Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Top 10 ways to accessorize your MacBook

I've been window-shopping the past few days for some smokin' accessories for my mac. After a pretty extensive search I've come up with the following list. Hope this helps you if you've been searching for Macbook Pro accessories as well. I've provided links so that you can get all these products from the same e-shop which would make shipping easier and cheaper if you get more than one.

Note: For Indian readers, I highly recommend Their shipping to India is extremely fast and I was able to get my products in just over a week.


1. Protective Housing

The Macally MBP sleeve is wonderfully built with Faux Leather. It's sufficiently padded and there is further protection inside the case.The inner lining of the case is made from microsuede. Microsuede provides a slight cushioning effect as well as preventing any scratches from appearing on your MBP. I've noticed the microsuede infact gives you a cleansing action, the MBP felt way smooother when I took it out of the case.

2. Stylish Sleeves
A whole lot of Macbook sleeves can be had from here - choose your pick. Obviously my selection might not click for you.

3. Padded Backpack/Rucksack
Even though I think that there's too much marketing talk at the Pakuma site, this bag does show some good value for money. If you've got a 100$ budget then this backpack might do the trick. Read the whole review here

4. Henge Docking Station
 No longer deal with cables and clutter. With the Henge Dock, simply connect the relevant cables to your dock and then connect to your Unibody MacBook Pro. The Henge dock allows you to use your MacBook on a larger screen with a standard keyboard and mouse meaning it in essence becomes a traditional desktop computer set up. You are also able to use the Hench dock so the MacBook effectively becomes a home cinema system.

5. Swift Point Mouse
If you ever get frustrated by the accuracy and responsiveness of your laptop or MacBook's touchpad, and don't want the bulk of big mouse then get this mouse. Fortunately SwiftPoint have created an award winning mouse which gives you back full control, in an amazing lightweight and compact design.

6. Elecom Node Mouse
If you, like me, hate the puny mouse shown earlier then this is the mouse for you. It did the trick for me =)
The cool looks are cutting edge. It also works with the  same pen like principle that the Swift mouse works.

7. Mac Cables
Stevie had put in a mini-display port on the mca so in order to use it you need these cables. You could get them from the Apple Store but it's way more expensive there.

8. Macbook Stands
Again there's a whole lot of them so you just go ahead and browse them to find the one that suits your situation and lifestyle.

9. Wrist Pad

You need this to prevent the sharp edges of the MacBook Pro from cutting your wrists. If you've got soft or sensitive skin, or work for long hours on the MBP then I really do recommend getting one of these.

10. ...
Well, I haven't found out a 10th accessory that i really like yet ;-D Will let you know if I do !

All the products shown above can be bought from the laptop accessories page - it'll help you save on shipping if you're buying in bulk =)

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