Wednesday, December 30, 2009

India: Mobile Number Portability

Mobile Number Portability (MNP) is to be rolled out in India starting from December 31st. MNP is the service that allows you to  to select any network without changing their numbers. Indian mobile service providers will implement this facility from December31, 2009 in metro cities(Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai & Chennai) and ‘Circle A ‘service areas and by March 2010 onwards, in other parts of the country.

MNP would increase competitivity amongst our telephony service providers since they have to take into account the risk of customers migrating to other companies.

The Maximum price in rupees for making use of MNP is INR 19. You will also need to get a written consent from your current service provider.

image from

Monday, December 28, 2009

The lazy nerds way of fixing the Droid

Have a hands-on with the Motorola Droid a.k.a Milestone and you realise that the battery cover is a literal example of the term "slip-on cover". Pulling the phone out of our pocket without the battery cover is becoming more of a routine for Droid owners. So, what’s Verizon doing about the problem? Well, from what we’re hearing, if you should take your Droid to a Verizon store and complain, they’ll “fix” the handset with a “Verizon Wireless” sticker. No joke.

The “fix” was posted by Flickr user Anticitizen after he ventured into a Verizon store to find out if there was an official solution to the battery door problem. Turns out, all his DROID needed was a little TLC and a band-aid.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Interview: Tom Hall

Symbian Freak has managed to get an exclusive interview with Tom Hall
of WOM World. WOM World is every tech bloggers best friend as they
provide us geeks with test devices for trialling every now and then.
They also publish unbiased reviews on allmost all of Nokia's products.
Tom Hall is part of the great team that runs WOM, he manages all the
content that shows up at the blog and so if you're blog has ever been
mentioned he probably had a role to play in it.

Read more at Symbian-Freak.

You can catch Tom Hall on twitter here.

Symbian s40: Themes

A coupla' themes for our friends with s40 devices around.. have fun guys! Hope you've all had a Merry Christmas!

Symbian s40 themes: Futuristic

Symbian S40 themes : King of Pop

Symbian S40 themes : Nokia Pulse



Saturday, December 26, 2009

Difference between Opera Mini 5 and Opera Mobile 10

Download Opera, the fastest and most secure browser 
They have 2 stuff in common:
  • Both are based on the same core technology, the Opera Presto browser engine.
  • Both use the same cross-platform user interface and provide similar features and browsing experience for all users.

And the difference:
  • In Opera Mini the Opera Presto browser engine is located on a server while in Opera Mobile, it is installed on your phone.
Source Opera

GSM code gets cracked - carefull what you say !

GSM, short for Global System for Mobile Communications, is the worlds
most widely used mobile phono system. And seemingly the encryption
tecnology used to protect GSM from eavesdroppers ".. is a swiss cheese
of holes" says Karsten Nohl. Karsten is a security expert who plans to
make an even bigger hole in the security cheese by the end of the
year. He also plans to make the encryption keys available on the

The aim of the project, he says, is not to "break anything" but rather to create an awareness of "a long-standing vulnerability" in GSM encryption technology and, ultimately, to push mobile phone operators still delivering calls over GSM networks either to phase in the more advanced voice and text-messaging encryption technology, A5/3, or upgrade to a newer-generation digital phone system.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Symbian S60 3rd: 2 dancing themes

Theme: Dancing Queen-ButterflyTheme: Dancing Queen-Elephant
Themes - 0.75 MB
[Dancing Queen - Butterfly] Bring Carrie Chau's illustration to your Nokia phone!
Themes - 0.72 MB
[Dancing Queen-Elephant] Bring Carrie Chau's illustration to your Nokia phone!

Symbian S60 3rd: Chuzzle, it's a theme!

ChuzzleThemes - 1.04 MB

Customize your phone the way you want with this Chuzzle theme! Also, make sure to check out PopCap's Chuzzle available now on the Ovi Store. Send fur flying and scores soaring as you prod furry Chuzzles into groups of three or more and watch them explode for oodles of points!

Four engaging game modes, a Chuzzle trophy room and tricky puzzle ploys will keep you popping Chuzzles for hours!

Symbian s60 v3: Wamwam, it's a game!

WamwamPuzzle - 0.22 MB

Blocks are falling and filling the board. Rotate and connect edges into closed shapes. When closed, shapes are scrapped and points scored. It's game over when the board is full. Think fast, turn fast. It's as simple as that.

