Friday, February 29, 2008

iGo Everywhere - Power and charge!

They sent one of these to me...and I'm absolutely Loving iT!!
There are some really annoying things about traveling around with a load of the latest gadgets with you, but the worst thing is when one of your gadgets battery runs out or is so low that you have to switch it if just to save the battery in case you will need it in an emergency. ANd the worst part is that companies like Nokia take it that they have to manufacture almost everything related with mobiles - even Mobile computing,GPS,hi-res cams,etcetera but they don't have the time to design a decent battery!

Well iGo must have been listening to the all those tech-savvy die hard travelers for they have come up with the ultimate universal wall and auto adapter, this is every adapter that anyone will ever need whether you are in the car or in a hotel room, the only thing that you should need to do is change the end of the adapter(the power tip) suitable for the device that needs power, and that's it, simple but effective for mobile phones, blue tooth headsets, PDA’s, portable music players, portable games consoles and digital cameras, plus there may be a few more that may need some charging up.

Basically it is a single power cable that fits both the mains plug and the in-car cigarette lighter. You then buy the appropriate tips to match your gadget – be it a mobile, handheld games console, MP3 player, Bluetooth headset, or basically anything, with only a few exceptions. There’s even a Power Splitter available which let’s you charge two devices at the same time. Neat,eH?

igoThis product is so versatile that it's quite possible that all other chargers would become obsolete, as it's much easier to carry around one charger than a whole bag of different chargers and adapters for each device that you own.

This is an essential piece of travel kit, which can get the traveler out of a bit of bother if one of those essential gadgets runs low on power, the price for the set is only around £20 or $40 US. The whole lot of iGo Everywhere tools can be seen here.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Internet Radio v1.2

Listen to the world through internet radio. Explore the universe of mobile Internet radio. Browse hundreds of stations and find your favorite show. Listen to music and news from all over the world. Choose from a large variety of stations and shows, including news, sporting events and music. Browse for your favorite radio programs by genre, language, or country, or search by station name. Explore the most popular stations and stay in touch with the mobile Internet radio community. Nokia Internet Radio service is supported by both packet data and WLAN connections. Enhance your mobile device and your life with Nokia Internet Radio (Beta). Download and use the Nokia Internet Radio Player (Beta) application for free* and get started with music and news broadcasts. The following tips may be useful as you start using the Nokia Internet Radio Player (Beta). To best enjoy high-quality content, we recommend using the Nokia Internet Radio Player (Beta) with a WLAN access point. If you already know the name of a specific station, you can easily find that name using the "Search" option. Use "Station Directory" to discover new Internet radio stations, by choosing your favorite genre, country or language. Use the "Top stations" menu to find the most popular choices of other Nokia Internet Radio (Beta) users (Station Directory > Top stations). Use the "Settings" menu to configure the default Internet access point and the audio quality available for different data bearers (Options > Settings). Use "Help" to get extra instructions from the application main page (Options > Help). Setup of WLAN is not managed through the Nokia Internet Radio Player. Refer to your Nseries device user guide for instructions to set up WLAN access points. Supported devices: Nokia 6110 Navigator, N73, N75, N76, N77, N82, N91, N91 8GB, N93i, N95 and N95 8GB.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Expenses 2.0

SymbianGuru has updated its expense tracking software and released Expenses 2.0. The update has following new features implemented:-
Now application is password protected, and secures your expenses from unauthorised access

- The font and colour of the on screen reports became customizable
- User now can create own expenses categories, for sorting the expenses according to the needs
- Bug with big numbers import was fixed

Expenses for Series 60.3 organizes private and business expenses in quick and easy way. Comprehensible interface, quick but password protected access to
all expenses make Expenses to beloved tool for budget optimization.

Expenses 2.0 for Series 60 3rd edition track all kinds of expenses, create customized on-screen reports and export expenses records into CSV format for
MS Excel.

Expenses for Series 60.3 save your time and save your money, optimizing your budget. It is unbearable tool for home and business finance.

