Friday, February 22, 2008

Expenses 2.0

SymbianGuru has updated its expense tracking software and released Expenses 2.0. The update has following new features implemented:-
Now application is password protected, and secures your expenses from unauthorised access

- The font and colour of the on screen reports became customizable
- User now can create own expenses categories, for sorting the expenses according to the needs
- Bug with big numbers import was fixed

Expenses for Series 60.3 organizes private and business expenses in quick and easy way. Comprehensible interface, quick but password protected access to
all expenses make Expenses to beloved tool for budget optimization.

Expenses 2.0 for Series 60 3rd edition track all kinds of expenses, create customized on-screen reports and export expenses records into CSV format for
MS Excel.

Expenses for Series 60.3 save your time and save your money, optimizing your budget. It is unbearable tool for home and business finance.

Key Features of Expenses 2.0 include:

1. Customizable list view of all your expenses, also with the personal notes
2. Secure password protection
3. Application options lets user personalize the main page view, report view, all used expenses types, currencies and payment methods
4. When recording a new expense, the most used expenses types will come first in the list to avoid much scrolling
5. Unlimited number of expenses categories can be created for keeping separately different expenses types
6. User can make a personal note to every expense
7. User can get the total of all expenses just with one click
8. Report on screen can be made, with custom data chosen for the certain period and fully customizable report view
9. Easy export MS Excel (universal CSV format)

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