Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Dropped your gadget in water?

It's Christmas time, and everything'll be hectic. But what happens when things get so hectic that you drop your handset in a tub of water or ur ipod in the gravy while cooking? Well there's nothing you can do to get your ipod back alive but the wet handset can be given a second chance - after all it's Christmas ! It's actually a neat trick involving uncooked rice and your phone (don't worry, u don't have to cook it!) So there you have it, a really ingenious way to dry of your wet phone.
You could also try condom-proofing your phone, after all - prevention is better than cure ! :)

Protecting your phone intimately ?

Protect your phone from the dangers of having unprotected dips? This video from Gizmodo shows how you can protect your phone just like you protect yourself. I think you can find sizes that match any kind of phone. I'd recommend using the Magnum for the N800 though. By the end of this procedure you'll be the proud owner of a water proof phone.

If your phone is already wet, then it might be worth it if you consider this.

P.S: The girl might wake you up.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Letter to Nokia Care about a crazy N95..

This is a letter written to Nokia Care concerning a crazy N95.. check it out...

Dear Nokia Care,

Subject: Malfunctioning device not repaired after 2 job sheets.

I had submitted my N95 within a month of my purchase to the Nokia Care Center in my city. The complaint is that the phone freezes at odd occasions when placing a call or playing music in the background and occasionally when the camera cover was opened.There are also crashes in between calls. I thought it was a network problem at first, but then it happened even after I changed from Vodafone to Airtel. The main problem has to do with it's slider which had started to make a loud clicking sound upon opening and closing followed by a small grinding feel, as well as leaving a dust of black material on the top right part of the keypad( above the number 3 key). The Care Center had told me that it was normal for the N95 to act that way and that the black powder was "grease"!?
I know very well that the slider problem was something faced by many N95 users and that it indeed is a defect of some N95s.
So I explained this to them and they took my phone for service and gave me a job sheet. After a week I got back my phone in the SAME condition. Then I gave them the handset back and they gave me another job sheet. After 3 weeks I got the handset back, with the right cover slightly protruding showing the black slider mechanism and the clicking only slightly reduced. Obviously someone had manhandled the device. I even had a video on it, with the camera pointed at a dark blue seat and a table with some torx screw drivers on it, and a voice of some guy at Nokia Care talking in Malayalam about
"How to record video, the red LED is lighting up, is it the flash?"
Nice. Unfortunately I lost the video when I updated the firmware. Moreover the other problems that I had with the phone still remained.

I have now resubmitted my phone to the Nokia Care Center with the Jobsheet number
274434038/080122/9 on January 22,2008. I have already lost a lot of time and money running around for a repair. I do not want to be tricked again by Nokia care again. Therefore I request you to replace my handset with a new perfectly working device.

Warm Regards,

xxxxxx xxxxxx

The Reply

Dear Mr. xxxxxx xxxxxx,

Thank you for emailing Nokia Care.

This e-mail is in reference to the service provision of your Nokia N95. We would like to inform you that Nokia manufactures mobile phones and accessories on the basis of reliability in optimal performance and user friendliness. It is always our sincere and diligent effort to recommend our customers to take the requisite care in the usage and maintenance of your Nokia product to ensure the desired performance as that of an electronic product. As the mobile phone is a product of high usage a greater degree of wear and tear is associated with it.

Further, you may kindly note that the service centre are authorized and recommended by Nokia and you can be rest assured that malpractices (mishandling) do not take place at our service centers. However, we value your feedback in this regard.

Furthermore, the Service Job Sheet created at the time of handset submission would provide the tentative date of delivery. We suggest you to contact the Nokia Care Centre on the date in order to collect the handset.

However, if the service provision of the handset is not complete on the defined date, we request you to revert to us so that we can further look in to the case.

