Saturday, August 27, 2011


It's called the MountMe Freedom iPad 2 Mount which basically allows you to mount your iPad 2 more or less anywhere!  To do this it uses 4 suction cups and a bracket - the bracket attaches to the back of your iPad as a sort of case and the suction cups attaches to the bracket -so you can use it with or without them.  The bracket allows you to use your iPad 2 at more or less any angle and doubles up as a kickstand for if you're just using your iPad at your desk.  With the suction cups though, you could take a leaf out of the Fridgepad books and stick it on the fridge or there's always glass and windows (car windows?) but if the suction cups just won't cut it then you also get a strap so you can tie it up instead opening up so many new possibilities!  The MountMe costs just under £55. Funny name too lol

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