Friday, November 30, 2007

iGo's Power Extender - a must for n95ers

Ever been in a fix when you thought that you have all the choicest gadgets in the world but not even one outlet to power them from?

Electricity,Gadgets everywhere,
But not an ampere to drink?

Fear not, because with the PowerXtender from iGo(the makers of the Sierra) you'll be able to charge any of your gadgets from anywhere with just a pair of AA batteries.
The good thing about the PowerXtender is that,like all things iGo, it's extremely portable. You won't have to set apart any space for it or for the powertips either..they are all compact. Speaking of power tips, they are available for almost any device and allows you to charge all of them from a single PowerXtender. If you're using one of iGo's wall outlets, you'll even be able to simultaneously charge many devices at once!
Costing around 16 bucks,it's a great deal for every N95 user or any other phone for that matter. In this highly mobile world of ours, going out of charge in the middle of the day can be scary.

Buy it

Below is a video of the powerXtender in use.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Orkut & N95 don't seem to pair

It seem that recently lots of N95ers who are also Orkutians are unable to enjoy them both at the same time. The reason: The Orut Scrapbook doesn't seem to load on the phone's browser anymore. And the problem doesn't lie with the GPRS connection or the browser itself. It lies with the N95, for when I used the same opera browser on an N93i it worked!

Waiting for the problem to be solved on the new firmware ended up as a waste of time. In the end though Orkut seems to be working to solve this problem on their own, perhaps they plan to roll back on their scrap book algorithm?

ShakeRacer - Shaking in Joy!

This is the best application that I've until now that uses the N95 accelerometer to the max!

Check it out people and give me your view.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

N95 - Get Lost?? How dare you?! ;)

I'd recently had a read of the Granny Buttons Blog by Andrew Denny where he's standing on the bad side of Nokia Maps with a slight problem from the GPS.. hmm..mind you it doesn't seem slight the way he's worded it!

ANyways it seems his n95 took him on a ride around the city. He says that it cussedly avoided the straight route, and in one case (No.2) it actually wanting him to drive away from the direction he wanted, cross a t-junction instead of turning left, and then going right round the neighbourhood and returning to exactly the place he set off! :D .., before going on his way again.

Andrew it's just your phone's way of showing you that it's bored sitting around the house all day doing nothing..must've been bored the poor chap! I'm planning to take mine on a trip on one of those one way highways soon, I'm sure he won't let me down. Pray for me!

P.S: If you update your phone with the new firmware I'm sure it will set things right.

N95 FirmwWare updated too! :D

Guys and gals, the v20 is out! And it brings with it a load of goodies for all n95ers to have! A glimpse at the change log was all it needed for me to almost loose my sanity. And then I did loose it, when I cancelled my 720 MB video download to make more bandwidth for my NSU to feast on :D!

This is the evergreen ChangeLog(this must be the most-used word among symbian bloggers):

1. New icon structure with addition of the N-Gage application and one free demo of fifa which can be played 10 times.
2. Search app has its own place in the active standby
3. Phone is much faster to operate and the real difference is seen in the boot time!(see it to believe it!)
4. Multimedia menu still the same but does not pop up on opening the slider in the opposite direction.
5. Free memory between 22-30 mb during normal usage.
6. Camera has NEW auto focus sound
7. Viewfinder grid added in the camera menu
8. VIDEO ringtones. Native support for video ringtones finally added.
9. Radio has a new icon.
10. Music player has a new icon for podcasts, alongwith a new Visualization called Circles, and also new buttons on the Screen for the audio controls.
11. Gallery opens really quick and (i think) it has a new animation in flipping pictures.
12. New real player.1
3. Same old flash lite 2.0, no youtube support.
14. Maps app revised but not gone out on the road to see how soon it locks.
15. Browser has slight changes.
16. Keypress bug GONE!
17. No out of memory messages yet.
18. Wi Fi somewhat cleverer in detecting connections around!
19. New menu added in videos, SET AS TONE
20. Fast switching between landscape and portrait mode.
21. DRASTIC decline in picture quality. I feel so.. Please report on it!
22. Using the VGA Video calling camera, the camera sound (2) does not play properly (sorry for listing the stupidest of things, but these come to mind)
23. Faster opening of Music Player.
24. Showing of Videos in the ringtones to choose for profiles, and the video playback on receiving the call is GOOD and quick but does not play in fullscreen in landscape mode.
25. New version of quickoffice.
26. Same old barcode reader and zip applications.
27. New icon for Radio and segregation of similar items in the Media Folder.
28. Addition of Utilities folder.
29. Better handling of calls, and no TALKBACK(echo) heard in speaker, as heard before, sometimes.

official Nokia announcement:

”This software version includes battery, stability & performance
improvements enabling you to run faster and longer - giving you up to three more
hours of music (up to 30% increase, from 9h to 12h of music playback). This
release also includes a new version of Nokia Maps which provides faster
positioning, faster Map Loader, and free 3-day navigation. Free N-Gage demo
games are included and other games are available via Download! With the Nokia
Music Store now live in the United Kingdom, users can enjoy the convenience of
instant over-the-air downloads, regardless of where they are.”