For further enquiries, please feel free to contact our Technical Support Executives at 30303838 between the hours of 9:00am and 9:00pm, seven days a week. For online support, visit "Have a question? Ask Nokia" at www.nokia.co.in. You may also find answers to your queries at www.nokia.co.in/support. We reassure you of our continuous support.

Please help us improve our services by clicking on the following link:


Kind regards,

Nokia Care

Symbian s60 v3 Themes !

Get your free Nokia themes below!

If you are having problems with themes please read the following posts before asking questions: "certificate error" and "expired certificate"

Guess what guys!! A kool guy has designed a skin for Windows Media Player based on our beloved NokiaN95,chek it out..it really is cool and the perfekt addition for the Windows Media Player driver that the
computer comes bundled with. Really nice I must say - kinda like a virtual n95.

=>N95 SKiN<=

N95 theme
This here is a theme put forward by Zach of Symbian In Motion- a blog about our beloved Symbian OS. It's a real cool theme and i absolutely love it, pretty stunning too.Chek it out..

i95 Theme ;)

This theme caters to those of you who do not plan to go for a iphone but yet like it's feel. Get urself ur very own iphone theme, just make sure you don't let anyone drool right over your phone ;)
To download it from your PC, click here

CLick on the title to download the theme..
Purple bouque
Very rich colouring!

Mac Apple

The cool elegance of a mac,,


It's a wow theme!
Ain't they cute? :)

Cool Reaper

This guy is definitely cool!
Another Green theme
I seem to have a hidden penchant for green..

No Fear

Have no fear, it works..

Cool as usual..
Cool Reaper with a difference
This reaper is froma different era!
Windows XP emulator theme

Wind (default icons) by ICEman
(also available with customized icons)

Nseries 4 by ICEman
Nokia Abstract Style by ICEman
Abstract5 (default icons) By PTWS
(also available with customized icons)
Abstract7 (default icon) By PTWS
(also available with customized icons)
Extra themes: --> CLick here !
Hope you all enjoyed these themes,, there'll be more to come and I'll be glad if you can donate some of them yourself! :)

Most of these themes are compatible for the
N95, N78, N96, N76, N82, n81, E50 , E51 , E60 , E61E61i , E62 , e65 , E70 , E90.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Top Softwares to Beef up ur S60 v3 phone with!

₪ SymbianPileUp - Beef iT! ₪

Respected Netizens of Symbia, I bring to you the master,
the kinglist of all freeware applications, tested for you to use, with a new edition of our Beef iT! applications section and this time it's bigger than ever!!

CLick here to get them!

XPLOiT Your Nokia !

Here is some information that will help you find some cool information on your Nokia phone...The N95 has lots to pimp it, from the 5 megapixel do-it-all camera and VGA video capture at 30fps to the built-in GPS, stereo speakers(with custom options) and standard 3.5mm audio out. There's also the very latest Symbian OS , with dedicated multimedia functionality thrown in by the bucketload( and a mugload of updates each month).Latest update even has A-GPS( read 'bout it HeRe ). That removes all the disadvantged from this phone!

A main thing every computer owner needs is a system task manager, fortunately there's one built in for the n95 multimedia computer but you can get more options with Fexplorer or any one of the other applications available in the web. You can get them from my Beef Up Ur N95 Post. The link is at the bottom of this page.

Downgrade the camera

Now, this is going to seem like heresy, but do you actually need a 5 megapixel camera? Each image will take up well over a megabyte on your memory card.Even the built-in resoloution chooser in the camera application says that you only need the 5mp for enlarged photos. For printing large photos or viewing on a TV, 3 mp images are absolutely fine - why waste precious space if you don't have to? You can lower the camera resolution by opening the camera application and customising it's settings. Don't leave the camera on unless you are using it, obvious but its better to open /close than leave open.

Faster photo takes
One problem of the N95 is the time of it's image camera . This is mainly because the default setting for 'Show captured image' is 'On'. Loading and decoding a megabyte plus of JPG does take a while - do yourself a favour - if you can live without display of what you've just snapped, turn this setting 'Off' and you'll be able to snap photos only three seconds apart, much quicker than the default!

