Saturday, January 23, 2010

S60v5: TouchCalc Lite

TouchCalc is developed specially for touchscreen devices. Large keys make
entering computations easy, and various input assistance features make
accessing the wide library of supported functions easier. Nokia N97/N97
mini users also can use a keyboard optimised view.

Formulas and terms can be entered into the program as they are written
in the real world – for TouchCalc, 5+5*5 is 30 and not 50.

Five memory banks allow you to store and retrieve results of
calculations with but two clicks. Of course, their values are persisted
even on power-off.

Finally, TouchCalc Lite contains a high-performance graphing engine
which can plot each and every function supported by TouchCalc in blazing
speed and amazing clarity. Ever wondered how a sine looks? TouchCalc

TouchCalc Lite can be purchased for 3 Euros via the Ovi Store
(; a version for Sony Ericsson‘s
phones will be made available in the near future.

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