Monday, February 23, 2009

The Curious Case of Nokia Care

In some places Nokia users are all praise for Nokia's customer case
service - in fact the way they do it makes me question the
authenticity of my "friendly" neighbourhood care center. I've already
posted about my last encounter with them before.

This time around I decided to pay them a visit because i was concerned
about my N95. The OEM panel was virtually shredded, and the keypads
had light leaking all around the keys. I'd bought a replacement panel
kit and just wanted them to fix it onto my phone. They agreed to do
it. For 40$. And that doesn't include the top/bottom covers or the
slider. A service charge of 50$ to remove a coupla screws ? They gotta
be kidding me ! But "no" they say, infact they justified their price
saying that it was a risky procedure that involved a "lot of screws"
and components.
So i walked out , and came back home. Then i took hold of a pair of
Torx screwdrivers and got to work.

Half an hour later - I carefully put it all back together and switched
on the phone. Voila ! It was alive and running !!
I even firmed up the slider with some Scotch tape. It looked and felt
as good as new !! Happy me .. I must have saved around 60 bucks for
the job. Now I'll go spend it on another NGage game =)

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Har!sH said...

Hi....i too maintain a mobile blog. Can we exchange our links??

Avinash Rathod said...

How much did the fascia cost u?

I have similar issues

diLin said...

the fascia cost me 25$. Bought it from ebay..

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