Thursday, October 9, 2008

N96 gaming - 4 in a line

What was it that attracted you to the Nokia N96? Was it the large 2.8-inch display? The robust 16 GB capacity of internal memory? How about the integrated 3D stereo speakers? I’m sure all of these features played a part in your decision. When combined with mobile game support, all of them make the Nokia N96 the ultimate gaming platform, just like the PSP.

Four In A Line

Four In A Line offers the perfect solution for diehard games who need that quick fix while out on the road. The object of the game is simple - get four pieces in a line whether it’s in vertical, horizontal or diagonal form. Sure, it sounds easy but one wrong move and your chances of winning are reduced significantly. Keep your eye on that tricky computer. If you’re not careful, it will beat you with ease.


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