Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Space Impact : Kappa Base

Remember the old black and white space impact that we had on the 3310? Just had a few hundred pixels and it still was a great game to play. Well, now it seems NGage wants to resurrect it and thy have included it in the upcoming slew of games intended for the new generation NGage Gaming Devices as a commercial game.(means u'll have to pay to receive).
Space impact Kappa base is the sequel to the previous space impact series. But unlike the previous one's this one has an great story line and stunning graphics - characteristic of all NGage games. The music is neat as well and the sound track is similar to other scrolling fighter games, trance I think. There are 4 main characters in the game, each part of the elite fighters of the Human race. Each of these characters have their very own custom Sky Blades desighned with the characters of their pilots in mind. The basic story line is the same, but modified a bit according to the character you play. The modifications come out in the form that each player has his/her own reason to win the battle and hence the war. It's only their ideals and way of thinking that is different, a fact which is shown throughout the game. Each level in the game is of the same format as the previous space impact versions with the big bad guy coming in at the end. The weapons are fully customisable, though you have to buy them with the credits you earn from each battle. Buy new weapons. And then new skyblades - there are some heavily customised versions that each have a major plus point and a weakness as well. Unlike in the older versions the special weapon is not activated by getting power ups, instead you have to increase your kinetic energy to get enough power to use them. Kinetic energy is accumulated by grazing past incoming bullets and enemy fire - but don't get too close or you'll be blasted to smithereens!

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Anonymous said...

seems like a gr8 game huh?

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