Now hopefully we can hope for some battery life improvement too! The Nokia Maps update is the same as earlier but the N-Gage demos are is a real hot spot! This firmware will definitely make the N95 the better phone and for once you can think twice about moving over to the N95 8 GB ;)

Change Log courtesy

Monday, November 26, 2007

N95 8 GB firmware - updated!

While the whole of the Symbian world is busy behind the proposed v21 N95 firmware Nokia's released an update for the N95 8GB. That's right, an update already, when the phone's not even started crawling yet! Whywould anyone get a toddler a car when his older brother's still waiting for his bike?

I mean the N95-3 was released just a few weeks ago! AAS thinks that it's probably just a quick bug fix and not a full fledged update - theN95 8GB's Internet browser did have some serious stability problemsthat users had been complaining about..some users are also hoping for a normal portrait screensaver to show up as well - seems they're fed up with the landscape one!

Click Here To Update Your N95 8GB

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

V21 for our N95-1!?

It's not a 21 valve engine but for all I know the new V21 Firmware update for the N95-1 is sure gonna rock..considering that Nokia is going to have to add lots of new stuff in the firmware like the Search, N-Gage and a solution to sinister key press bug. Not to mention about On Demand Paging and other features designed to bump up the performance! You know what this means?no?? We're gonna get a N95-1 with more RAM people!!

But the problem is that the firmware pic has been dates as 10th October! How come no one's got it still remains a mystery...:(

There lingers a doubt in my mind however, on whether the Demand Paging feature will make the phone slower upon everyday use. The pagingfeature actually stores bits of software data on RAM.When these data are moved to the main memory there would be more of a lag when the phone fetches the data - which happens when we open a app or run a game. After all there must have been a reason why the original designers decided to place it on the system RAM instead of on the main memory. Oh well,, let's just cross our fingers and hope for the best.
Have you heard of the recent rumours doing the rounds? the one about the total free RAM increasing to a good 30mb. If that's true then I wouldn't give a **** whether the phone's faster or slower... 30MB of free RAM 8-)
If you’re an owner of the N95 classic, you just got more reasons to hold on to your device than I'd provided before. After the screenshots tipped up yesterday, today Symbian Freak has the juicy details regarding this magical firmware that is not only supposed to bring things like Demand Paging, the new Search app introduced on the N76 and new folders and application including the N-Gage app. If that wasn’t enough the device’s free RAM jumps from 18-20Mb to almost a whopping 30Mb! No word if the new multimedia menu has made its way into the old faithful, chances are it will.

The Update is OUT!! read it here

Monday, November 19, 2007

Phone Guardian v.2.0 for S60 v3 released: more security and more thief tracking

Symbian Guru released the new version 2.0 of Phone Guardian – the security software which helps to protect the phone from theft and unauthorized access.

New version of Phone Guardian introduces security fixes of the previous version. Phone Guardian has got new SMS commands for instant thief tracking, full lock and turning on and off the siren. The software has been translated in to many languages. Also new security engine was introduced. This engine is invisible for the users, but it allows more easy functional security updates in the future.

Phone Guardian locks the phone automatically, after SIM change and on receiving of the lock SMS. Phone unlock is possible only using unlock SMS with right password or password entering in the application.

Phone Guardian allows phone and thief tracking using the SMS with useful information. The Info-SMS contains always the current SIM card and phone number, as well as Cell ID information which allows territorial tracking of the mobile.

Phone Guardian 2.0 has following new features:

1. New SMS commands:
- Full lock: helps you to lock the phone and emits the siren
- Turn On/Off of the Siren: turns the siren on and off remotely
- Info SMS: can be requested any time. It sends you info regarding your phone and location
2. Phone Guardian was translated into new languages, such as French; German; Spanish; Italian; Swedish; Danish; Norwegian; Finnish; Russian; Dutch; Polish; Latvian; Lithuanian; Ukrainian
3. The error with phone unlock after reboot was fixed
4. Uninstall now is possible only using the Phone Guardian password
5. New security engine was introduced which enables further extensions of the software in the near future.

Phone Guardian 2.0 is free for all existing users, and it really is worth the money!

N95 NAM ?? = Black, 1900MHz 3G !!

Released on Friday 21st September 2007, weighing 1.44lbs, this phone is most probably yet other US Edition . Because it's based on the N95 Classic and not the newer N95-3 it seems to have been largely ignored. It even uses the same old 950mA battery to go with it! The only major differences seem to be that it has a black back body and is also optimized to work with the North American Network - hence the name.
Find it faster and stay connected on the go with the Nokia N95 NAM. Built-in GPS mapping, location-based mobile search, and the Nokia Web Browser make it easy to navigate to virtually any destination.

View emails and attachments on the device, connect to any compatible PC, or even play stored media on your compatible TV or stereo via UPnP architecture. Store up to 2GB of sound with expandable memory, then listen the way you want. Stream your music wirelessly to your compatible headphones, home or car stereo, even use your favorite headphones or home stereo speakers.

