Sunday, March 14, 2010

Vodafone and HTC Magic pull out a new trick

Vodafone the " world's leading mobile telecommunications company" has pulled out a new trick from its HTC Magic - in the form of a Butterfly!

But what caught the attention of Panda Security researchers was that this was no ordinary butterfly. It was a Mariposa Butterfly. And No, they weren't stunned because they had come across a new specimen of butterflies either. This one was encountered in a security scan and turned out to be W32.Pilleuz, a botkit.
"Once infected you can see the malware 'phoning home' to receive further instructions, probably to steal all of the user's credentials and send them to the malware writer," said Bustamante from Panda Security.

Since most software comes bundled these days, these guys decided to pack in a Confiker and a Lineage password stealing malware as well. Given on the right is the infection stats of the Mariposa bot kit from Symantec, and as you can see India leads with a 42% infected rate.

Panda Security is planning to acquire more HTC Magic handsets to verify whether this is an isolated case or part of a greater evil plan.

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