Game by C4M - More Games available on Playtomo. In-game ads by innerActive (requires data connection). For games alerts, technical and installation questions, follow the makers @innerActive on twitter.

Symbian s60 v3: Trimble Outdoors Light Edition

Trimble Outdoors Light EditionCity guides & Maps - 0.37 MB

With Trimble Outdoors Light Edition you can use your phone for GPS waypoint navigation – great for finding your way during hiking, backpacking, fishing, hunting and other outdoor trips. Avoid getting lost with a digital compass and breadcrumb trails recording your path! At you can plan new trips using a powerful online editor and a free PC application, and send t rip routes and tracks wirelessly to your phone.

This app is more social than the usual Nokia Maps or MGMaps softwares that are also available for free or some pre-installed on your phone.

Symbian s60 v3: Tube Map

Tube Map
City guides & Maps - 0.50 MB

Download this FREE scrollable tube map, features include: - A full scrollable pocket map of the London Underground - Live updates on the current status of tube lines and the London tube stations - A route planner that calculates the best route between start and end stations (no network connection required) All this and more for FREE! It's almost like a full fledged GPS navigation system minus the dent in the pocket so you get it for free.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas !

India: Tips to avoid Spam SMS ad-calls

No one likes promotional SMSs and irritating calls from tele-marketers that keep on wasting your time. If you are also a target of these guys who've got nothing else to do, you should register for DND (Do Not Disturb) service initiated and operated by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) that would take care that no further promotional calls or SMS are delivered on your number. If any cellular service provider or merchants still violate the rule then they can be claimed compensation for it.

How to Register for DND Service?

For registering into DND service, follow either of the steps mentioned below
Call your service provider’s customer care and request for activation of DND service
SMS ‘START DND‘ to 1909 from the number you want to activate DND

After following the above procedure, your request will be processed and DND service will be activated within 45 days. Alternatively, to activate DND with only a single bank or insurance company, you can check out this list.

You can read the rest of this article at MobileGyaan.

Nokia N95-1: Change Log for v35 firmware

Nokia's flagship for the year 2007, the Nokia N95-1, had just got a surprise firmware update from v30.0.018 to v35.0.015 a couple of days ago. Some changes that I've noticed:

  • Camera start up time is a lot faster now. It just took 1 sec for the app to start up and a quarter of a second for the sensor to stabilize.
  • Pictures in dim light have definitely improved a lot. Couldn't be sure of those in normal conditions though I suspect there is some improvement.
  • Photo processing time is also a lot quicker.
  • There's now 92MB of free memory after the re-flashing. The firmware size has definitely increased.
  • The music player loads up a split second quicker than with the v30.
  • Not sure if hacks for this version has been released yet.
  • NGage is still present even with the planned removal of the service.

Reliance becomes the good guy this chritmas =)

Reliance has gone ahead and done what telecom providers should've done eons ago. They've removed the SMS blackout days from their calendar. This means that during this Christmas and New Year you're free to send sms with whatever SMS plan/offer you've activated o your reliance mobile. You could check here for reliance plans.

Courtesy MobileGyaan.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Maharja of Symbian Oasis with the e72

This is the Maharaja of Symbian Oasis holding the cityman once upon a time. He was in love with the device. Unfortunately nokia stopped production of the Cityman and he has been in a state of depression ever since. But that was until he got hold of the e72!

 Uhmm.. i think it was his tiger that got hold of it first.

The moment he had his hands on the phone he leapt in joy, threw of his cloak and head cloth(crown?) and raced of to play with the device.

What can i say, but that the device has changed him a lot - look at him now: cool, modern, slick, :P  and surrounded by technology. Just like the e72. I think he's in love!

Symbian-Guru Call Guard app

SymbianGuru has announced a new application designed to reduce the number of unwanted calls that we get. CallGuard application allows complete management and control of your incoming calls. The application has both black list functionality for rejecting calls, as well as whitelist functionality to accept-only list of numbers. 

Nseries users must be familiar with the "reject call with sms" function. CallGuard developes on that. It mutes, rejects your incoming calls and sends the SMS message to the number from which you received the call. Now there is no need to mute the phone, if you have a meeting and are waiting for the important call. You need to create the white list and all the calls except the listed one will be muted or rejected according to your settings. This is one effective way to suppress interruptions.

Key features:

  • - The two types of lists can be created: Blacklists and Whitelists;

  • - The number of lists is unlimited;

  • - There are a few types of the rejected actions;

  • - Action ‘Busy’ can be defined when one of the numbers from list is calling

  • - Mute ringing is available;

  • - The software can reject the incoming calls and send the SMS message to the contact number.

