Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Browse for free on mobile using AirTel prepaid

Browse on mobile for free using AirTel prepaid.All airtel prepaid coustmores can browse for free using this hack.

The following are the steps needed to browse for free.

STEP 1:- You need a prepaid AirTel sim.

Step 2:-Activate AirTel live on your mobile.

To activate it send sms as MASALA ACTIVE to 121.

It will be activated in 3 hours.



Monday, June 23, 2008

Watch Television(TV) on your mobile

Watch Television your nokia n-series for free.Download this application and install on your mobile and stream the channels for free.

click here to download

All About nokia

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Fwd: Take your team to Glory

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(c) 2008 Electronic Arts Inc. EA, EA SPORTS, and the EA
SPORTS logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of
Electronic Arts Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. All
Rights Reserved. Official FIFA licensed product. (c) The FIFA
Brand OLP Logo is a copyright and trademark of FIFA. All
rights reserved. Manufactured under license by Electronic
Arts Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their
respective owners.

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your profile and other subscription options, click below.


NOTE: N-Gage games also support operator billing; however
not all games support operator billing in all countries.
Your options will be shown during the purchasing process.
Nokia does not ask for payment for N-Gage trial licenses.
N-Gage games are free to try; however downloading game files
from the Internet or from the device involves the
transmission of data. Your service provider may charge for
data transmission.


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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Can the Nokia 5800 expressMedia actually challenge the iPhone?

Dipen Nandani from MeriNews says
With this, one thing is for sure that Apple’s iPhone will have a tough competition in the coming months. Nokia’s touch sensitive handset will be called the Tube 5800. An auto focus 3.2 megapixel camera along with the support for DVB-H technology would be one of the many features of this model. The handset would support Java and a 3.2-inch touch sensitive display would add a difference to the handset. The set would be equipped with a direct upload feature for videos and images, bluetooth, WiFi capability, GPRS, 3.5mm earphone socket and a lot more. It would also be compatible with 3G and HSDPA. Moreover, it will have a TV out socket and support Haptic Technology. Images taken from the camera can be geo tagged and a lot more features are being expected to build in.
Some of the features which look pretty certain are -

  • Wi-Fi
  • 3G
  • GPS

Another option for HSDPA could be on the cards for this release, but no-one seems to be sure yet.

Thing is all these features are already present on the upcoming iPhone v2.0 ! Not only that, the iPhone also comes with a whopping 8GB/16GB of storage - seen only on special editions in the Nokia NSeries or in other words the best of the best of Nokia. Then where does the phone actually compete ? That is what remains to be seen..

Read more about the iPhone v2.0 !

Chris has made a real good comment in the Comments section - be sure to read it. Just click on the comments (the black bubble) or the title of this post and scroll down.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Bharti Airtel, Vodafone Essar chip in with the iPhone

Bharti Airtel and Vodafone Essar, telecoms providers in India has decided that they would launch Apple's latest offering the iPhone 3G(or 2.0) in India by year end of 2008. This is in tandem with the Govt. of India's expected approval and go-ahead for enabling advanced 3G mobile services. The New iPhone will see it;s global launch in European markets besides Australia and New Zealand next month, July 11th to be exact. Bharti Airtel plans to soon allow it's customers to purchase the iPhone at it's stores. Pricing and availability would be announced at a later date. Similarly Vodafone Essar said iPhone 3G would be available on both pre-paid and post-paid plans which include great value data bundles - especially enticing since they don't have any unlimited data plan as yet! It's customers would be able to pre-register online and in retail stores soon.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

iPhone v2.0 is out ! and it ain't just the software that's changed
That's right people, the iPhone 2.0 is here. What's more, it seems this time they might really have a winner ! The new is not only believed to be a slick 2x faster but also far cheaper. Because for all the features it packs the cost is a measly 199$ - and that's with the 8GB of storage ! Throw in another 100 bucks and you'll be the proud owner of a 16GB iPhone - in white - i'm lovin' it !

The iPhone 3G -- for third-generation mobile networks -- is designed for faster Internet download and longer talk times, and takes advantage of the high-speed network to provide GPS mapping built in with map data loadable over the wifi as well, according to Jobs. That's sure to take on the likes of the N95ers.

Attacks on the BlackBerry include, but are not limited to, the 2nd generation software allowing business users to send and receive Microsoft Exchange email.

Moreover the 16GB iPhone also has a color selection of Apple's favorite White theme with a price tag of 299$.

Another note on the form factor is that Apple has made a subtle change to the design that has allowed it to much more elegantly hide it's slightly higher thickness over the old iPhone. They've done this by thinning out the edges a bit ore than usual. Personally, I think it'll make the phone feel bulkier when you're holding it although it'll seem thinner at sight. But who cares when it's the iPhone you're holding !!!!!!!!!

