cover the 5800 XpressMusic’s software issues, though, as they are fairly easy to rectify with a new firmware version, whereas its hardware flaws require the user to return the phone for repair, so they are a lot more crucial. Also, we won’t touch upon the statistics on warranty claims and issues of this nature – rather, we’d like to tell you more about the design flaws in the Nokia 5800 and also the real scope of the problem.

Before we start I want to note that since December we have torn apart over ten retail units of the Nokia 5800 – basically, we put them through a whole array of tests and experiments, in an effort to find out what the reason of breakdowns was. While one could argue whether we have tested enough phones to make any sort of competent conclusion, we have reached the point when we are no longer eager to spend money on these experiments, as no matter how many phones we try, the end result is always the same. The same defect manifests itself under similar circumstances in all units without exception, including those that were fixed by Nokia’s authorized service centers.

The main problem that many users complain about is the top right corner of the casing that tends to loosen up with time, and, supposedly, causes the earpiece to give up the ghost or, at very least start making creaking noises and spontaneously changing its volume while in a call.
Apparently, it stood to reason that we needed to investigate these two flaws as one, since a loose-fitting part of the casing probably made the earpiece slip several millimeters down from its original position. Skipping the details, I’d like to say that this approach has proven to be inadequate – these are two separate problems, because over the course of our experiments we ran into several phones that didn’t have any issues with their casings, however their earpieces were barely usable and vice versa.
The right corner of the phone tends to loosen up because of a slightly displaced screw. All in all, this design flaw is characteristic of most 5800 XM units. However, it’s rather an unpleasant feature, as the frame surrounding the earpiece doesn’t go anywhere, meaning that the abovementioned issue with the 5800’s casing has absolutely no effect on its earpiece performance (in that it doesn’t slip down or start to wobble in its slot).
With this in mind, we decided to focus on the problem with the 5800’s earpiece and here is what we have managed to find out.

Nokia 5800’s earpiece
The Nokia 5800's earpiece isn't soldered onto the contacts on the circuit board, rather it's pressed into the circuit board. In fact, the 5800 XpressMusic is not the only phone that employs this design, most other Nokia-branded phones do too. However, their percentage of failures isn’t nearly as substantial as that of the 5800 XpressMusic.
As a rule, you can get a malfunctioning earpiece to work simply by disassembling the phone and putting it back together, without touching the earpiece module at all. This method was stumbled upon by employees of Nokia's service center and in truth it made the situation even more perplexing, as we managed to bring one 5800 XpressMusic back to life in this manner.

This indicates that the problem probably lies in a thin oxide film that forms on contacts and breaks down whenever moved. Although the question remains as to why similarly designed earpieces found in other phones (like Nokia N85 and Nokia E71) don’t suffer from this effect as well? However it turns out that they do too, just like the Nokia 5800, but the number of failures is insignificant.

Through trial and error we learned the following:

How long the phone is going to work before its earpiece breaks down depends on various factors and has nothing to do with the defect of the top right corner of the casing;
All broken earpieces have knobby contact surfaces (we examined them with an electron microscope) as well as scuffs all over juncture points;

As a rule the 5800’s earpiece works for at least a month before giving up the ghost;
And now, here is what we found out during our experiments with several retail units of the Nokia 5800. We turned on one of them and put it in a drawer (it didn’t make or receive any calls, nor was it touched at all); then we used another 5800 XpressMusic as our main phone without any carrying cases, and we didn’t take any precautions either. The third unit was placed in a box with a relative air humidity of 65% (without condensate!!!), and we regularly made calls with it for 2 weeks (around 20 minutes a day). We didn’t do anything to the fourth unit, and for our reference sample we used the Nokia N85 (put in a box together with a separate earpiece module) and we also made/received calls with it.

The results were stunning to say the least. After two weeks in the box the third unit had all the symptoms of the earpiece problem (creaking noise and so on) as well as tiny furrows on its contacts (although it seemed they hadn’t changed, we didn’t have the tools to provide a more accurate assessment of this parameter or prove the presence of an oxide film). On the other hand, we didn’t experience any sound quality issues with the Nokia N85, furthermore, the earpiece that spent two weeks with it in one box didn’t show any signs of creaking noises either. So the conclusion is pretty simple – air humidity is the main reason behind the Nokia 5800’s earpiece problems, although 65% (the level we used in our tests) isn’t uncommon in many regions. Again, I should emphasize that there was no condensate in the box whatsoever; neither did we find it in the phone itself or any proof that it was there. The only part of the phone that got affected was the earpiece of a working 5800 XpressMusic, even though the Nokia N85, packing in the same earpiece type, came out of the box unharmed.