  • - The Lists are activated according to your Schedule.

  • - The software is fully compatible with Series 60.3/60.5.  

Download Call Guard here!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

NokiaN900: 9 things you should know

Image from Tehkseven

With all the hype that the Nokian900 has been getting you might be pretty compelled to have a taste of Maemo. But there are certain things that haven't been that widely publicized about this smartphone. And the first one is that it ain't a smartphone. Period.

  • The N900 does not have the most feature complete phone experience in the world. 
  • The N900 is not the best music player in the world.
  • The N900 is not the best GPS device in the world.
  • The N900’s email functionality is not the best in the world.
  • The N900’s OS, Maemo 5, is not the most mature and bug free OS in the world.
  • The N900 does not currently have a huge number of applications.
  • The N900 is the most compact and coolest POSIX-compliant computer in the market.
  • The N900 leverages Linux desktop application development platforms. 

Read More>>

Connecting your home-router to an iPhone or iPod Touch

Turning the Iphone into a Wireless Router from John Chow on Vimeo.

Transform your iPhone into a wireless router, allowing you to connect your wifi deprived laptop to the internet anywhere phone service is available. It’s also perfect when you’re browsing the web but the small screen is too cramped. Now you can easily switch over to your laptop for a larger viewing window.Apples iPhone and iPod Touch are not only elegantly designed smart devices but they are also very capable Unix servers. You can run web services, terminal services and file sharing as well, and connect to these servers from any computer. The problem is that most network providers prevent connectivity for these features using their GPRS or any other data transfer connection. If you’ve got any tech support for your iphone hacking and your assistant needs to
ssh into your phone, you’ll need to provide a way for them to get through the firewall to do so. A pretty neat way on how to do this has been posted here for you to read.

Nokia E72: Accessories

The BH-804 Bluetooth Headset

Sleek looks, aluminium body and minimalistic styling make this headset  a definite eye catcher.
  • Enhanced audio quality with DSP
  • Tricolour LED for status indication
  • Fast charging with microUSB
  • Desk top charger and neck strap included in sales package
The BH-604 is by far the best BT headset that I've managed to lay my hands on. Not only is it elegant, it has got the best ergonomics of any product. No creaks, no cheap finishes, and absolutely no problems in fit. The earbuds available in different sizes will see that it's a snug fit.

Special Chargers:


Type dt-26 is an elegant charger for the
bluetooth headset. It's got smooth rounded corners and beautiful feel. Perfect to place on your desktop. The charging cable is a micro-usb adapter as you can see in the pic here.

The dc-11 is a device that provides extra power while you're on the move. It provides upto "one charge" which means it might have anywhere between 1000-1200mAH of charge storage. Moreover it also allows you to charge 2 devices simultaneously - one micro-usb and one 2mm connector. It sports a very clean design and is pretty easy to use.

The DC-11 also seems to have run into problems with the n900.  Hmm..

 The type wh-601 is a cheap piece of headset. There is 0 bass, the buttons are tacky, and the speaker holes look like the drains of my granny's kitchen sink. Enough said. I threw it back into the green box.

  • The pouch that came with the phone really got on my nerves. It's so tight that it's impossible to pull out the phone. It might get loose with use, but i didn't like the looks of it either.

  • Keeping the phone face up is a bad idea. The placement of the speaker at the back causes the sound to become muted when you place it face up. Accelerometer functions such as turning the phone face down to silence calls or to snooze alarms are built in into the device. 
All in all, The e72 is one excellent piece of engineering. A friend of my dads was so awed when he used the device that he immeaditly decided that he wanted one. Nokia, i think you ought to step up the trialling drive of these devices at Nokia stores in major cities. Folks out there, you
gotta use this phone to feel the difference

Monday, December 21, 2009

Firmware updates for Nokia n95-1 and n95-2

It's really nice to know that Nokia is still eager to support old devices like the n95-1 and the n95-2 with firmware updates.The N95 models lack UDP, so do ensure that you back-up everything prior to updating your device. The Nokia Software Updater is also the only way to update the N95 firmware.

No change log is available at this moment in time, but as soon as one becomes available, I will be sure to add it here.

Happy Updates!

Kewlest video of the n900, ever!

Damn!! I think Steven Speilberg had his hands on this when they made it! Nokia n900 + maemo = uber cool.