Extending your Battery Life
First switch of your WLAN,you can always scan manually if needed, but it saves your battery life if you manually scan.
Next turn the connection mode from dual mode to GSm as we don't have any 3G cells in India. Searching for 3G consumes a great amount of power than you can imagine and switching it off will give a noticeable difference in battery life. To do this, go into 'Tools Settings Phone Network' and change 'Network mode' to 'GSM' this will stop the N95 hunting for 3G signals.
Watch what applications you leave running in the background - some games and Java applications are especially processor hungry, even when in the background.
When using the N95 as a navigator, with display and GPS both active, do yourself a favour and buy a Rs.420 12V charger, so that instead of draining the battery at light speed you'll be gaining extra charge.
Animated Screensavers, i don't see much point in having them running when your not there anyway, and u can save a bit of battery just selecting Date and time, To do this Tools / Settings / general / Personalisation / Themes / Power saver and select "Date and Time".
Reduce screen display times, To do this Tools / Settings / General / Personalisation / Display / Power saver time set to 1 minute (minimum)
Reduce Light time out To do this Tools / Settings / General / Personalisation / Display / light time out, Set to your preference.

The Alarm Feature

You can put up numerous alarms on the phone simultaneously, each of
which can be scheduled to ring-up on working days, week days -
practically whenever you feel like it. The previous Symbian versions
recquired certain 3rd party apps for these functions to be used -
really sad considering that we're talking about the so-called
smartphones here. The S60 3rd Edition phone also has another feature
worth noting: The alarm will wake you up even if the phone's been
switched off! What's more, it will even ask you whether it can switch
itself on now that you are awake so that it can continue to help you
around..such a helpfull dude huh? :)

Fast Disconnect

The GPRS connection can be hung up just as you disconnect regular
voice calls by pressing the Hang-Up button for 2 secs. Upon doing this
it will ask for a confirmation - it comes in handy when you're
entering areas wherein the data charges are skyhigh, or for any other
reason that you can think of.

If you guys have uncovered something else that you'd like other people
to know feel free to comment about it here.

Video Recording
Make sure you use a top-spec, high performance microSD card. At 28MB/min you're going to need it.
When filming with the n95 don't pan around too fast with the camera, as the camera may start to get dizzy eventhough the spec is rated at 30fps.

How to increase RAM
delete the application "search" from your mobile by highlighting the "search" icon and pressing the "c" key
also double check in the application manager and delete any remaining "search" related items.
if you want to you can reinstall the "search" application but this time reinstall to your memory card.
( i dunno how this particualr trick works, i think it's because it uses real-time search for the keywords,not sure though )

Increasing RAM on your browser
settings--->general--->personalization--->display--->change font size to small/normal
open ur web browser--->options--->settings--->page---font size(change to small/normal)

Stopping applications from closing
a lot of us cant seem to multitask....applications are closing automatically...what u need to do is open the app that takes up more RAM first...eg: open web browser before you open the music player - all two should work without closing.

Hidden running applications
in the background some apps continuously run....unknown to the user....best bet install handy taskman on your device (phone memory preferably) and u can close them if you want to.
Don't leave applications running by accident, check by holding down key, select the unwanted app. then from the options select exit.

N95 wobbly/loose slider FiX
Here is a very easy albeit risky guide explaining you how to fix your loose slider with a screwdriver and some cello tape. The solution has been found out by Volcom883 in his blog so all i can give you is a link to his blog from where you can learn this very valuable trick. I advice you to get your tools and shut up yourself with your N95 in a room(not bad eH?)away from all disturbances.
Be careful guys.. and remember that if you attempt this yourself then you can wave goodbye to Nokia's Limited Guarantee.
Any ways here it is..

