Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Nokia welcomes symbian v3

Nokia skips Symbian v2, Jumps directly to v3
In a bid to speed up development of Symbian, Nokia plans to skip to version 3 with the multi-touch functions, states Michael Hsu, general manager of Nokia Taiwan. Symbian version 3 will be here for the third quarter of 2010. Nokia’s QT development framework featured for symbian version 4 will allow developers the ability to develop for both Symbian and Maemo platforms simultaneously.
Nokia will continue with its present categorisation of series s40 products at a shipment rate of 35%, symbian s60 will account for 55% of Nokia’s handset shipments, with Maemo at 10%.

Courtesy digiTimes

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rajesh said...

good day

m0b1le said...

Is the plan to speed up development times, or to spped up the os on devices? sadly the os is loosing the game of speed to other os suppliers

DiLin Anand said...

that is true ..

the next iteration might have something special, lets wait and see

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