Monday, February 18, 2008

Why Nokia? Why do you do this??

The N95 is indeed a great camera-phone. It has loads of great
features, 5MP sensor, 30fps video recording, auto-focus camera,
Carl-Zeiss lens, great color recreation, and a whole load of
customization features.

What it lacks is a Video Editor.

I know, I know, it does have one. But have you ever been able to use
it for editing one of those 5MP videos of yours? If yes you'll have
ended up face to face with the now famous slogan of the N95 -[b]
Memory full! Close some programs and try again.
And it flashes up even if you do close all programs, with the video
editor being the only open app. Neat little joke by Nokia huh? But i
think it sucks!
Why did they put in the video editor anyway?? I never understood why they did that..

Ah..and I think Nokia heard my complaints and responded to it
too..albeit in a sad kinda way.

It happened when they brought tout the N95 8GB. A phone that boasts of
128MB RAM, something that we'd begun to see only in computers from
2001. With that kind of RAM I would have been happy editing videos to
glory on my phone. But of course Nokia, by some strike of genius
didn't even include the feature in the handset. Now don't ask me why!
Why they did it, I believe, is, and will remain, a mystery for ages to come.


Now they plan to bring out the Nokia N96!

Even though Nseries stands for NextGen handsets the only nextGen the N96 packs is a different look - the features are more less the same as in the N95. You only get an extra 16GB of onboard memory and a dual LED flash, which isn'nt that bad., but it ain't worth the money no matter what anyone says!

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