Nokia’s official response’s request for information about the defect was answered by Viktoria Eremina, Nokia's PR Director for Europe & Asia. Below is the full text of the letter:
All the faulty earpieces have been replaced with units produced by a different manufacturer, both those used in production models and those in the warehouses. I shall emphasize that we haven’t changed the model of the 5800 XpressMusic’s earpiece, but rather changed our supplier. It’s easy to prove since the new units look differently, which you can see in the following images.

Starting in late January all authorized service centers have been receiving packages with the new earpieces and any users who made warranty claims after that time shouldn’t experience the problem again.

It’s worth noting that the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic is one of our company’s top-priority products therefore its sales have been monitored by our Research & Development (R&D) division from day one, and as soon as we found out about this defect an official representative of Nokia’s R&D department visited Russia to study the issue on-site.

Recurring warranty claims mentioned in Mobile-Review’s article started with the first phones sold in the region, as back then we didn’t have a solution, and therefore all the faulty earpieces were exchanged for the same units, which were manufactured by our previous supplier. However, as we gained a greater understanding of what the real cause of the problem was it became obvious that a simple replacement couldn’t solve the issue. I can’t name the company that made these flawed speakers, but I can say that it’s a respected and world-renowned vendor whose quality standards could not be doubted. Unfortunately, nobody is immune to these sort of mistakes.

Also, it needs to be mentioned that with the scope of the problem and Nokia’s global operations in mind, the single month that we took to deal with this issue is a very short period of time given the problem. Naturally our record-breaking sales of this phone in December led to the fact that more consumers were ultimately affected, but we have put a lot of energy and resources into rectifying this defect and we believe that it no longer poses a problem.
Therefore, we would like to assure our clients that it’s safe to buy the 5800 XpressMusic. Furthermore, if you returned your phone for repair some time after the end of January you shouldn’t run into this flaw ever again, and if you have just encountered it with your phone bought in 2008 then you can claim for repair and have the earpiece changed for a new unit.

Courtesy Mobile-Reivew

n95 v31.0.017 - it's crap(pier) !

I've got to admit that I'm a sucker when it comes to firmware updates for my smartphones. I always hope to get them updates ASAP often even ending up changing my product code to get it earlier. And I ended up getting the crappy v31. Not only did the bloody update make me loose my cracked nGage gaming but it ended up getting immunity from HelloCarbide and friends. And then, just as i was getting over it comes up more bugs.. :
  • Time-Warp Problem
Switch off your phone before midnight and when you wake up the next day you've moved 2 whole days into the future ! Well not exactly, but the thing is the phone's date is wrong. For ex: 12.04.09 becomes 14.04.09 over the day.
  • The Pestering Wife Problem
Imagine you've got to wake up at 7AM on Sunday to go to your in-laws home, and you set-up an alarm on your phone; but then it's a Sunday ! So you deactivate the alarm. And then by Sunday evening if you re-activate the alarm to wake-up the next day it'll first go on to remind you that you had put an alarm for that morning and then it'll give you a ear-full of the alarm tone until you snooze or dip it in water.
  • Not an Audiophile
It doesn't do music playback during calls as seamlessly as it used to. In v31, if you play the music during a call when the ringtone (trin..trin) is heard then as soon as the recipient answers the call it'll pause itself and you have to play it again. Bad.

  • GPRS has it's own tone
Now whenever I use GPRS, there's a high frequency tone that comes up when the data transfer takes place. Don't know if it was there before, but it sure is irritating.

Monday, May 18, 2009

The Making of Zoozoo - Vodafone's mascots ?

If you've been watching the Indian Premier League games, you'd have already met Zoozoo - Vodafone's new Mascots. They are the cutest things yet to appear on advertising and I love their pretty antics. Shown below is the making of a Zoozoo episode:

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