Removing Themes
We've all had a certain situation recently when we tried to get rid of some rather dumb themes from our phones after realising that they weren't as nice as they were shown to be. This trick(by zach) is to enable you to delete those themes safely and neatly from your phone. You need to connect your phone in mass storage to ur sys or get ur micro-sd connected through the adapter. The complete details can be had over here over here. Even though Zach has used it for his N80i it should work the n95s too.
And in case you removed the wrong theme, you can get some of 'em back thru this trick.

Turn bluetooth off , Its really easy to turn bluetooth On and Off, just use the preset voice command, just hold down top right key and say "bluetooth" when prompted repeat to turn off, to search for devices you will need to locate the application from the Menu. It's safer to keep your bluetooth of because it reduces chances of your N95 contracting viruses from other phones that may be near-by.

Always try to use the latest and best firmware and other applications with your phone as this will surely up it's performance.

..there's more to come...

Recommendation: Also check the BeeF iT! Section HeRe and The Tricks Section HeRe.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Special Mobisophy Pack

Free Download Here (10 MB)
An unconventional call manager beyond your imagination!
The world first IVR (Interactive Voice Response) powered call management solution in your phone! With IVR technology, it will convert your phone to a professional corporate telephony system, just like there is an operator in your phone! Except IVR, IVCM is also an all purposes call control manager for your daily voice and video calls.
Mobisophy Interactive Voice Call Master v2.10.
Mobisophy Interactive Voice Call Master v2.21

Innovative remote control, anti-theft and data protection solution!

Phone Alone is an innovative remote control, anti-theft and data protection solution. It helps you to access your phone when it is not available. Like set up it as a auto answering & call forwarding machine, get back contacts, protect private data on the phone, locate where is your phone or lock/unlock your phone. Remotely!
Mobisophy Phone Alone v1.00 S60v3 SymbianOS 9.1.
Mobisophy Phone.Alone.v1.00.S60v3 SymbianOS 9.2.

Manage your daily voice and video calls extremely easy with PhonePilot.
It's all-in-one call management tool for everyone, which is integrated almost all call control functions you can imagine, including black/white list call filter, answering machine, call conversation recorder, auto call diverter and SMS responder. You can even define profiles to meet different situations and switch to different profiles automatically by build-in scheduler.
Mobisophy Phonepilot v2 10 2730 S60v3 Unsigned Cracked
Mobisophy Phone Pilot v2.00 S60v3 SymbianOS 9.1.
Mobisophy Phone Pilot v2.21 1240 S60v3.Symbian OS 9.1
Want to stay in touch all the time? Do it with UltraIM!

Just take a picture and set it as display picture. Your contacts will see what you captured!

UltraIM Pro supports peer-to-peer file transfer and is very easy to share photos. It's the only mobile messenger supports "MSN display picture".

Mobisophy UltraIM Pro.v1.20.S60.J2ME.Cracked-BiNPDA
Mobisophy UltraIM v1.40.S60.J2ME.Cracked
Voice Call Master v1 50 Mobisophy Interactive - S60 App PDA

Free Download Here (10 MB)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Play A Foosball aka Table Soccer Game Powered By The Accelerometer

Thats right. With a flick of the wrists just like in real Foosball you wind up your player and smack the crap out of the ball. If your one of those that can't resist a foosball table then this game is for you. I have a few friends that are Foosball junkies.Two students from the University of Applied Sciences in Austria are behind this project.
Benjamin Gmeiner and Yen-Chia Lin are developing a table soccer game that uses the accelerometer in S60 phones like the N82 and N95 to control the players. This is a watered down version of the popular game which is just two against one, two players and a goalie. Holding the phone in landscape, tilt left and right moves the player across the table and rotating the phone towards you and away will wind up and shoot the ball.
I found this yesterday over at the Forum Nokia Blogs where developers hang out and share what their working on. This application is developed with the Python language and I'm finding that Python is the easiest code to work with for developing applications and games for S60. I have a small application in mind that I think I'm gonna try. Keep in mind however this game is still under development and in beta phase. You can install it on your phone and see what they have so far.
For now head over the the article where you can read more about this game and find the download link. Make sure you have the latest version of Python installed.Foos your heart out!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Nokia releases new firmware update for Nokia N96

