Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Galaxy S4 vs. iPhone 5S

Two of the most hyped mobile devices currently on the planet, Samsung's Galaxy S4 and Apple's iPhone 5S will be the epicenter of every geeks dream. This article hopes to compare the two devices based on what our friends at ThePunditReport have said.

The iPhone 5S prediction at TPR says a lot of good things about the upcoming iPhone, but there's nothing exciting that is worth talking about yet. This is probably due to the fact that no one really knows what the next iPhone will pack and rumors run far and wide from a bigger phone to a smaller plastic phone and everything in between.

That said, everyone is currently on a buying spree of the Galaxy S4 and it's umpteen variants. TPR has a list of five reasons of why people are being mislead to buy the S4.

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Wow nice New Samsung Galaxy Mobile Launched it may take apple down

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