Saturday, January 19, 2008

Worlds of Mobile And Social Networking..

The worlds of mobile and social networking keep circling each other but (the hibernating Jaiku aside) never seem to really hit it off. Ewan Spence has been looking at Zyb, an online sync host and social network that launched recently. How integrated is Zyb and is it worth signing up for yet?

"So Zyb has many things going for it, but most of these things are only slightly above what you would expect. You have solid sync, but that option is available from many companies, e.g. Mobical or GooSync. You have a no-frills social network competing with similar networks with much greater complexity.

But, most importantly, you have a mobile focussed product with very little mobile component to it. I’d love to come back in six months, see what’s happening on the handset and recommend Zyb then, because right now I don’t think “that’s cute and looks nice” is enough to give it more than a qualified nod of the head.

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