Friday, July 11, 2008

Cons on the N95 firmware update..

George has left a new comment on your post "N95 FirmwWare updated too!":

Hi, I did the update too and I am really very very disappointed and very angry. And this is because I lost the tracking feature. It was a main reason to buy the phone and Nokia has not the right to take it back in this snaky way.A friend who has the same N95 and bought it about the same time didn't update and still has the feature (laughing at me). What is also unacceptable is the stupid answer of Nokia (to people who e-mailed it for this) that the feature was promotional or trial and so limited. Bullshit!! Nobody told that before we bought the phone or nowhere this was written in the adds. And the proof is that I had the feature for 9 months until I updated.Plus my friend who didn't update still has it and will have it if not update. Its only a cheap trick to make us pay for navigation which changed my opinion for Nokia until it apologize and give us the feature back. I payed for the phone with the tracking feature and so it belongs to me.This is a rip off. Sorry Nokia ,BIG mistake and against the law. I have spent hours and hours for this story and I am furious. If someone has a solution I'll be glad to see it as I will not stop reacting for my rights on this matter. thanks

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