Friday, July 11, 2008

Things that went unnoticed..

Guess there's more to a Series 60 V3 phone than meets the eye.
Only recently did I come to know about the great alarm feature
and a way to disconnect GPRS instantly on our Nokia N95, the N95 8 Gb and the n95 NAM.

The Alarm Feature

You can put up numerous alarms on the phone simultaneously, each of
which can be scheduled to ring-up on working days, week days -
practically whenever you feel like it. The previous Symbian versions
required certain 3rd party apps for these functions to be used -
really sad considering that we're talking about the so-called
smart phones here. The S60 3rd Edition phone also has another feature
worth noting: The alarm will wake you up even if the phone's been
switched off! What's more, it will even ask you whether it can switch
itself on now that you are awake so that it can continue to help you
around..such a helpful dude huh? :)

Fast Disconnect

The GPRS connection can be hung up just as you disconnect regular
voice calls by pressing the Hang-Up button for 2 secs. Upon doing this
it will ask for a confirmation - it comes in handy when you're
entering areas wherein the data charges are sky high, or for any other
reason that you can think of.

If you guys have uncovered something else that you'd like other people
to know feel free to comment about
it here.
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