->Read a conversation on the new iPhone here<-

Related News:

Update from Engadget: Just bought an iPhone? Listen up: "Customers who purchased a 2.5G iPhone on or after May 27 and want to swap it out for a new iPhone will be able to do so without incurring an additional handset charge for the new device. They will of course need to turn in their 2.5G iPhone." And for the rest of you, AT&T says there's no way to buy it without agreeing to a contract. So sorry. More details here.

Stavros - makes it big!

Stavros, who calls himself the undisputed master of postion art has spoken out his view on the new trend of Position Art. Never heard of it? Aww,, that's allright. Because here is a video of the current World's Largest Piece of Position Art. Done using a GPS device enclosed in a suticase and with the help of DHL, the artist has made a self-portrait.

Stavros, ofcourse, was upset hearing this. And so he's created The Greates Work of Art Event in Rome. Originally published as a live event, you can see it here at their website. Wish all the position artists luck at their game. As they say, the GPS is my brush, the world my canvas!

iphone conversation

This a conversation on the new iPhone between me and my uncle. He's the one who usually updates me on the new happenings in the tech world. Thanks!

The new iphone came yesterday.
It will be released in india by september or so
Comes with 3G data, GPS, push email etc

9:09 PM me: Is there any difference in design?
Suthan: It looks the same
slightly thicker
me: :- o
9:10 PM Suthan: engadget has all the details
me: k, thnx

9:13 PM me: The new iphone's pretty cheap!
Suthan: Ya that too
But over here u need 2yr contract
I mean it's same as the old one
9:14 PM Also 30$ per month for unlimited data
old one was $20 for unlimited data
This one is 3G, so everything loads faster..
9:17 PM me: ye,probably that's why they made it 30$, they know there'll be more data transfer happenin'
Suthan: yup
For a 2 yr contract
They make the same money on the diff
9:18 PM me: Seems like it doesn't have a front facing cam.... not that i use it ;)
Suthan: ya
Most ppl are complaining about that too
me: By th size of the back cam, i think it's still a 2MP
Suthan: i think even one camera is not needed but that's just me

Monday, June 9, 2008

Hack your friends phone!!!

  • Do you want to surprise your friends!!!

  • Do you want to steal the phone noumber of your PAL's girl friend's phone number!!!

  • Do you want to steal the SMS got by someone else!!!

  • Do you wanna Change his profile!!!

  • Want to Listen to his music !!!

  • Switch off his phone!!!!!!!!!!

Here is Super Bluetooth Hack.

This is the mobile app which allows you to gain access to one's phone via bluetooth without their knowledge. this app allows you to download their messages and phonebook, initiate and end voice calls and even take over and control their phone.

Best Compatible Sony Ericsson Java enabled phones


This is my first post since Dilin Anand invited me to contribute to his blog. Thanks Dilin.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

PhoneWallet v.2.0 for S60 v3 released: your secured confidential

Symbian Guru released the new version 2.0 of Phone Wallet – the security
software which helps to protect all your data from unauthorized access.

Phone Wallet v. 2.0 has following new features:

• New data secure algorithm was implemented to make your data more
• Data backup feature added (now you can easily backup all your data
entering your data again and again after firmware updating)
• New predefined folder Travelling was added where you can store
your hotel bookings and frequent fliers information

Phone Wallet version 2.0 is free to all existing users of the software. To
make an easy update from version 1.0 to version 2.0 a special application
was developed that saves data from version 1 and transfers them to version
2. The application can be requested directly by the developer.

Phone Wallet secures your personal and confidential information using
strong data encryption algorithms, so the data is not available to others
and is secure, even after the disk dump of the phone. To access your data
you should enter the correct password.

You may enter any information you need to keep secure, from passwords to
the credit card numbers and you can be certain that everything is safe.
There are many preinstalled folders and data types with icons. You can
easily add or delete folders, records or fields, everything can be set
according to customers’ wishes. You can organise data as you wish. There
are no limits to numbers of records, fields and folders. You can create as
many fields or records as you wish and need.

Key Features:

• Strong data encryption for your data security
• Backup feature added (now you can easily backup your data or
restore it from file)
• AutoLock function after some time of being idle
• Application is locked when it goes to background
• Layout settings for icons and view styles
• Total flexibility for adding, deleting and editing of folders,
records and fields
• Many data are predefined for you, so the application is ready to
use right after install
• Nice application design

More info as well as pdf user manual for Phone Wallet v. 2.0 can be found

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Hi-N-Bye for N95/N82

Hi-N-Bye is a fantastic new application for
Nokia N95 & N82 phones. It uses accelerometer,
which is embedded into your phone to translate
user hand gestures into simple, intuitive and
precise commands.