Key Features of Expenses 2.0 include:

1. Customizable list view of all your expenses, also with the personal notes
2. Secure password protection
3. Application options lets user personalize the main page view, report view, all used expenses types, currencies and payment methods
4. When recording a new expense, the most used expenses types will come first in the list to avoid much scrolling
5. Unlimited number of expenses categories can be created for keeping separately different expenses types
6. User can make a personal note to every expense
7. User can get the total of all expenses just with one click
8. Report on screen can be made, with custom data chosen for the certain period and fully customizable report view
9. Easy export MS Excel (universal CSV format)

Monday, February 18, 2008

Why Nokia? Why do you do this??

The N95 is indeed a great camera-phone. It has loads of great
features, 5MP sensor, 30fps video recording, auto-focus camera,
Carl-Zeiss lens, great color recreation, and a whole load of
customization features.

What it lacks is a Video Editor.

I know, I know, it does have one. But have you ever been able to use
it for editing one of those 5MP videos of yours? If yes you'll have
ended up face to face with the now famous slogan of the N95 -[b]
Memory full! Close some programs and try again.
And it flashes up even if you do close all programs, with the video
editor being the only open app. Neat little joke by Nokia huh? But i
think it sucks!
Why did they put in the video editor anyway?? I never understood why they did that..

Ah..and I think Nokia heard my complaints and responded to it
too..albeit in a sad kinda way.

It happened when they brought tout the N95 8GB. A phone that boasts of
128MB RAM, something that we'd begun to see only in computers from
2001. With that kind of RAM I would have been happy editing videos to
glory on my phone. But of course Nokia, by some strike of genius
didn't even include the feature in the handset. Now don't ask me why!
Why they did it, I believe, is, and will remain, a mystery for ages to come.


Now they plan to bring out the Nokia N96!

Even though Nseries stands for NextGen handsets the only nextGen the N96 packs is a different look - the features are more less the same as in the N95. You only get an extra 16GB of onboard memory and a dual LED flash, which isn'nt that bad., but it ain't worth the money no matter what anyone says!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

N96 - is it worth it?

From what I've heard the N96 doesn't have anything new to go with it except the looks... This smartphone is based on the Symbian S60 3rd Edition operation system, with Feature Pack 2, and sports a DVB-H digital TV receiver and innovative kickstand for watching video on the handset’s beautiful 2.8″ QVGA display. There are connection options aplenty, including quad-band GSM (850/900/1800/1900MHz) and dual-band WCDMA (850/2100MHz) as well as WiFi and support for HSDPA for high speed data connections.

A built-in GPS receiver works with the new Nokia Maps 2.0, preloaded on the N96, to keep you on the right path. Nokia’s updated Share Online enables the N96 to automatically geotag your photos and upload them to Flickr or Share on Ovi so that the world can see where you travel. 16GB of internal flash memory and a microSD memory card slot with support for cards up to 16GB mean you’ll never run out of space for photos, music, and games.
The N96 makes it easy to share your media with friends via a TV-Out cable and UPnP support. This slider smartphone is expected to start shipping in Q3 2008 with pricing set at 550EUR (US$802) before taxes and subsidies.

Specifications for the Nokia N96

Operating System
Symbian S60 3rd Edition, Feature Pack 2
GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz, UMTS 900/2100MHz
103mm x 55mm x 18mm(4.1″ x 2.2″ x 0.7″)
125g (4.4oz)
Battery Life
Up to 9 days (GSM), 8 days (3G) standby
Up to 3.6 hours (GSM), 2.5 hours (3G) talk time
Main Display
2.8″ 16m color TFT, QVGA (240×320 pixel) resolution
5 megapixel with auto-focus
v2.0, A2DP (stereo)
Up to 16MB internal, microSD card slot
Q3 2008 (manufacturer’s estimate)
DVB-H mobile TV support, GPS receiver, TV-out support, 802.11b/g, stereo speakers

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

An N95 on Val's Day is a perfect idea

Gifting your girl friend a N95 would be the best gift ever. But whatif you have it with a cute lil' pink housing that comes with a softsmooth finish? Now that would be really something 'cuz she'd know thatyou really put your mind into giving her something nice, rather thanjust spending money on the best in the market. And when her friendssee the pink N95 they're bound to ask about it. nice eh? ;) Did you know that Darla Mack also has a pink one!!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

How to Make Your Cell Phone Battery Last Longer

While many of us now use cell phones everywhere, the primary benefit of cell phones remains their portability - however, so as to get the most out of your phone you need to get the most out of your battery.

