Sunday, January 29, 2012

Games and fun for your Nokia C6-00

A facebook fan, Dev Suthar, commented today looking for a game for his Nokia C6-00. And that's when I realised that I haven't featured an article on fun stuff for the Nokia C6-00 for some time. So here goes:

Ovi Maps Racing
This is by far the most intuitive and interactive game that I have seen for a long time. Unlike normal racing games where you race through pre-determined tracks, this game allows you to race through any track on your Map! Race in your home town even!! Damn, I wish I had a C6-00 right now..

Puppy Talk
Puppy Talk is yet another free Symbian app for the Nokia C6-00. This app is not about cuddling up and flirting with your girlfriend, it's a remake on the popular Talking Tom Cat app. I always preferred dogs to cats..

Scary Camera!
Now this one might let you cuddle up with your girl if you manage to scare her enough. What does this app do? Well why don't you find out for yourself.. stay alive!
Get scared!

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