Saturday, February 2, 2008

My Portfolio for s60-3 released: get your Google Finance data to your mobile!

SymbianGuru released the new Freeware business solution My Portfolio for Series 60-3 mobile phones. My Portfolio updates Google Finance courses information directly from your Google Finance account to your mobile. You have only to enter correct login and password for Google Finance and have Google Finance account active.

My Portfolio is a free Series 60 v3 finances application that updates your Google Finance portfolio in the real time on your mobile. You get the most needed information from your own portfolio displayed, such as: company name; symbol, last price and percent change.

All other data about your portfolio units is also available, exactly as you can get it online.

There is an auto refresh option available: My Portfolio will be automatically refreshed with the updated data every set period of time. Please note: the auto refresh function will work only if the My Portfolio application is open.

You can also get the history of every unit in your portfolio, based on time period defined by you.

My Portfolio key features:
- Easy setup and login

- Detail view of all stocks

- Auto-refresh function
- History for a certain stock can be requested

- Help feature implemented
- Totally freeware!

My Portfolio is freeware, users who like it are asked to donate at

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