Increase Time between Charges
1. Turn the phone off. This is probably the most effective and simplest way of conserving your battery’s power. If you don't plan on answering the phone while you're sleeping or after business hours, just turn it off. Do the same if you are in an area with no reception (such as a subway or remote area) or in a roaming area, since constantly searching for service depletes the battery fairly quickly. Some phones have an automatic power save feature, but it takes about 30 minutes with no service to kick in. By then, much battery power has been used.

2. Stop searching for a signal. When you are in an area with poor or no signal, your phone will constantly look for a better connection, and will use up all your power doing so. This is easily understood if you have ever forgotten to turn off your phone on a flight. The best way to ensure longer battery life is to make sure you have a great signal where you use your phone. If you don't have a perfect signal, get a cell phone repeater which will amplify the signal to provide near perfect reception anywhere.

3. Get the most out of your battery. Switch off the vibrate function on your phone, and use just the ring tone instead. The vibrate function uses up a lot of battery power. Keep the ring tone volume as low as possible.

4. Turn off your phone's back light. The back light is what makes the phone easier to read in bright light or outside. However, the light also uses battery power. If you can get by without it, your battery will last longer. If you have to use the back light, many phones will let you set the amount of time to leave the back light on. Shorten that amount of time. Usually, one or two seconds will be sufficient. Some phones have an ambient light sensor, which can turn off the back light in bright conditions and enable it in darker ones.

5. Avoid using unnecessary features. If you know it will be a while before your phone’s next charge, don’t use the camera or connect to the Internet. Flash photography can drain your battery especially quickly. If your phone has bluetooth capability, disable it when not in use.

6. Keep calls short. This is obvious, but how many times have you heard someone on their cell phone say, "I think my battery’s dying," and then continue their conversation for several minutes? Sometimes, the dying battery is just an excuse to get off the phone (and a good one, at that), but if you really need to conserve the battery, limit your talk time.

Prolong the Life of Your Battery

1. Initialize a new battery. New batteries should be fully charged before their first use to obtain maximum capacity. Nickel-based batteries should be charged for 16 hours initially and run through 2-4 full charge/full discharge cycles, while lithium ion batteries should be charged for about 5-6 hours. Ignore the phone telling you that the battery is full--this is normal but is not accurate if the battery is not initialized.

2. Keep the battery cool. Your battery will last longest if used near room temperature, and nothing wears on a battery like extended exposure to high temperatures. While you can’t control the weather, you can avoid leaving your phone in a hot car or in direct sunlight, and you don’t have to carry your phone in your pocket, where your body heat will raise its temperature. In addition, check the battery while it’s charging. If it seems excessively hot, your charger may be malfunctioning.

3. Charge your battery correctly, in accordance with its type. Most newer cell phones have lithium-ion batteries, while older ones generally have nickel-based batteries. Read the label on the back of the battery or in the technical specifications in the manual to determine which yours is.
* Nickel-based batteries (either NiCd or NiMH) suffer from a phenomenon known as the "memory effect." If you charge the battery partially enough times, eventually the battery "forgets" that it can charge fully. A nickel-based battery suffering from memory effect can be reconditioned, which requires the battery to be completely discharged, then completely recharged (sometimes several times). The appropriate length of time between reconditionings varies. A good rule to follow for nickel-battery cell-phones is to discharge them completely once every two to three weeks, and only when you have a charger available. * Lithium ion batteries, on the other hand, do not suffer from the same memory effect. However, many devices that use lithium batteries have a battery meter, showing the user how much charge the battery has left. Starting with a battery's manufacture at the factory, lithium ions oxidize in the battery, shortening its life. After a certain amount of time, the battery exhibits slightly different electronic properties, which the device can only detect when the battery is discharged. This type of problem is known as a "virtual memory effect" and occurs when your battery meter can show a high charge, then suddenly drop to low charge when the battery is almost dead. Every thirty cumulative cycles, you should discharge lithium ion batteries until the phone gives a low battery warning, then recharge it. If you discharge lithium ion batteries to zero voltage, the internal safety circuit may open. In that case, a normal charger will be inadequate. Reconditioning ensures that the battery meter on a lithium ion cellphone is accurate (although it will not affect actual battery capacity). * Regardless of the battery type, use only a charger rated for your battery, and discontinue use of a charger that causes the battery to heat up excessively.

