Saturday, October 6, 2007

N95 gets 6X LeNS !

Mobile phones with cameras are proving to be immensely useful for many purposes, mainly because they have the advantage of always being with you.

Sadly, the companies sell u phones with a 3.MPcam now and put-of the 7 MPfor next year, eventhough they could bring it out now if they wanted to. Accordingly, cameras with high quality optics are still rare and optical zoom lenses on cameras are even rarer.The N95 has a hi-res 5MP cam-but with no optical power while the n93i has the optical lens but powered by just a paltry 3.2MP sensor.

So if you’re one of those people who would like to have a 6X optical zoom on your mobile and would gladly pay big bucks for it, here’s one that will do the job for just US$19(excl. of shipping). It has a manual zoom and focus but as you can see from the images , it works very well, particularly at that price.

Shown here, is the kit and a N95 with the lens installed. For ordering you could visit their site HeRe. More personal reviews will be posted if i get to review the product.

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