The N95 NAM's camera has 5 mega pixels of clarity, featuring a 2.6" display and Carl Zeiss optics. Shoot in DVD-like quality video up to 30 frames per second. The Nokia N95 NAM is optimized for North American wireless networks.
The handset costs only $649.95 at MobilePlanet and usually ships in 5 days.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Only Dedicated case for N95 8GB

The dedicated carrying case for the Nokia N95 8GB – just open the case and slide :)

This stylish wallet covers and helps protect while giving you full access to all keys and functions on your N95 8GB. It's design is rather simplistic and seems to be a "sideways" model of the Original Nokia Case for the Classic N95 - while the N95 Classic case opens in a portrait form the 8GB case opens landscape.

When closed the holster is kept in place by a groove on the leather. Upon close inspection,it seems that the materials used are also the same as that of the Classic case - including leather and the material inside.

Selling at $26.95,the product usually ships within 6 days from Expansys if you're in the US. You can Buy it Here, though I'd suggest waiting out till Vaja brings out their version, their N95 Ivolouton Holster turned out to be a helluve winner in my review !

Saturday, November 10, 2007

10 reasons why the N95 Classic is better than the N95 8 GB

Steve Litchfield of the AAS has posted a very interesting article in which he states 10 reasons(actually 9!) as to why the N95 Classic is better than the N95 8GB. hey aren't exactly that great but still they do have a point..and it's a great post for people who've previously bought the N95 Classic and are now in fits of anger due to Nokia's sudden release of this sequel phone. Click here to read the post.

P.s: It did give me an air of relief; atleast there's somebody out there who thinks that a N95 isn't outdated!

1.5 Decades ago..

Forgotten Tech

Fifteen years ago tomorrow, ladies and gentlemen, Nokia launched the world's first commercially available GSM digital phone, the Nokia 1011, the model number coming from the launch date: 10 November 1992.

Nokia 1011
Nokia's 1011: GSM first

The 475g 1011 was rather heavier than today's slimline models. A lot of the weight came from the unit's nickel-cadmium rechargeable battery, which yielded a low - by today's standards - talk time of just 90 minutes. It could stay operational for 12 hours in stand-by mode.

The 195 x 60 x 45mm handset could hold 99 phone numbers and the names of their owners, any of which could be displayed on the 1011's two-line screen. There was no colour, no camera, no Bluetooth, no memory card slot and the handset had to have an extendible antenna. But it did introduce one innovation that phone owners now use without a second thought: text messaging.

However, the 1011 lacked that crucial component of all modern Nokia's: the infamous Nokia ringtone. This jingle wasn't introduced until 1994.

The 1011 wasn't the first GSM phone, either. That honour goes to the unnamed handset Nokia developed for Finland's Radiolinja network in 1991. The Finnish phone giant also supplied testing handsets that year for Hutchison's Orange in the UK, then in the process of building its network up from the Rabbit service launched a few years previously.

Nokia 1011


Development work on GSM - originally Groupe Sp├ęcial Mobile, later anglicised to Global System for Mobile communications - began ten years before the introduction of the Nokia 1011, in 1982. Five years, later 13 European nations agreed to mandate its use for their digital cellular networks.

The first version of the standard - dubbed 'Phase 1' - was completed in 1990, paving the way for the completion of the Radiolinja network, which had been initiated a year earlier, in 1989, and became operational in 1991.

However, unlike its predecessors, the 1011 was the first GSM phone to go into mass production. It operated in the 900MHz band, which had been adopted by UK networks Vodafone and Cellnet - now O2. Orange's phones operated in the 1800MHz band.

For all three, GPRS data services were way off in the future. Orange didn't launch its digital service commercially until 1994, the same year that Cellnet launched a digital network alongside its analogue service.

Nokia replaced the 1011 in 1994 with the 2100.

Courtesy RegisterHardware a.k.a reghardware.

Get hold of your bearings!

Y-Inclinometer by Dr. Jukka is a simple app that displays vehicle angle while off-roading or climbing a bridge, or while simply driving in India! Just fix your phone in a secure cradle andngle it so that it is perfectly upright in your vehicle. Then launch the app!

But make sure that you don’t lose your bearings and flip your vehicle while enjoying some off-road fun. And don’t do anything stupid like testing Y-Inclinometer’s readings to the limits - that could tilt things too much for your car to handle!!


P.S: After installation the app won't show in the regular application menu, it will be in a new folder named as "". Have fun!

Courtesy DiLiN's Symbia!

N95's accelerator put to good use

Check out this video of the N95 3d accelerator put to good use..through the moving ball app! This takes the N95 much more closer to the iPhone don't you think?!

Courtesy DiLiN's Symbia!

Friday, November 9, 2007

N95 vs N95 8GB

I've just got my hands on a video that showcases the differences between the classic N95 and the newer meaner 8GB edition of the same. After watching this video you'll be able to say for sure whether you really need to go for the newer phone just now or whether to wait out for the next revouloutionary pone from Nokia..

Thursday, November 8, 2007

N95 Undressed

This here is a video in which the N95 is stripped of all it's clothes..uhm..housings to showcase it's inner finer details..

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