As feature-packed and stylishly designed as the Nokia N96 is, the N96 has been plagued with stability and performance problems. But, that’s all about to change with the new Nokia N96 firmware. The new firmware update from Nokia promises to make the Nokia N96 faster, improves camera accuracy, and increases WiFi reception range.

Nokia N96 owners looking to tune-up their handset can download the Nokia N96 v12.043 update through the Software Updater. MobileBurn is also reporting that the firmware update may be available through the Nokia N96’s OTA (over-the-air) update utility. To wireless download the update, simply dial *#0000# from the stand-by screen and then navigate to Options>Check for update.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Accelerometer Application FlipSilent Now Compatible With N85, N96, Feature Pack 2 Devices

What does FlipSilent do?
A freeware which makes you use your nokia phone (symbian s60 3rd) in a more natural way:When you are in a meeting or dating, and a call is coming in, you can flipover your phone to make it go into the silent profile and hang up the phone call or mute the ringer — without touching anything on the phone, just flip it over, your phone will go into silence! Also, you can flipover your phone into silence when the alarm goes off, by either snooze or stop the alarm.

Click here to download FlipSilent.

Good News For Feature Pack 2?

This upgrade for compatibility is a great sign that developers will begin making their applications work for the newer S60 devices. I know this was a worry for many, that some of their favorite applications would be left behind if they upgraded to a newer device, but this is a great example that this won't happen and eventually most developers will catch on. We're already seeing this with lots of the great theme makers, creating specific versions for Feature Pack 2.Cheers to that!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Yanthra 08

Just wanted all you guys to know that my college is hosting a motor show on December30th and the 31st in Kerala, India.
This the video,

Friday, December 12, 2008

Nokia PC Suite 7.1 released with built-in Communication Center

Version 7.1 still can’t match Ovi Suite in terms of multimedia handling, but in the most important part, phone management arena, it excels.

Aside from being more stable than previous releases, Nokia PC Suite now features the Communication Center built-in. In addition, there’s a new calendar view as well more tight integration with the phone, allowing users to manage calls and messages from the comfort of their computer.

All being said, we still want pieces of the Ovi Suite integrated in the “vanilla edition” of the Nokia PC Suite. Why on Earth it needs to be so confusing. A single PC Suite to “rule them all” is all we need. And I think that’s exactly what’s going to happen at some point in the future. Hopefully, sooner rather than later.
In the meantime, if you want to download Nokia PC Suite 7.1,

Download: Nokia PC Suite 7.1

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Are the new "mobiles" getting out of hand ?

It really seems to be so, at least from what I've heard it seems theses latest cell phones are getting way too sophisticated to keep the term Mobile. Nokia saw that and termed it's phones to be Multimedia Computers but does that justify buying them ? I mean for the price of one of the new Nseries phone to hit the market, the N97, you could go get yourself a decent laptop which would still give you sufficient mobility with way better performance. Sure it wouldn't fit in a pocket, but who'd ever see films on your mobile phone or take on business while you're getting the only leisure time that's available these days - commuting. I don't if i'm wrong here but for me and most of my friends the only leisure we get is on the bus or the train - and in India trying to read or even use your mobile while on the bus is a very bad idea.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Buddycloud v.0.02.55 For Symbian 3rd

Buddycloud is an application for your mobile phone that lets your friends know what you are doing and where you are.