Copenhagen: "the elephant is moving"

It's been a tough ending to an amazing week. In all-night negotiations, leaders have reached a weak agreement in Copenhagen that fails to set the emissions targets needed to prevent catastrophic global warming. The agreement was stronger on funding, but it was not binding, and set no urgent deadline to sign a real climate treaty. Big polluters like China and the US wanted a weak deal, and potential champions like Europe, Brazil and South Africa didn't fight hard enough to stop them.

While our useless leaders failed to make history, the people around the world did. In thousands of vigils, rallies and protests, hundreds of thousands of phone calls, and millions of petition signatures, an unprecedented movement rose to this moment. After hearing the result of the talks, one Avaaz member from Africa wrote 
"It takes a lot to get an elephant moving, but when you do it is hard to stop...the elephant is moving..."

About Avaaz is an independent, not-for-profit global campaigning organization that works to ensure that the views and values of the world's people inform global decision-making. (Avaaz means "voice" in many languages.) Avaaz receives no money from governments or corporations, and is staffed by a global team based in Ottawa, London, Rio de Janeiro, New York, Buenos Aires, and Geneva. Click here to learn more about our largest campaigns.

Nokia n97 mini vs the Nokia n97

The Nokia n97 and the Nokia n97mini. Two helluva smartphones, just minute differences from each other. I'm fed up of talking about their differences because there aren't that many to tell. Just the form factor, and memory differences. And it was then that i happened to stumble upon a blog post that had a pictorial post about the differences between these two smartphones. All thanks to symbian-lifeblog !

See the differences betweenN97 mini vs the N97 here

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Nokia n95 =>> Nokia n900

Last week I'd talked about my search for a new handheld device to take
the place of my beloved Nokia n95-1. The n95 had been a good phone and
all but it's been getting old and creaky with problems cropping up
that i decided i need a new sidekick.

Thing is, after all that shortlisting I'd done the phone that i chose
to be my trusty device turned out to be one that wasn't even on my
shortlist. Yea it's the n900.

I'd done some research over the net and in a couple of days I'll be
posting about things you need to know if you plan to buy a n900 this
xmas. Until then enjoy your holidays! =) !!

Read this if you wanna have an idea about the handset in a short time from one place. Thanks fonehome !

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Nokia e72: A chota Review

  I'd got the Nokia e72 a couple of weeks back but i haven't been able to really post about it due to my exams. And now that they are over, here's a chota review of this Eseries handset.

Most of the stuff that came in the box were power devices. Coupled with the device is a USB charger, a usual Nokia charger, a bluetooth headset charger and a Nokia extra power DC-11. The accessories include a bluetooth headset, a normal headset, a ugly plasticky pouch, cleaning cloth, a wrist band and the battery.

Nokia  => Nokia
One thing I've realized is that Nokia is real serious about their commitment to go green - and this can be seen on the e72. Just like in laptops, the Nokia e72 has a power saving mode built into it's OS. You can choose to activate it by pressing the power button and selecting it from the selection menu. The only visible difference seen from activating Power Saving mode is that the intensity of the backlight gets reduced. I'm not sure if the processor gets underclocked as well as seen on those AMD CPUs with Cool'n'Quiet technology. Another green thing which we've seen before is that it also reminds you to remove the plug from the outlet to avoid wasting power. Nice to see that Nokia is really concerned about our environment.

The Thumbpad
Text input on this phone is a amazing esperience. Yea, the only problem is missing your aim occasionally - hence the 'esperience'. But i think it'll take care of itself with a little practice.

The input-ware of the phone really deserves mention. The thumbpad is an excellent piece of hardware. It's tactile feel is excellent and I find myself thumbing along occasionally just for the feel.

Highlighting and Cut/Copy/Paste
Copying whole paragraphs of text is easily done on the e72 by using the Shift (you use this to select upper-case) key in conjunction with the 5-way key. I was searching for this function when My Nokia sent me a feature to "Save Time Now!". Nice timing guys!

Text Prediction
I still haven't understood the thinking behind putting in text prediction for a qwerty keyboard phone. In the n97 it might have been due to the virtual numpad, but on an e72??

The other stuff like the bluetooth headset & the ExtraPower charger, I'll be posting about them soon so make sure you keep a watch here.

Optical Sensor
The optical sensor gives a good experience while browsing through opera mini and the gmail app. Under all other situations the old jog dial design seen on the n96 would've been better. Thing is the optical sensor moves forward by just a single step. The jog dial allows you to sprint through selections. I wonder why the design team ditched them jog dials.

