Saturday, February 11, 2012

Coming up: 3D Conferencing

What is 3D Conferencing?
A 3D videoconferencing allows seamless transmission of three-dimensional media across network, revolutionizing the traditional video conferencing through introduction of more reality using customized 3D technology.
The key advantage 3D video conferencing brings against traditional VoIP (Video over IP) solution is by providing superior visual aspect and vivid perception of facial and other body language thereby resulting in better involvement of users, and overall enhancing their communication experience.

What kind of a user experience will it deliver?
3D allows creating realistic visualization and higher communication experience by enabling eye contact and three dimensional, life-size sense of presence. The key experience highlights are:
Command Attention: Helping to capture the attention of audience whether it is one person or a thousands.
Look Them in the Eyes: Helping to achieve eye contact so that personal connection can be established.
Exert Your Presence: Unlike being a flat image in traditional video conferencing systems, appearing in person at life-size exerts better and more real presence.

Do 3D devices require any special type of processors?
Processor should support processing and scaling horse power as required for real-time 3D full HD transmission and receiving. The actual algorithm and technology which makes this possible is provided by software development done by eInfochips.

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