Friday, March 12, 2010

sfbags: Suede cover for the n900

This a slipcase/pouch type case made from a microfiber a soft synthetic suede like material. It is a very soft material and will not scratch the phone. It can also be used to clean the phone in a pinch. The model reviewed came with an additional pocket that can be used to carry the cleaning cloth provided by Nokia or Memory cards etc.

The bags are made in San Fransisco, CA in the USA and it is very high quality. This type of case serves a very specific function which is to prevent the phone from scratches. It is very thin and adds minimal bulk so that it can be used to carry the phone in a pocket. It provides no impact protection whatsoever but it doesn't claim to either.

The fit is perfect and the N 900 slides in there with just the right effort. The Case is also slightly stretchy which makes it easier to put the phone into the case and makes it easier to take out. If you add a scratch-proof screen protector (like the Zagg InvisibleShield), then coins or keys can be carried in the pocket/hand bag along the phone and there will be no damage to the phone.

Overall if you are looking for a case that adds minimal bulk to the phone and protects it from scratches while in the pocket or a bag or to put on the desk then you will be very happy with the Suede Jacket Cell Phone Case. It is very high quality well made case with a perfect fit.

The company describes this way:
It doesn't get any thinner than this! This Ultrasuede® slipcase prevents scratches on your cell phone. The elasticity of the pocket keeps it flat when empty and stretchy enough to hold your bluetooth or ear-buds safely. Low profile slides easily into your shirt or jeans pocket.

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