Call Quality
The call reception on this phone is crystal clear for both sides of the call. Not only is the voice smooth and full but there is little to no ambient noise involved. Amazing!

For Music
The head-phone output for the phone is through a 3.5mm jack found on the top left of the phone. The slot is slightly angled to the left as shown in the picture.
About the sound output, well i never expected the e72 to perform like this. I tested a couple of tracks using my SHP-8500 headphones, and the experience was beautiful ! Compared to my n95-1 running the latest firmware the e72 is eons ahead in this section. Definitely better than even the original n97. I luv it.

Compared with the n97, the e72 has something about it that makes it lovable. It might not be a tech flagship but it definitely has character.

P.S: If you're passionate about music, please don't use the crappy earpieces that come with the phone. Buy yourself something nice to pamper your ears. I would vouch for Philips or Seinheisser.

Nokia N900: Mozilla FireFox

Mozilla based browser for Maemo requires the latest version of Internet Tablet OS.

  • Use your tablet device' browser to go hereto start installation.
  • Select "Open" from the "File download" dialog.
  • This will add a repository to Application manager and install the Mozilla based browser for maemo.
  • If your list of repositories is broken, you will see a message "Unable to refresh list..."
  • Then open "Browse installable applications" -> "web" and install microb-browser package)
  • Quit the browser and launch it again.
  • The browser will switch to the Mozilla based browser for maemo.
  How to upgrade: 
In order to upgrade your Mozilla based browser for maemo, all you need to do is upgrade the microb-browser package from your Application manager.

Directories are usefull, soembody make an app!

Web Directories are designed to help webmasters and site owners find relevant directories. Unlike many other directories, these help the directory submitters (rather than the directory owners). They try to give you info that is helpful to you. Ultimately, you can use the information to make your own choice. If you are planning to submit to a specific directory, especially a paid one, do make sure if it's worth it. They don't carry as much PR power as they used to, especially with Google Caffeine coming up. If it's free then you don't have anything to lose like this web directory. Others that I'd recommend are DMOZ, Yahoo!, and of course Google' Directory .

Now what would be uber cool is for somebody to create an application that would allow you to automatically submit sites or webpages as you browse them. Just as we submit pages to facebook or twitter. But this'll do a lot more good for someone who's searching. Besides it'll help low PR sites to show up on google, which is good.

Playing cricket without Moving


Here in India, Cricket is more than just a game. It's more like the life-line that holds the different people of this variety-full country together. No wonder cricket is the most revenue generating game in this region! Practice in the nets and hone your skills. Choose to play the one day international game or compete on the world stage in tournament mode. Take up the three challenges of Cricket 101, The Art Of Cricket or Heroes, and then use your new found skills to smash it for six and bowl out the opposition with EA Cricket 10 on your mobile.

Under the Hood: Camera

 You guys know how I keep on drawling on when i review the cameras of our smartphones. In a review I usually keep to the real-world performance of those cameras and stay away from the technical aspects as much as possible lest I bore my readers. But it seems some of my readers are fine with me going a bit more techy once in a while. So i decided to blog a bit about the technical aspects of a digi-cam. You also check stuff out under the hood of an accelerometer here.

We all know what a digi-cam does. It converts a 3D scene into a 2D image. The information contained in a 3D scene can be captured to a 2D image plane by a camera as follows: 
  1. A lens collects the incident illumination. 
  2. The light rays are deflected towards a focal point.
  3. The deflected rays create an image of the observed scene.

Now i'll describe the mathematical framework for mapping the 3D world space to the 2D image plane, the process of camera calibration and the geometry of stereo cameras. The matrix K can be referred to as the calibration matrix and its entries are called the intrinsic parameters of the camera. The principal point in the image plane is at position at the intersection of the optical axis with the image plane. The coefficients represent the focal length of the camera in terms of pixel dimensions in x and y directions. The focal length f of the camera, and mx and my represent the number of pixels per unit distance in image coordinates in x and y respectively. Therefore, a real-world camera can be represented by ten technical parameters.

But the physical properties of lenses make the previous image formation process geometrically deviate from the ideal pinhole model (u studied this in hi-skool).
And that is why Nokia uses Carl Zeis lenses for their flagship handsets. Carl Zeiss produces some of the best lenses in the market, and better quality lenses prevent deviation from the ideal design. Ofcourse it won't be perfect but it'll still be almost there.

