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XPLOiT Your Nokia !

Here is some information that will help you find some cool information on your Nokia phone...The N95 has lots to pimp it, from the 5 megapixel do-it-all camera and VGA video capture at 30fps to the built-in GPS, stereo speakers(with custom options) and standard 3.5mm audio out. There's also the very latest Symbian OS , with dedicated multimedia functionality thrown in by the bucketload( and a mugload of updates each month).Latest update even has A-GPS( read 'bout it HeRe ). That removes all the disadvantged from this phone!

A main thing every computer owner needs is a system task manager, fortunately there's one built in for the n95 multimedia computer but you can get more options with Fexplorer or any one of the other applications available in the web. You can get them from my Beef Up Ur N95 Post. The link is at the bottom of this page.

Downgrade the camera

Now, this is going to seem like heresy, but do you actually need a 5 megapixel camera? Each image will take up well over a megabyte on your memory card.Even the built-in resoloution chooser in the camera application says that you only need the 5mp for enlarged photos. For printing large photos or viewing on a TV, 3 mp images are absolutely fine - why waste precious space if you don't have to? You can lower the camera resolution by opening the camera application and customising it's settings. Don't leave the camera on unless you are using it, obvious but its better to open /close than leave open.

Faster photo takes
One problem of the N95 is the time of it's image camera . This is mainly because the default setting for 'Show captured image' is 'On'. Loading and decoding a megabyte plus of JPG does take a while - do yourself a favour - if you can live without display of what you've just snapped, turn this setting 'Off' and you'll be able to snap photos only three seconds apart, much quicker than the default!

Extending your Battery Life
First switch of your WLAN,you can always scan manually if needed, but it saves your battery life if you manually scan.
Next turn the connection mode from dual mode to GSm as we don't have any 3G cells in India. Searching for 3G consumes a great amount of power than you can imagine and switching it off will give a noticeable difference in battery life. To do this, go into 'Tools Settings Phone Network' and change 'Network mode' to 'GSM' this will stop the N95 hunting for 3G signals.
Watch what applications you leave running in the background - some games and Java applications are especially processor hungry, even when in the background.
When using the N95 as a navigator, with display and GPS both active, do yourself a favour and buy a Rs.420 12V charger, so that instead of draining the battery at light speed you'll be gaining extra charge.
Animated Screensavers, i don't see much point in having them running when your not there anyway, and u can save a bit of battery just selecting Date and time, To do this Tools / Settings / general / Personalisation / Themes / Power saver and select "Date and Time".
Reduce screen display times, To do this Tools / Settings / General / Personalisation / Display / Power saver time set to 1 minute (minimum)
Reduce Light time out To do this Tools / Settings / General / Personalisation / Display / light time out, Set to your preference.

The Alarm Feature

You can put up numerous alarms on the phone simultaneously, each of
which can be scheduled to ring-up on working days, week days -
practically whenever you feel like it. The previous Symbian versions
recquired certain 3rd party apps for these functions to be used -
really sad considering that we're talking about the so-called
smartphones here. The S60 3rd Edition phone also has another feature
worth noting: The alarm will wake you up even if the phone's been
switched off! What's more, it will even ask you whether it can switch
itself on now that you are awake so that it can continue to help you
around..such a helpfull dude huh? :)

Fast Disconnect

The GPRS connection can be hung up just as you disconnect regular
voice calls by pressing the Hang-Up button for 2 secs. Upon doing this
it will ask for a confirmation - it comes in handy when you're
entering areas wherein the data charges are skyhigh, or for any other
reason that you can think of.

If you guys have uncovered something else that you'd like other people
to know feel free to comment about it here.

Video Recording
Make sure you use a top-spec, high performance microSD card. At 28MB/min you're going to need it.
When filming with the n95 don't pan around too fast with the camera, as the camera may start to get dizzy eventhough the spec is rated at 30fps.

How to increase RAM
delete the application "search" from your mobile by highlighting the "search" icon and pressing the "c" key
also double check in the application manager and delete any remaining "search" related items.
if you want to you can reinstall the "search" application but this time reinstall to your memory card.
( i dunno how this particualr trick works, i think it's because it uses real-time search for the keywords,not sure though )

Increasing RAM on your browser
settings--->general--->personalization--->display--->change font size to small/normal
open ur web browser--->options--->settings--->page---font size(change to small/normal)

Stopping applications from closing
a lot of us cant seem to multitask....applications are closing automatically...what u need to do is open the app that takes up more RAM open web browser before you open the music player - all two should work without closing.

Hidden running applications
in the background some apps continuously run....unknown to the bet install handy taskman on your device (phone memory preferably) and u can close them if you want to.
Don't leave applications running by accident, check by holding down key, select the unwanted app. then from the options select exit.

N95 wobbly/loose slider FiX
Here is a very easy albeit risky guide explaining you how to fix your loose slider with a screwdriver and some cello tape. The solution has been found out by Volcom883 in his blog so all i can give you is a link to his blog from where you can learn this very valuable trick. I advice you to get your tools and shut up yourself with your N95 in a room(not bad eH?)away from all disturbances.
Be careful guys.. and remember that if you attempt this yourself then you can wave goodbye to Nokia's Limited Guarantee.
Any ways here it is..

Removing Themes
We've all had a certain situation recently when we tried to get rid of some rather dumb themes from our phones after realising that they weren't as nice as they were shown to be. This trick(by zach) is to enable you to delete those themes safely and neatly from your phone. You need to connect your phone in mass storage to ur sys or get ur micro-sd connected through the adapter. The complete details can be had over here over here. Even though Zach has used it for his N80i it should work the n95s too.
And in case you removed the wrong theme, you can get some of 'em back thru this trick.

Turn bluetooth off , Its really easy to turn bluetooth On and Off, just use the preset voice command, just hold down top right key and say "bluetooth" when prompted repeat to turn off, to search for devices you will need to locate the application from the Menu. It's safer to keep your bluetooth of because it reduces chances of your N95 contracting viruses from other phones that may be near-by.

Always try to use the latest and best firmware and other applications with your phone as this will surely up it's performance.

..there's more to come...

Recommendation: Also check the BeeF iT! Section HeRe and The Tricks Section HeRe.

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Hey dude it rockks!!!>
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Anonymous said...

A tip on the bluetooth: if u press down the "pencil"- button(shift) and then the centered button (selectbutton) you get a shortcut to the bluetooth menu. its even more speedier then the voicecommand.
Sheers fot the tips Man!

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