Tuesday, June 10, 2008

iphone conversation

This a conversation on the new iPhone between me and my uncle. He's the one who usually updates me on the new happenings in the tech world. Thanks!

The new iphone came yesterday.
It will be released in india by september or so
Comes with 3G data, GPS, push email etc

9:09 PM me: Is there any difference in design?
Suthan: It looks the same
slightly thicker
me: :- o
9:10 PM Suthan: engadget has all the details
me: k, thnx

9:13 PM me: The new iphone's pretty cheap!
Suthan: Ya that too
But over here u need 2yr contract
I mean it's same as the old one
9:14 PM Also 30$ per month for unlimited data
old one was $20 for unlimited data
This one is 3G, so everything loads faster..
9:17 PM me: ye,probably that's why they made it 30$, they know there'll be more data transfer happenin'
Suthan: yup
For a 2 yr contract
They make the same money on the diff
9:18 PM me: Seems like it doesn't have a front facing cam.... not that i use it ;)
Suthan: ya
Most ppl are complaining about that too
me: By th size of the back cam, i think it's still a 2MP
Suthan: i think even one camera is not needed but that's just me

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