Wednesday, October 3, 2007

95 vs 93i - The NSeries ShowDown!

N93i is a N-Gage 2 enabled and is great for gaming because of it's ergonomics (I mean the button orientation and build). As it is we know that the N93i is capable to run the major games like "Creatures of the Deep" and especially "One Who's Next", but we also know that One Who's Next require to use the both hands and it runs in landscape mode. So the N93i is the great multimedia comp for the N-gage 2 platform.

But unlike the N95, the N93i doesn't have:

1) Built in GPS Navigator
2) HSDPA support
3) 5 Megapixel camera

4) 3,5 mm jack
5) and a load of small features that the N95 has, like the FP1 for instance.

On the other hand we have the N95 which is a great multimedia computer as well. In terms of technology the N95 is way better and much more functional and smarter that N93/N93i, but the major problem with this device is its ergonomics. I mean the button orientation which makes it's difficult to play on. But it does have GPS and HSDPA and lots of other things.Personally if I think for myself I would buy the N95 hoping it will support the N-Gage 2 experience in full, by that I mean if it will run the One Who's Next game and other great upcoming games for N-gage 2 service in the Landscape mode. But I can't yet imagine how to play this games on N95, no actually I can but it will be hard with the number pad closed when I activate the landscape mode. Maybe I'll have to use a keyboard to play these games after connecting the phone to the TV. Then it'll be like a gaming console..Cool!! And guess what guys, i just got a message from Mobility Intl. that they'll be sending in one of their iGo Blueooth StowAway Keyboards for a test drive!! YeaH!!!

and did i tell you that the
N95 is based on the great OMAP 2420 chipset with PowerVR enavbled and it's capable to run 3D games just like that?? learn more about it here.
Right now I'm happy blending these two into my life using the best of both.. :D in the poll on the left will ya?

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Ray said...

great to see another indian blogging about symbian phones. Thaks for dropping by :)

DiLin Anand said...

ur welcome dude,, :)

swati said...

can u advice me as to wich phone is better..N93i or N95.i strongly desire to get one n93i bt evryone around says that it'l b problem in that so??

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