Friday, January 25, 2008

N800 - an overview

The N800 is an evolutionary step above the older model, the 770. Featuring a 320 Mhz TI CPU, two SD slots, 128 MB RAM, 256 MB flash storage, dual mini-SD slots, 4.1" 800x480 touchscreen, WiFi, Bluetooth, 3.5mm headphones jack and mini-USB port. On the top of the device you will find the zoom buttons, the fullscreen on/off button and the microphone while on the front of the device there is a 5-way joypad and 3 additional buttons: close application/window, application's menu and task-switch. On the left side there is a retractable VGA video-call camera. Below the device you will find a very practical kickstand, which is very nice if you are using your N800 to watch movies in style. The kickstand has two levels, allowing the N800 to "sit back" nicely.

The Nokia N800 is by no means a replacement for a cellphone, rather it is intended to complement them enhancing their usefulness. The Nokia N800 is actually a new breed of gadgets, called Internet Tablet, which are designed to perform an Internet related task. The Nokia N800’s sole purpose is to provide easy access to Internet related features, such as web browsing, instant messenger, Internet calling, Internet radio, e-mail and so on as well a slew of other cool features..You could keep it as a replacement for your coffee table book maybe?!

The touch Screen of the n800 is pretty nice but it is extremely prone to scratches, and as they accumulate over time things it tends to get really bad.

Another problem that I've found also relating to the is flickering. It becomes really noticeable especially when you're playing music at full volume and the screen goes into standby. I think it's got to do with the power management program since it occurs only when the screen is dimmer.

And speaking about music playback, my first impression judging by the size of the speakers turned out to be a rather big nokia 5300 has better sound output.

The handwriting recognition software is really great once you get used to the experience. It can even recognize strike out and will erase the striked text.

In the following post I will be focusing on the N800 and it's stuff, with videos here ,until then Adios!

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