Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Android Casinos

Android has become one of the top mobile phone operating systems. Designed by Google, Android can be used by any mobile phone manufacturer which accounts for some of its versatility. Given the large number of Android users, it’s only natural that online casinos would want to tailor their platforms to be able to be functional on these devices. Many casinos exist that provide gaming for Android phones. As more and more online casinos delve into the mobile market Android will definitely be accommodated.

Everyday more and more online casinos provide an Android version of their site that goes online. This makes it possible for Android users to enjoy mobile gaming wherever they go. Android devices all come equipped with touchscreens that make mobile gaming even simpler than what was available for PC users at online casinos. This makes it much easier to place wagers on a game as well as simply play the game. Also, many Android phones provide large displays which make it easier to see what you’re doing.

In order to promote their online gaming these casinos do offer some special bonuses and promotions – check out http://www.gamingclub.com/mobile-casino

for a good show of this. Mobile users should take advantage of these perks as this is one of the many benefits to opt for virtual gaming rather than land based gaming. Android phone users will also find that they have more control over their gaming experience. They can choose how long their session will last, can also decide when they wish to play and where, and given this convenience mobile gaming is definitely the future of gaming.
The availability of certain casino games is increasing with each passing day. Despite this growing availability of games it seems that slot machines seem to be the most popular games accessed by Android phone users. Technology has made so many improvements that these can now be applied to provide a better online gaming experience.

Thursday, November 22, 2012


Hurray! We have just got a 1000+ likes on our Facebook page :D

Thanks a lot everybuddy!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

IPhone General Usage Tips

This article aims to give you a set of tips for your iPhone, that you can put to good use every day.

How to: Fix a Stuck or Hung Program

If you need to force a program to shut down because it’s unresponsive, you can hold down the Home button for six seconds. This should stop the program and force your phone back to the Home screen. If this doesn’t work, hold down the On/Off and Home buttons together until the phone turns off and the Apple logo shows up again. Let go, and when the phone finishes booting, you should be back to normal.

How to: Sync with Multiple Computers
If you regularly use more than one computer, you may have your music on one machine and your contacts on another; or you may have work contacts on your work computer and personal contacts on your personal computer. The solution to keeping all these things on your iPhone is simple. All you have to do is dock your iPhone with each computer, then check the sections (music, contacts) that you want to sync. You can choose music on one machine and contacts on another. Or, if you choose contacts on two or more machines, they will all be mixed together on your iPhone.

How to: Use Email with Your Computer and Your iPhone Simultaneously

If you’re checking email on both your iPhone and your desktop mail client, sometimes a message may show up only on your iPhone and not your desktop, or vice versa. To avoid this problem, you want to make sure your iPhone always leaves a copy of the email on the server when it’s accessed. Here’s what you do in the screen shown on Figure 14-2:

1. Open up the Settings application from the Home screen.
2. Tap Email.
3. Choose an email account.
4. Scroll down to the bottom and tap Advanced.
5. Tap the Delete from server option at the bottom and make sure it says Never.

By doing this, you can make sure that reading your email on the iPhone won’t affect your desktop email. You have to do the same thing on your desktop as well. Find your account information on your email client there and then set the option to either never delete messages from the server or delete messages when they’re moved from your Inbox. The second way ensures that you can still have two clients (your desktop and your iPhone) receive messages, but won’t have to redownload old messages when you’ve already removed them from the desktop.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Sync Contacts between Your iPhone and Your Computer

We had previously covered the basics of syncing, but this time we will dive into the intricate details of managing your contacts on your computer and then getting them onto your iPhone.

Setting Up Sync Options
Before you perform your first sync, you will have to set up when and how you’re going to do this on your iPhone and your computer.

Set Up Automatic/Manual Sync Options 
  1. To make iTunes automatically sync your iPhone whenever it’s connected to your computer, connect your iPhone, open iTunes, and go to the Summary tab. 
  2. Then check the option that says Automatically Sync When this iPhone is connected. 
  3. To prevent iTunes from automatically syncing, make sure this option shown in Figure 3-2, is unchecked. 
  4. If you want to ensure that no iphone are automatically synced to this computer, open up iTunes preferences and go to the iPhone tab. 
  5. Then, check the option that says Disable Automatic Syncing for All iPhone. 
  6. Since you need to now manually sync your iPhone, you will need to go to one of the tabs in iTunes that belongs to your iPhone (such as Summary, Info, Music, Photos, and so on) and click Sync when you want to sync.

Sync Contacts from Address Book on the Mac
For those of you not familiar with it, Address Book is the default contact management software for all Macs, and it comes pre-installed with every copy of OS X. If you want tight contact integration with other applications in OS X, this is the application you should use. Here’s an example of what we mean by tight integration. If you create a contact for your Mom and ad her picture to her contact picture section, whenever you receive an email from Mom, you’ll see the same picture of her in the top right corner of the message. Also, if you’re using iChat to talk to your mom, her icon will show up there as well. Naturally, your Mom’s picture will also appear on your iPhone whenever she calls you!

Create a New Contact 
Click File in the menu bar, and then click New Card. Or you can click the + button underneath the list of contacts. A new empty card will appear, as you see in Figure 3-3, and you can enter in details like their name, phone numbers, email address, postal address, job title, and the company they belong to. You can even customize the type of fields that show up in each contact card, so if you have no need to enter in information on people’s assistant’s names or the phonetic pronunciation of their names, you can remove those altogether. The good thing is that all the contact fields present in Address Book are supported in your iPhone. So everything you enter here will be visible in their contact entry on the iPhone as well. Once you’re finished entering in information, click the Edit button below your contact to finish editing. If you decide you want to add or change some details, click the Edit button again and resume editing.

N95 gets telescope add-on! and i get it too!!

I just posted the other day about a 6x lens for the n95 as part of my Snap iT! series..and I'd concluded by giving a hint about a personal review for that accessory. And Guess what?! The guys at Brando just sent me a brand new Generic Mobile Phone Telescope.
This Generic Mobile Phone Telescope with flexible adapter to mount 7x18 telescope. It can use on most of mobile phones or PDAs. With this telescope, you can zoom to focus distant objects clearly and to make a high quality photograph easily.
You'll notice that with the telescope fitted on the n95 it actually looks like something from a Hitman Game!

Unlike what I'd figured, setting up the phone was very easy. In minutes of receiving the phone I'd got it all set-up and ready to shoot! To give you all a good idea of how much Zoom we can squeeze out of this lens, I've put up a video over here. After all seeing is believing! Especially in this case!! (don't mind the clarity, it's due to the 3GP conversion)

The lens is of very good build and is excellent bang for buck - I mean at 22 bucks it really is a steal! And what's more, all products bought this season get free shipping as part of their annual offer. Zooming is really easy with the lens and focussing is just as simple - you needn't worry if the image isn't perfect, the in-built Auto-Focus of the phone will set it right.

Another thing that needs to be pointed out is that when under image mode you'll see a dark shadow touching the corners, but that is easily cropped using the phones editor. The video doesn't have this problem though as shown in this video.

The second video featured is how to set-up the lens onto the N95, a simple little job as it is.

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