Thursday, November 25, 2010

Motorola facing Ban in US

Apple filed the complaint against Motorola on October 29 after Motorola filed its own patent-infringement claims at the ITC in Washington on October 6. The Apple complaint also names Motorola Mobility, which will be spun off by Motorola next year. Additionally, Apple filed a civil suit in October against Motorola in federal court in Madison, Wisconsin. MotoJustice!

The investigation adds to the cases pending before the ITC over the technology behind the growing market for smartphones, which can perform some of the functions of computers. The line has been crossed between computers and smartphones and now a slew of patent infringements will be filed by every company hoping to make a quick buck out of all the confusion. Motorola of Schaumburg, Illinois, also has patent fights at the ITC with Microsoft Corp, while Cupertino, California-based Apple is in fights with HTC Corp and Nokia Oyj.

Courtesy: Motorola phones may face ban in US - The Times of India

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