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Top 7 action games for your Android Mobile

From children to adults, everyone loves games. While some adore outdoor games, others are ardent fans of online/offline video games or mobile phone games. Offering creativity, interaction and fun on your android phone, take a closer look at the top 7 android games that will kill boredom and develop your practical skills. If you thought your android could only dial phone numbers… think again!

  1. Puzzle
Bonzai Blast – Similar to the famous Zuma game, the Bonzai Blast has a similar gun that shoots balls into the stream. Make a group of three with same colors to clear the level, and stop the balls from reaching the yin yang symbol, or else its game over!

  1. Strategy
Robo Defense – If you have played tower defense games, then you will enjoy this one. You have to build defenses and protect your tower from being attacked by the notorious robots. With different maps and levels of difficulties, you can choose your own defense style.

  1. Card
Solitaire Ace – A card game has its influence from different cultures and has been a part of history. Due to its long lasting popularity, several card games like Solitaire, Poker, Hearts, Freecell, etc., have been developed. The brain teasing Solitaire Ace has been a well-noted people’s choice.

  1. War
War games are perfect stress busters, and one of the most downloaded android war game is the “Great Little War Game” or GLWG in short. You can pick your army and place them or move them to attack enemies and collect gold on the way. It’s a cool 3-D game that involves lots of strategy.

  1. Sport
Sport lovers should try out the huge number of android games offered in the market with breath-taking visuals and intricate details with clever levels. From snowboarding to skydiving to surfing, there are awesome options for everyone. Try free games like the Basketball shoot, 3D bowling, or Crazy Bike Racing Moto, and others for wholesome entertainment.

  1. Social
People who love to play and challenge others online would love a social game that allows interaction while you play. One of the simplest yet engaging games is the Sketch Online which has similar rules to charade’s but with a different concept. Using touch screen, you participate along with other players in the online chat room and the one who guesses the picture correctly wins the game and becomes the sketcher.

  1. Word
The world of words never ends and with a word game, you are sure to sharpen your vocabulary. The frequently downloaded word game is “Word Game Pro”. It has bright visuals and appeals all word game enthusiasts from crossword solvers to scrabble players.

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