If you're still reading this then you might want to check things out in a bit more depth at The Camera Model and similar techniques.

Another Techy Article: Desensitization Model.

Image from Letsgodigital.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Special: i8910 Omnia Gold Edition

Mobile phone manufacturer cum electronics giant Samsung announced the i8910 Omnia Gold Edition. Despite the steep rise in gold prices they've managed to sell the
phone inlayed with 24carat gold. They're available in 2 shades,
champagne gold and Luxury brown. They also have a slew of special
accessories. Gift it to your wife perhaps? I wouldn't recommend the
phone to a power user though - the software, it's a mess inside.

Read More!

Read even More! 

HTC gonna get 20 new phones?

The guys over at ElectricPig, have reported about a leaked ROM, namely HTC Sense Android 2.1, which in itself is good news for Android lovers.

But the interesting part, comes as a 20 strong list handset code names. The 7 familiar names are Dragon, Dream, Passion and Hero with three variations of Hero and two of Passion.

Bahamas, Bravo, DesireC, Dragon, Dream, Espresso, Halo, HeroCT, HeroC, Hero, Huangshan, Incredible, Legend, Liberty, Memphis, Paradise, PassionC, Passion, Sapphire and Supersonic.

Have you got any thoughts about any of the names above? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. In the mean time, keep an eye on the blog for updates.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

A faster windows 3.11 on a Nokia n900

This is a faster version of my previous video. Differences are: I used frameskip=6 option in DosBox and installed S3 video drivers in Windows. As before, I used x11vnc to remotely control the mouse since mouse support in the N900 dosbox isn't working perfectly. I would have liked to try it with a Bluetooth mouse, but I don't have one that works :(

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Windows 3.11 on a Nokia N900

For laughs I just had to try installing Windows 3.11 in Dosbox.. went just fine, maybe a bit slow, and the mouse support is horrid - I ended up using a laptop with x11vnc for controlling the mouse for this video.
It's just missing Steve Ballmer's sales pitch! "How much would YOU pay for Windows" ?! 

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Nokia N900 bugs: USB connector falls off

Over at TabulaCrypticum, comes the sad news about the build quality of the N900.
It seems following a short fall, the female USB connector inside the
n900 came off. The problem, a surface mount connector. 

The CrypticumKeeper says that the nokia n900 has a surface mount connector of the
kind that cam be brought cheaply from DIY shops. Moreover he claims
that the connector has been installed with no real security to prevent
it from dislodging and falling off - as we've seen here.

Could this be a chronic problem on the n900s that have bee released
into the market? Would it be similar to the slider problem that the
users of the Nokia N95 faced when they bought the initial set of
phones. Let's hope not.
Read more here.

Symbian OS 9.x System Folders : Explained

Only use this guide only for learning and modifying the grey matter in your brain.
I do not take any responsibility for damage caused if you modify these files/folders. Please make sure you know exactly what you are doing. I might not.

