Thursday, February 9, 2012

MobileVOIP client for Symbian users is finally here

After earlier successful releases of a MobileVOIP client for Android and iPhone users, a fully functional Symbian version of MobileVOIP is now available for Symbian users.

The MobileVOIP application enables it's users to save on mobile calls to both national and international destinations by more than 90%. The supported VOIP brands are often much cheaper than the tariffs other comparable services like Skype and Rebtel offer, often beating their tariffs by 75%.

MobileVOIP offers various ways to call: The regular VOIP call, a Call Back service and a Local Access option. So no matter how poor your internet connection is, you'll always be able to set up a MobileVOIP call and save on your monthly calling plans. MobileVOIP offers the option to send text messages to any contacts as well for a reduced tariff, as most supported VOIP brands offer SMS rates around 4 cents on average. Last, but not least, you can choose to set up your caller ID or use your registered VOIP username to call your contacts, it's your choice.

A quick glance shows three contactlist options: Favorites, VOIP contacts (the contacts you might have added from within the app or maybe through a desktop client from the brand you’ve registered with) and all contacts. Furthermore, the app offers a call history where you can review the calls you’ve made and the money you’ve spend with these calls. Quite convenient, as this clearly shows you how little you’d actually have to spend on your daily calls.

The MobileVOIP app is being used for over 1.5 million calls a month worldwide, and is growing at a fast pace. With more and more users spending most of their time using a smartphone in place of a laptop or desktop computer, Mobile VOIP is definitely where the future's at. With more and more countries rolling out reliable 3G and 4G networks, and public WiFi spots being made available for free on a larger scale, there’s no excuse to keep spending too much money on your daily habits, starting with cutting down your phone bills.

Right now, MobileVOIP applications are available for the following platforms: iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian and Windows Phone. You can even use the application on most tablet like the Xoom or iPad devices.

How it works:

2. Register with one of the supported VOIP brands.

3. Buy some credit. Some brands offer the first 90 days of calls to selected destinations for FREE upon buying 10 euro credit. A full list of brands is shown here.

4. Start saving money. 

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