With Buddycloud you can “bookmark” the places where you like to hang out. As you move about on your daily business, Buddycloud automatically notices when you enter or leave a bookmarked place. This is instantly displayed on your friends’ phones and, optionally, published on your profile onFacebook or Twitter. Once at a place, you can comment on it by writing on its “wall” or simply read the comments left by others. With the built-in instant messaging you can chat with friends and people from all over the world. Buddycloud also provides a “nearby browser” where you can see and interact with people and places that happen to be near your current location.


Buddycloud v.0.02.55 For Symbian 3rd

Monday, December 8, 2008

Nokias N97 - qwerty, touch, what not ?

Click to enlarge

The Nokia N97 is the latest offering flagship model from the Finnish cell phone company, which might use this to get up after the setback which it got from the not so great N96. The N97 comes with a 3.5-inch 640×360 touchscreen display with tactile feedback, 5-megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss glass lens, slide out QWERTY keypad, HSDPA, WiFi, Bluetooth, A-GPS, 32GB internal memory and support for additional memory of 16GB via microSD. This marks the continuing evolution of Nokia’s touchscreen phones and the first time an Nseries mobile phone features a QWERTY keypad. While it does lack DVB-H technology that’s found in the N96, I’m sure most users wouldn’t mind that small sacrificial lamb for the N97’s existing feature set. Besides, i don't know if anyone even used it. This is also yet another tactic that Nokia uses to balance it's numerous phones. 

Here’s a short promotional video for the N97 to get you even more excited for 2009.

It’s expected to begin shipping in the first half of 2009 with a €550 (roughlyP34,500) price tag attached to it excluding tax and subsidies. With its impressive line of features, I’m sure aspiring N96 and 5800 XpressMsuic phone owners will now think twice before making any hasty purchases from now until mid next year.

While there’s still no certainty if it will make it to the local market, I’m pretty optimistic that this one won’t suffer the same fate as the 6260 slide. Let’s just hope that when it does, its price won’t even come close to that of the XPERIA X1 so that more of us can get to enjoy this new beauty.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Mive.TV BETA 1.2

Mive.tv is a free application that lets you to search, preview and download any video from the internet directly to your symbian phone.

Compatible Devices
LG KS10, KT610.
Nokia 5320, 5700, 6110 Navigator, 6120 Classic, 6121 Classic, 6124 Classic, 6210 Navigator, 6220 Classic, 6290, E51, E66, E71, E90, N73 (SW 4.x up), N75 (SW 3.x up), N76, N78, N81, N81 8G, N82, N95, N95 8G, N96.
Samsung SGH-i400, SGH-i450, SGH-i520, SGH-i550, SGH-i560.


Saturday, December 6, 2008

FIFA 2009 now available on N-Gage

Nokia’s N-Gage platform. If you still haven’t spotted it in the N-Gage app, make sure you update it first — select “Options” and then “Update Now” and the game should appear in the list. Alternatively, you may want to wait a couple of days until the latest FIFA hits the N-Gage website if you prefer to install it via PC.

As with any new FIFA, player information has been updated to the most current one. The graphics seem little enhanced, though it’s hard to tell since even the previous FIFA (2008) looked stunning on N-Gage.
Don’t have an N-Gage app on your Nokia? Simply update your device firmware and the N-Gage app will appear. You’ll need a compatible handset, of course, which means any of the newer Nokia NSeries smartphones, or Nokia 5320 XpressMusic or 6210 Navigator…

Friday, December 5, 2008

GPS action - location dependent actions

Screenshot of GPS-Action - software for Series 60 Screenshot of GPS-Action - software for Series 60 Screenshot of GPS-Action - software for Series 60

This cool software works a lot differently from the rest, making sure things don't happen to you at akward instances. Depending on your geographical location GPS-Action will fire alarm, open the application, change profile, launch the website, open a document or a certain application for you. Bluetooth status change included, of course.

No more time lost with GPS-Action: your mobile knows the right time and right place!

GPS and Cell ID positioning: available to all S60.3 devices, also without GPS.

