Sunday, August 31, 2008

Nokia 6650

Having the 6650 in the hand the first time I was really surprised of its build quality. Especially since the back and the front is made out of steel which looks nobly and stylish at the same time. Opening the clamshell you will see mainly black plastic on which you can find, from time to time, some fingerprints which aren’t to bad or to big. No doubt, the 6650 is solid like a rock. However, my test-device was shaking a little bit in closed mode when you touched the front or used the external display.

The 6650’s dimensions are 99.7 x 47 x 16.2 mm which is actually pretty good. When it’s closed it is really small and isn’t as wide as other models. If you open the 6650 it becomes really big but also very thin. I actually like its size. More over, it only weights 112 g.Just like every handheld nowadays the 6650 can playback MP3 files also.

The 6650 offers a lot connectivity ways. From GPS, HSDPA, Bluetooth, UMTS, GPRS, IrDA to micro-USB everything is under this sexy hood. Anyway, in the test Bluetooth works fast and great with the E71, my computer and also with my SU-8W. When you insert the micoUSB-cable into the 6650, you can choose between four modes - PC Suite, Data transfer, Image print and Media player. I usually use the Data transfer but if you like to have access to your internal memory you have to choose PC suite. Of course the 6650 can receive and send emails. The internal email client is good and easy to set up. Downloading the attached HTML file you can view the email just like you know it from your desktop; with all graphics and so on. More over, you can receive emails and with attachments like pictures, MP3 and other files.

Although the 6650 isn’t a multimedia device or flagship but a mid-tier device it offers build in GPS with A-GPS. Using the GPS and Nokia Maps you can see where you are or where you friend lives- either in map, map3D, satellite or hybrid mode. Furthermore, you can see how to come to the train station or any-other place. This all is for free but live navigation, which most the user are looking for, isn’t. You have to buy licenses to use Maps as good as possible. The GPS works good and in addition with A-GPS (Assisted-Global Positioning System) you can get a faster GPS-fix. It always depends on your location but you should get a GPS fix within a minute or even less. Nokia is offering a program called Sports Tracker using the built in GPS of the 6650 to give you information about speed, altitude and many more.

It offers 128MB internal memory and compatibility for microSD and also microSDHC cards. In the test my 4GB microSDHC card worked without problems. The slot for the microSD card sits on the side and is protect well, just like the 2.5mm audio jack, micro USB port and the power core.The internal 2.2” QVGA display shows 16 millions colors. The external display ( 128 x 160 pixels) shows 256k colors. By closing the 6650 you can use the secondary display.

Build quality
External display

Small 2.2´´ display
Some S60 Feature Pack 2 additions are missing ( i.e transitions)

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