4. Store batteries properly. If your battery will be out of use for a while, disconnect it from the phone and store it in a cool place (the refrigerator is good, but freezing temperatures do not slow oxidation) and away from metal objects. Ensure that the battery is not exposed to moisture; try putting the battery in an airtight container or bag. Lithium ion batteries are not rated to operate at refrigerated temperatures, so let the battery sit outside the refrigerator for at least an hour before using it again. Lithium ion batteries oxidize least when they are stored at 40% charge. Never store a lithium battery at low voltage. Recharge batteries after storage.

5. Clean the battery contacts on the battery and on the phone. Over time, contacts may accumulate dirt. Clean them with a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol to maximize the efficiency of energy transfer. In addition, if the contacts are two different metals, such as gold and tin, accelerated corrosion known as "fretting" occurs. Cutting the corrosion from fretted contacts often requires solvents, such as acetone or nail polish remover. Be careful: these solvent dissolve plastic, so use a Q-Tip to avoid damaging the battery housing or the phone.

Battery Failure Indicators

* The usable time after recharging is shortened.
* The battery becomes unusually warm during a rechargecycle. * The battery becomes unusually warm during phone use. * The battery case often is swollen. This is detectable by feeling and viewing the inside/phone-side of the battery case. Also, when the battery is placed inside/phone-side down on a flat, smooth surface, it will rock and will sustain a spin motion. The case of a healthy battery is flat and will not sustain a spin motion. * The battery develops a hard spot. This is detectable on the inside/phone-side surface of the battery by gently pinching about the surface between one's fingers.


* Regardless of how well you care for your battery, it will die eventually. When it does, you may be able to have it refurbished by sending it to the manufacturer or bringing it back to the retailer. If it cannot be refurbished, or if you just want to get a new battery, be sure to recycle it, either by returning it to the manufacturer or retailer, or by bringing it to a recycling center. Most major retail electronics stores have drop-off boxes for recycled phones. * You should not have to turn off your phone to charge it. Most battery chargers deliver more than enough current to power your phone and charge it at the same time. Doing so will not lengthen the charge time, and leaving a phone on allows the user to be aware of its fuel gauge, so that you can remove it when the battery is full. * When using a car charger, do not charge the battery when the inside temperature of your car is hot. Wait until the car has cooled before you plug in the phone.


* Do not store a lithium battery with a very low charge for a long time, the battery monitor will draw a small current, which might cause a 'deep discharge' which may cause damage to the battery. * Avoid cheap, knockoff chargers as they may cause excessive battery heating. * When buying lithium ion batteries, be aware that oxidation begins at the time of manufacture, not the time of first use. As such, older lithium batteries will have reduced capacity (about 20% per year stored at room temperature). If you buy a battery at a clearance sale price, expect that you will get less life out of the cell phone. * Never dispose of old batteries in the trash. Batteries contain toxic metals, and electronic waste from batteries and other electronic components is becoming a major problem. Improper disposal of toxic batteries is illegal in many jurisdictions.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

My Portfolio for s60-3 released: get your Google Finance data to your mobile!

SymbianGuru released the new Freeware business solution My Portfolio for Series 60-3 mobile phones. My Portfolio updates Google Finance courses information directly from your Google Finance account to your mobile. You have only to enter correct login and password for Google Finance and have Google Finance account active.

My Portfolio is a free Series 60 v3 finances application that updates your Google Finance portfolio in the real time on your mobile. You get the most needed information from your own portfolio displayed, such as: company name; symbol, last price and percent change.

All other data about your portfolio units is also available, exactly as you can get it online.

There is an auto refresh option available: My Portfolio will be automatically refreshed with the updated data every set period of time. Please note: the auto refresh function will work only if the My Portfolio application is open.

You can also get the history of every unit in your portfolio, based on time period defined by you.

My Portfolio key features:
- Easy setup and login

- Detail view of all stocks

- Auto-refresh function
- History for a certain stock can be requested

- Help feature implemented
- Totally freeware!

My Portfolio is freeware, users who like it are asked to donate at

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