There are two types of location positioning: GPS positioning and Cell positioning. GPS positioning is very precise. It is achieved via satellite and it is available for the devices with built-in GPS or external GPS-receiver. This location type has its drawback: connection to the satellite is not possible through walls. So if you are inside, your GPS position will most probably not be retrieved.

For this case, and also for the devices without built-in GPS receiver, we have the second positioning type: location by Cells. Cells are available at all GSM operators, it is the mast where your mobile is receiving the information about the GSM network and your mobile operator. This info is available everywhere, where the GSM network is available. However, the CellID positioning is not so precise. As the GPS positioning, sometimes cells are situated far from each other, so the area for your landmark can be vast enough

Key Features:

Alarms and actions performed silently, as soon as the geographical target is achieved

Recurring alarms and actions with many scheduling conditions

Variety of actions include: change profile, change BT status, open document, launch application, launch website.

Action frequency can be restricted for the case you are approaching the same landmark more then once

Time range for the action or alarm can be restricted, you will not be bothered at night.

Two types of geo positioning: based on GPS and Cell information

Available for all Series 60.3 devices, even to those without GPS receiver.

Full synchronisation with native Nokia Landmarks

Minimal alarm playtime can be set, as well as personalized alarm note

Customizable alarm sound for every single alarm.

For Symbian OSBuy Full Version ($9.99)Download TrialGPS-Action User Manual

Thursday, December 4, 2008

iSync Plugin For The 5800 XpressMusic

The 5800 XpressMusic has started selling in some countries, but if you’re a Mac computer owner and you just got your hands on the 5800, you must have noticed that there is still no official iSync plugin for the 5800 XpressMusic by Nokia which makes it hard for new users to sync their calendar and contacts from their Mac to the device.

Well, this is no longer the case, as the multi-talented tnkgrl has decided to tinker a little bit, and put a plugin for the 5800 XpressMusic herself. I can’t test the plugin myself as I have no 5800 XpressMusic lying around me, but tnkgrl does and I believe that she made sure the plugin works before publishing it.

Anyway, you can head here to download the plugin and get all the information you need to get it to work, and make sure you get back to use and to tnkgrl to tell us if it works and if there are any issues with it.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Emoze Push Email on Your Mobile Device

Push your personal & business emails, contacts & calendar directly to your mobile device!Emoze is Mobile Email Application, Free and accessible for all mobile users around the world.with emoze you can receive your emails and Outlook data anywhere, anytime, handle your schedule and meetings via your cell phone.Access information about your Contacts and synchronized Personal Information Management (PIM)

More Feature Emoze
-Data is pushed automatically to your mobile handset or PDA with no need to connect to a service or click send\receive
-Military-grade secure, encrypted transmissions behind your firewall
-Totally free accessibility with no costly packages, specific hardware or
software platforms

Download: Emoze version 1.04

Monday, December 1, 2008

Foreca Weather v1.3.1 S60 3rd edition

ForecaWeather is a Symbian application, which provides current conditions, 10 day weather forecasts and various weather animations for any location world-wide.The application is designed for S60 3rd edition devices (for example Nokia N- and E-series)

You can choose from over 140.000 hand picked locations or you can retrieve forecasts for your current location using your phone’s GPS. You can also use the Landmarks in your phone or you can enter a new location by coordinates. ForecaWeather lets you display a 10-day forecast in your phone’s calendar as memos.

ForecaWeather features the following Foreca mobile produts:

  • Current conditions
  • Detailed forecast with 6h time
  • steps-Long 10 day forecast
  • Weather radar (North Europe and USA)
  • Temperature forecast map
  • Precipitation forecast map
  • Symbol map
  • Wind forecast map
  • Cloudiness forecast map
  • Satellite images

Click here to download a fully functional trial version of ForecaWeather.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Beef Up! Any of your phones with Java

Yea people, this time on, your buddy "Beef iT!" has a new Avatar on show. And this time we'll be catering to all you people out there who don't have a Series 60 V3 handset like the Sony Ericcson k850i for instance. Because this time we'll be focussing on the best Java apps out there! Start downloading and don't forget to give me your views - like if there's a new app that you'd like me to add..

