Thursday, June 5, 2008

N95 firmwares are on the loose!

It looks like Nokia is going all guns blazing to keep the Nokia N95 owners happy. After yesterday’s long awaited update for the N95-3, today comes an update for its 8GB sibling. The latest firmware for the N95-4 is now v20.2.005 and is available via NSU.

Early reports at FinestFones from Goldskin and Mrweiser say that the N95-3 is now much faster in booting up, starting the camera(and saving pictures) and in general use which implies that demand paging is now present on the N95-3.

The search application has now been integrated into the standby screen AND Flash Lite 3 is now added to the browser meaning that flash videos from sites (NOT just YouTube) will play beautifully without the need for any 3rd party software.
The N95-3 update includes, but not limited to ;)
  • - Flash Lite 3 Support
  • - Faster Bootup
  • - Much Faster Camera
  • - Integrated Search
  • - Demand Paging - Phone gets faster
  • - No ASR
  • - N-Gage Demos

The N95 8GB update on the other hand seems to have nothing much than some under the hood touch-ups according to my friend Vaibhav.

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