Saturday, October 20, 2007

iGo Sierra - i luv it!!

Superb setup, excellent feel, slick designing
albeit a finger-print magnet for a cover, but more importantly - it takes care of
the N95 typing bug! :)
And finally I have received the Stowaway Sierra Keyboard from the guys at iGo - the same guys who brought out the iGo Juice 70 and other cool stuff.

At first glance, the gleaming body itself lets you justify spending your hard-earned bucks on this great device. The external casing comes in a smooth fluid metallic silver that gives it a really slick look(although it turns out to be quite a magnet for finger prints, but hey! who's perfect??)

Press the button at the middle and it opens up like a book and unfolds into all it's glory..This star performer of ours turns out to be quite different wonder they said never to judge a book by it's cover! ;)

The gleaming metal outside gives way to a black matte finish inside while opening up to a 100% full size keyboard, complete with a 5 row keyboard including dedicated numerical keys - all this while managing to weigh a mere 6 oz!! ( i bet all u models out there envy this :D)

The drivers for the Sierra are available over the air, made availableby iGo. But it sems they haven't updated the their site with the n95drivers - as yet(hope it does come soon).

The range for this device is very good even though we wouldn't need it... how far away would it be possible for you to sit and read from your tiny mobile screen!

Of course it is possible to connect the N95 to a TV screen, which when used along with the Sierra would give you a real neat computing experience - whether it's for gaming or surfin' the net or blogging!

Just make sure you've got a spare AAA battery in case the charge dies out while you're shooting up people in GTA or driving thru in NFS or ..[bated breath]..busy blogging!!

One of the problems that I've found on the design side of the keyboard is that after some use the "Insert key" on the keyboard which also hot links to the Web Application tends to bend a little to the left side.

Upon closer inspection, I've put this down to the pressure exerted by the key coming opposite to it when the keyboard is closed - namely the "M" Key. Unlike the other keys, this particular key only comes in contact with half of the Insert/Web button thus possibly deforming the pad on which it rests.

This problem is in no way to be considered a major one, as it isn't seen easily even if you look for it. Nothing to worry about as the keyboard is still as fantastic as it used to be.. :)

iGo Stowaway unboxing video here:

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Newsplexer said...

So where does one obtain the S60-3rd driver for the Sierra since their website and ota service say there is no support for the n95??

DiLin Anand said...

I'd run into the same prob. The only soltuion to this is to use the drier for the N93i - it works nicelysince both handsets have the same OS but certain functions are disabled. It's highly usable though..

Anonymous said...

And now the N93i drivers seem to have disappeared too, leaving me with a lovely shiny keyboard that I can't use with my N95! Any ideas anyone?

Anonymous said...

And now the N93i drivers seem to have disappeared too, leaving me with a lovely shiny keyboard that I can't use with my N95! Any ideas anyone?

DiLin Anand said...

i'd recommend using that of any other phone that uses the s60 v3 os irrespective of it's peature pack.

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