Inside C:\Private folder there are some sub folders :
DBS_100065FF_Contacts.cdb – Contacts Database
DBS_100069CC_btregistry – Bluetooth device List
DBS_10207216_SWinsLog.db – Instalation log of Softwares
for OS9.1 phones ( N73-1), some of the folders are different. For example, the
C:\Private\100012a5\DBS_100065FF_Contacts.cdb – Contacts Database
C:\Private\100012a5\DBS_100069CC_btregistry – Bluetooth device List
C:\Private\100012a5\DBS_10207216_SWinsLog.db – Instalation log of Softwares
C:\Private\10003a5b\Calendar – Calendar File
10005A3E\mediaplayer.dat – This is list of Recent clips in Real Player. Those who want to hide what videos they have seen, can just delete it
\10003A73\Cntmodel.ini – Speed dial Numbers
\1000484b\Mail\ – Mail Folder (SMS)
\101F413C\SIPprofiles.dat – SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) Profiles
\101F4668\UnitConverter.ini – Stored Exchange Rates in the Converter
\101F8530\Cookies – Browser Cookies
\101875a\Startup\ – Startup Files ?
\102072CC\SIMLanguage.dat – Current selected language of the SIM
\20003252\Menuketserver.ini – (This File is in the Startup List)
\10003A3F\import\apps\ – All your shortcuts to installed applications are saved in here in .RSC format, simply rename the .RSC to .RSCX to temporarily remove them from Menu, you can rename .RSCX back to .RSC later on.
\101f401d\Logdbu.dat is the log file.
\101F4CD2\Applications.dat is the file that holds the settings and locations of icons and custom folders located on your phone’s MENU.
C:\resource\apps – The MIF files (Icon Files) Of the Softwares Installed in the phone,
C:\sys\data\mmcstore – This file has the Memory Card Password, Open with a text editor to view the current memory card password.
contains the mbm file of operator logos
There is huge file in the phone, c:/private/102072c4/reserved.bin, 4.5 Mb size of plain 0xff.
Deleted it and free up phone memory check if your phone has one.
the files are for FOTA (firmware over the air) because when i remove it, and go to the device mgr. app it reapears, so its safe to remove it, we wont need it as we never get any FOTA updates.
Access Points:
access points are stored in C:\Private\10202be9\persists\cccccc00.cre. Just make a copy of cccccc00.cre, and restore it to your phone (or send it to another phone), restart your phone, and you have your access point settings back just the way they were when you made the backup.
Your bluetooth name is in C:\Private\10202be9\persists\10204dac.cre, your paired devices are in C:\Private\100012a5\DBS_100069CC_btregistry
The bookmarks of Symbian’s built-in web browser are stored in C:\Private\100012a5\DBS_101FD685_BrowserBookmarks. db.
Calendar entries are stored in C:\Private\10003a5b\Calendar.
The cookies of Symbian’s built-in web browser are in C:\Private\101f8530\cookies.dat. Restart your phone after restoring or transfering the cookies file. If you’ve told your browser to delete your cookies, there is no cookies.dat file in C:\Private\101f8530.
Your SMSs and mails from Symbian’s built-in messaging application are stored in C:\Private\1000484b. If you’ve told your phone to store
messages on your memory card, they are in E:\Private\1000484b. Copy the entire folder, and restore when needed.
The notes you write in Symbian’s Notes application are stored in C:\Private\100012a5\DBS_101F8878_Notepad.dat.
If you can’t delete or replace the file, it’s because Symbian is using it. But there’s a workaround for this problem: go to settings, data manager, memory, and select “back up phone memory” from the options menu. While your phone is making the backup, you can delete or replace the DBS_101F8878_Notepad.dat file.
Your profiles are stored in C:\Private\10202be9\persists\101f8798.cre. If you restore the backup, restart your phone.
T9 dictionary:
Your frequently used words in SMS and email are stored in C:\Predic\101F8615_F.dat. You don’t even need to hack your phone to get into this folder.
After u have your mobile hacked now just follow the following steps to turn the camera sound off.

  1. Turn on caps off
  2. Open xplore
  3. Goto z:\private\10202be9\101f8809.txt
  4. Copy the file to c:\private\10202be9\101f8809.txt
  5. Edit the file 101f8809.txt
  6. At the end of the file, u will find the line code: 0*7 int 1 0 cap_rd=alwayspass cap_wr=alwaysfail
  7. Change it to: code: 0*7 int 0 0 cap_rd=alwayspass cap_wr=alwaysfail
  8. Save the file and exit xplore
  9. Turn on caps on
  10. Turn off warning tones in your profile
  11. Restart the phone
Have fun !

Monday, December 14, 2009

N900: Interaction Documentary

The Maemo OS on the N900 is shaping up to be a real selling point for the phone, even with Nokia salesmen speaking to the contrary. The video below gives you an idea of the interactivity built into the Nokia Maemo device. I wonder how Maemo 6 will shape up to be.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Call Plans and SMS packs: Reliance

simply reliance plansReliance is one of the Major networks in India, and below we have a compilation of all the "Simply Reliance" plans and SmS packs. All thanks to Deepak Jain of Mobilegyaan.

Simply Reliance
Pay per Sec.

Simply Reliance
Pay per minute

Simply Reliance
Pay per Call


First recharge for new customers (In Rs.)
Recharge for existing customers (In Rs.)
Outgoing call rates (To any number in India)
1Rs/3 minute
Outgoing while roaming
1Rs/3 minute
Incoming while roaming
1Rs/3 minute
SMS (Local & National)
Rs. 0.50
Rs. 0.50
Rs. 0.50

Monthly rental (In Rs.)
Free talk-time/SMS
Rs. 150
198 Free SMS
Rs. 299
Outgoing call rates
1Rs/3 minute
Outgoing while roaming
1Rs/3 minute
Incoming while roaming
1Rs/3 minute
SMS (Local & National)
Rs. 0.50
Rs. 0.50
Rs. 0.50