[click on the title to download]

A useful Instant Messaging and mobile chat application that lets you stay in contact. It gives you flexible, cheap international calls using SMS callback and throwback , cheap international SMS and allows you to Chat using MSN and Yahoo!, or in any one of Mig33's chat rooms" .

Google Maps
Combining directions, maps, and satellite imagery, Google Maps is a free download that lets you find local hangouts and businesses across town or across the country — right from your phone. You need to have a GPRS connection though.

Widsets- Widsets is a simple service that brings useful information available on the Internet directly to your NSeries Device. There are two parts to Widsets - the application you load on your device and a web service you set up and configure on the Internet. Try it, the interface is beautiful and its a pretty fun application to use when downloading feeds and such.

CARNIVAL OF MOBILIST RSS READER - This is a free application which collects some of the best mobile news and articles featured on the web. If you are keen on finding out how the mobile world may impact you in the future, send your browser to here.

ScanR Scan Copy and Fax
scanR turns your camera phone into a scanner, copier and fax. Scan business cards, fax documents and capture whiteboard notes. Just take photos, send them to scanR, and get clean, legible copies as a PDF, text file or vCard. Impressive isn't it?

Nimbuzz - Join the mobile Freedom
Awesome free-calling, chat, IM, voice messaging client. Chat to your buddies on Skype, MSN, Google Talk, Yahoo, AIM, Jabber for free. Superior voice quality for over 500 mobiles worldwide. International calls at local cost. Free VoIP is slated for release too!

eBuddy Mobile Messenger
The eBuddy Mobile Messenger is a Multi-Network application, especially designed for the best Instant Messaging experience. Download it to your phone to chat on MSN, Yahoo!, AIM and Google Talk all in one single buddylist. Saves a lot of frustration when you don't have to shuttle between windows of your different IM services.

Mobium GPS
Mobium GPS is a Navigation System for Windows Mobile PDAs and SmartPhones. Search among 12 million business listings or for te cheapest GAS prices and get voice-prompted GPS Navigation. You need to have GPS activated phone for this though. LIke the N95 for instance.

CellSpin - Easiest Mobile Blogging
CellSpin lets users create content (video, audio, photos and text) on their mobile phone and then post it to popular sites. CellSpin supports Facebook, Blogger, YouTube, Picasa, Flickr, Live Journal, Live Spaces and eBay, with more to come.

Cellity Communicator
The coolest mobile features - in one free software product! Get free text messages, low cost international calls, easy phone conferencing at an excellent speech quality and many more features. Get your cellity Communicator now!

Over the Air Magic
Phone book backup and Management solution Web access to mobile data GPRS Messaging Global free OTAM messaging Advanced Search

JLearnItME is a multilingual dictionary. It contains most of the European languages (15 languages). If the word is not found, the nearest words are shown.

i-Citizen 3D world
Worlds first 3D Avatar world for mobile handsets. Come and meet new people chat and make new friends.

Enjoy wireless management of ALL phone files (C:D:E:Z:) from convenience of favorite computer browser. First software for Wi-Fi file transfer between phone and computer! Photos, video, mp3 and ALL other files are just a few mouse clicks away.

Download and try XHoroscope for free. XHoroscope is a mobile application service which is devoted to lovers of astrology with specific reference to love and sex. Sexual Compatibility between astrological signs.


The AntiGnat is a Java application that supposedly produces sounds that are presumed to be inaudible to the human ear (of 5KHz 25KHz), but that theoretically they would be capable to repel mosquitoes and other types of insects. The last time i tried a different avatar of this software it ended up letting me down..and i ended up deleting it's post.. I'll check this one out and see whether it has the same fate.

Get More Java hErE!

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