Friday, August 1, 2008

Nokia - MD4 Speakers

Nokia Mini Speakers MD-4 are for you if you want to listen to music tracks or FM radio on your Nseries phone or any other device that supports a 3.5mm audio jack. Working on 4 AAA size 1..5v batteries, it has power to deliver, with crystal clear clarity.

The V-shaped design makes them small and compact and it could easily slide into your pocket when you are on the move.(make sure it doesn't go into some1 elses though, just as easy u see). What really impressed me was the compatibility of the unit. If there is no 3.5mm jack on your device (for example, if you’re packing the 7610, 6220 Classic or the E71), there are other ways to connect the speakers – via the included adaptors. Along with an
excellent strong and sturdy build, the quality of the sound that comes from the speakers is ‘fantastic’. ‘Crisp and clear’ with no signs of crackle or hiss,The build quality is superb and they look really nice. For those of you that still own a N73 or have a device with a 2.5mm jack, adapters come in the box. Don't forget there is a built in FM radio antenna so you can listen to Nokia's FM Radio application as well.
When you switch it back on the music fades back in to the volume you were previously listening. That's the only switch or function on the speaker. All volume is controlled from the device your listening to. I would've really liked to see a volume wheel built onto the speakers so you don't have to unlock your music device or fiddle with finding the volume settings on your computer.The battery life of the MD-4 speakes is they last 30 hours on fully charged 4 AA batteries.The hinge felt strong and sturdy and could withstand general wear and tear relatively easily. They are finished in an attractive glossy black which would compliment devices like the N81, N78 and N96 really well, but they would also look great with others as well!

In the package, you are provided with 4 AA batteries. 2 AA batteries are inserted in the back of each set of speakers. The back of each half slides off to reveal the battery compartments, and the covers slide back into place with a satisfying click and don’t move/wobble at all. All in all I was really satisfied with the build quality of this accessory. The speakers also have a slide switch on the top of the right speaker. This can be used if you need to quickly mute the music/turn off the speakers. When you switch the speakers back on, the music will fade back in to the volume you had set so you are not startled by what could be very loud music when you switch them back on! The volume itself is controlled by the device you are using.

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