New SMS offers from Reliance:

Here are some of the exciting SMS offers recently launched by Reliance

1 paise/SMS offer:

  • Send unlimited SMS to any 10 digit (non-premium) numbers in India for just 1 paise per SMS
  • To activate, send an SMS – “ACT SMS1P” (without quotes) to 53739. Rs. 11 will be deducted every month from your prepaid balance/postpaid bill
  • Prepaid customers can also recharge with Rs. 11 (valid for 30 days) to avail this offer

Daily Pack SMS offer:

  • Send 500 free SMS everyday to any 10 digit (non-premium) numbers in India
  • Rs. 1 per day will be deducted from your prepaid balance
  • SMS – “ACT SMSDD” to 53739 for activation
  • Prepaid customers can also recharge for Rs. 14

Monthly Pack SMS offer:

  • Send 15000 free SMS per month to any 10 digit (non-premium) numbers in India
  • To activate, send an SMS – “ACT SMSPACK” to 53739. Rs. 25 will be charged every month from your prepaid balance/postpaid bill
  • Prepaid customers can also recharge with Rs. 25 (valid for 30 days) to avail this offer

Saturday, December 12, 2009

20+ Indian ways to send sms for free

Free_sms_to_india_worldwideDeepak Jain from MobileGyaan has compiled a real cool list that has more than 20 options for you to send free sms while you're in India. The list includes choices for sending free Individual sms, group free sms as well as International free sms.

The list includes favorites like Gupshup and IndiaRockz as well as hitherto unheard of sites. And while you're there don't forget to thank him =)

Have Fun ! And hold yourself from sms bombing somebody's phone !!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Nokia E72: First Impression: I'm converted!

Under normal circumstances I'd distance myself from any handsets belonging to the e-series. I used to think of them as a phone that got about with conservative looks and an even more conservative feature list. This must be why Nokia/WOM World decided to send in the Nokia E72 to me for trialling hidden inside a box that was part of their "Unboxing Experience". They must've realized I wouldn't want anything to do with it if i knew it was an Eseries beforehand. But guess what, after I got to use it I'm really grateful to them for opening up the Eseries world to me. Infact I think I've just been converted from a guy who swears by the nseries into an Eseries fan!

The things about it that got me hooked instantly:
  • 600 MHz ARM 11 CPU and 128 MB of SDRAM  hot!
  • Mode Swap Switch for swapping two home-screens.
  • Great audio output quality (even though the loudspeaker was a tad disappointing)
  • Full Flash support
  • The back panel made of cold cold Steel

Shooting pictures on the e72 is slicker than on other phones. The camera interface of the e72 has autofocus activated the moment the optical sensor senses my finger tip. It's really cool, and taking a photo couldn't have got quicker. Though I'm accustomed to the tactile feel of a partially depressed shutter button while autofocusing this was more..uhm.. Modern.

Another thing i learned while typing this post is the ability to copy text. Copying whole paragraphs of text is easily done on the e72 by using the 'shift' (you use this to select upper-case) key in conjunction with the 5-way key. Just like on a PC. I was searching for this function when My Nokia sent me a SMS about a feature to "Save Time Now!". Nice timing Nokia.

The availability of a Business mode and a Personal mode is a really neat idea. Obviously i didn't need the business mode so i use it as my school mode. The shortcuts are set to the 2 inbuilt games, chat and a bookmark for blogging =). And then there's one to a calendar for marking exam days.

The display of this nokia phone is stunning. The bland theme that comes with the phone didn't show it off, but when i visited the gallery it was a different experience alltogether. The phone also handles the transition effects reallly smoothly. Be it when you change modes or zoom in to an image - the flow is never lost or cut up like a slide show as on the n95. Must be due to that uber CPU inside the phone.

Honestly I didn't realize these phones came packed with so much power, i blame it on my ignorance. I mean the E72 has a processor that outclocks the N97 while still running on the Symbian platform ! If they hadn't released the N900 in time, all us geeks out here would've had to bear the shame of an
office phone out-teching a tech flagship phone. Jeezus!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Under the hood: Accelerometers

Ever sine the N95 came out with an accelerometer that could be tapped in for use by developers we've had an abundance of apps connected with accelerometers - everything from driving your RC vehicle to playing games.

And so I thought I'd prod around the tech behind it. The articles given below easily summarize the working and applications of he accelerometer:

Have a nice day guys! 

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