Answer phone calls with a simple pick-up gesture
End phone calls with a simple hang-up gesture
Turn the loudspeaker ON/OFF with user set gesture
Swap between two calls with user set gesture



Thursday, June 5, 2008

N95 firmwares are on the loose!

It looks like Nokia is going all guns blazing to keep the Nokia N95 owners happy. After yesterday’s long awaited update for the N95-3, today comes an update for its 8GB sibling. The latest firmware for the N95-4 is now v20.2.005 and is available via NSU.

Early reports at FinestFones from Goldskin and Mrweiser say that the N95-3 is now much faster in booting up, starting the camera(and saving pictures) and in general use which implies that demand paging is now present on the N95-3.

The search application has now been integrated into the standby screen AND Flash Lite 3 is now added to the browser meaning that flash videos from sites (NOT just YouTube) will play beautifully without the need for any 3rd party software.
The N95-3 update includes, but not limited to ;)
  • - Flash Lite 3 Support
  • - Faster Bootup
  • - Much Faster Camera
  • - Integrated Search
  • - Demand Paging - Phone gets faster
  • - No ASR
  • - N-Gage Demos

The N95 8GB update on the other hand seems to have nothing much than some under the hood touch-ups according to my friend Vaibhav.

Did you know about the N95 with gaming keys?

Well did you? I sure didn't until i read this post at AllAboutSymbian written by Tzer2. It so happens that with the new NGage app you get a 270 degree turn and 2 gaming keys. The 2 gaming keys, the play/pause and stop keys, act as game key A & B. Here's a video showing the gaming keys in action with a game of Creatures of the Deep on the N95 NGage! Oh, i luv dat game !!

E61i gets a booster as well

New Firmware v3.0633.69.00 For The E61i

Symbian-Guru brings good news at that the E61i is the latest Nokia E-Series to receive a firmware update, this one takes its current version from v1.0633.22.05 to a v3.0633.69.00.


Reading of SMS time stamp information unified between regions
SMS sending from SIM Toolkit - Profile 07 improved
Unicode Handling with Turkish characters corrected
Correction to fetching email from freemail server
Intellisync: Slowness of searching a contact for the first time corrected


After the startup, the phone recognizes the language to use from the SIM card
SMSC is re-read from SIM after switch on


Improvement of co-operation of Gizmo VoIP client and Internet voice mailbox
SIP Proxy Authentication corrected in outgoing call if two SIP profiles with same realm and user name


Correction of Chinese word corruption with WAP browser
Searching in Hebrew from portal corrected
Wap GET/POST forms corrected when using Greek characters
Reset during WAP browsing and MT calls corrected


Operator name list updated
Start-up settings updated
Settings Wizard updated
Start-up date changed to 1.1.2008
Correction of DRMClock behaviour with NITZObserver with negative time zone values
Localization improvements

Courtesy VaibhavSharma.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Technology sure is evolving..FaST !

A sofa cum bed cum floor mat cum what not! This is what I call adaptive furniture!
Now how the hell is that possible? :-o

Whoa! Talk about compact size! They should release smart phones like this! Nokia? Are you hearing me??!

Courtesy Tech from the Deep!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

No Certificates no symbiansigned... for BiNPDA releases!!

Hi install unsigned BiNPDA files without going to

And symbiansigned also doesn't allow us to sign BiNPDA files.

So this post helps you to sign all BiNPDA File with our own.

We can sign the UNSIGNED applications for the following modls.

Nokia N93i
Nokia N91 8GB
Nokia E62
Nokia E50
Nokia 5500
Nokia N93
Nokia N73
Nokia N80
Nokia N71
Nokia N92
Nokia E70
Nokia E60
Nokia E61
Nokia 3250

Nokia 6124 classic
Nokia N82
Nokia N95-3 NAM
Nokia E51
Nokia N95 8GB
Nokia N81
Nokia N81 8GB
Nokia 6121 classic
Nokia 6120 classic
Nokia 5700 XpressMusic
Nokia 6110 Navigator
Nokia E90 Communicator
Nokia N76
Nokia 6290
Nokia N95

To do this you need to follow the four steps

Step 1:

Install the TRK application for your Respective phones using the list below..

s60_3_0_app_trk_2_8_6.sisx for SymbianOS9 devices WITHOUT FP1

s60_3_1_app_trk_2_8_6.sisx for SymbianOS9 devices WITH FP1


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