Thursday, November 1, 2012

N95 gets telescope add-on! and i get it too!!

I just posted the other day about a 6x lens for the n95 as part of my Snap iT! series..and I'd concluded by giving a hint about a personal review for that accessory. And Guess what?! The guys at Brando just sent me a brand new Generic Mobile Phone Telescope.
This Generic Mobile Phone Telescope with flexible adapter to mount 7x18 telescope. It can use on most of mobile phones or PDAs. With this telescope, you can zoom to focus distant objects clearly and to make a high quality photograph easily.
You'll notice that with the telescope fitted on the n95 it actually looks like something from a Hitman Game!

Unlike what I'd figured, setting up the phone was very easy. In minutes of receiving the phone I'd got it all set-up and ready to shoot! To give you all a good idea of how much Zoom we can squeeze out of this lens, I've put up a video over here. After all seeing is believing! Especially in this case!! (don't mind the clarity, it's due to the 3GP conversion)

The lens is of very good build and is excellent bang for buck - I mean at 22 bucks it really is a steal! And what's more, all products bought this season get free shipping as part of their annual offer. Zooming is really easy with the lens and focussing is just as simple - you needn't worry if the image isn't perfect, the in-built Auto-Focus of the phone will set it right.

Another thing that needs to be pointed out is that when under image mode you'll see a dark shadow touching the corners, but that is easily cropped using the phones editor. The video doesn't have this problem though as shown in this video.

The second video featured is how to set-up the lens onto the N95, a simple little job as it is.

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Anonymous said...

whoa,,it's cool maaN!!

doy87 said...

the video doesn't seem to display right!

DiLin Anand said...

i'l try to get it right soon, till then i've put up a link to take you to the page

Anonymous said...

There is something fishy about the first vid: vid is either from a phone other than the n95, or shot in low quality video mode. The N95's framerate is much better & produces a slightly sharper image. The author attributes this to 3gp conversion, but why the need for conversion? the N95 doesn't use the .3gp format & most computers don't need such a conversion. I would like to get one so please, if an explanation can be found I'd greatly appreciate

DiLin Anand said...

damn, it's so long back i don't remember.. maybe i'd used a different phone because i'd given the n95 for service around that time.

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